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2nd Lt. Joshua Nelson

Air Force Officer with CCW Saves Woman

2nd Lt. Joshua Nelson used his CCW and military training to descalate a dangerous situation. Military policy restricts him from carrying a weapon on duty.

Here lies the body of Mike O'Day

CCW Naivety of Genuinely Good People

As more good citizens make the decision to “go armed,” many have had precious little relevant training, and much of it fraught with errors and unrealistic expectations…

Right To Carry Road Show On The Road Again

The Right To Carry Road Show is back on the road again. Proceeds from this upcoming event will benefit Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America and Oath Keepers….

Debunking Gun Control Propaganda

Debunking Gun Control Propaganda

It’s a bald-faced lie that accomplishes nothing but slandering the deservedly pristine image of CCW permit holders, and it needs to be exposed…

Arizona CCW Permits On The Decline

In July 2011, the number of active permits reported by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) was less than what they reported in June…

SCOTUS Grants Review in Firearm Search Warrant Case

Often police seize firearms collections even when most of those firearms are not alleged as part of any criminal offense. These seizures result in damage to the firearms, and inevitably cost their owners expenses and legal fees to get the firearms back…

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Right To Carry Litigation – Get Involved

With a 47-year-low in the murder rate, 37-year low in violent crime and the outstanding scholarship of John Lott, there are still those who insist on restricting the right of law abiding citizens to carry firearms for protection…