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Empty Revolver Gun

Access To Empty Guns, A Dead End

I am reminded of the attack of Pearl Harbor, 7 Dec 1941. All those soldiers, sailors, and Marines, and virtually none with loaded guns! Guns and ammunition were “safely locked away.” They still are…

No Loaded Guns

Sterile Guns, Sterile People!

To the empty-gun crowd, “hot” ranges are unthinkable. Thus, real training never happens. None even carry a gun on a regular bases, and they or-so piously eschew those of us who do…

Eric Holder

Eric Holder ‘Great Failure’

Like all leftist radicals in the BHO Administration, Holder clearly believes he knows what is best for us insignificant peons, even when we don’t…

A law enforcement sniper team prepares but are they really ready?

Police Use of Force

The problem is not that we’re shooting too many people. The problem is that we’re not shooting nearly enough…

Warning Light

Test Quip, New System! Its Just Electronics!

The bright young aviator confidently looked at me with a slight smile, adjusted his shoulder-holster containing a large-frame S&W, and, as he delivered a gentle kick to the box…

Je Suis Charlie

Paris Islamic Terror Murders Follow-Up

The real hero is editor Stephane Charbonnier, Le Monde editors advised him to tone-down his cartoons, so not to “offend” Moslems. He declined, saying, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees..

Padded Room Rights

Weaponized Medicine

No warning and no explanation. The retired officer was forcibly disarmed, and remains defenseless to this day. He will never get his guns back…

Boko Haram Murder Victims

Boko Haram Pigs, They Are on the March!

Predictably Administration officials will cynically label such incidents with intelligence-insulting terms such as, “workplace violence,” “lone-wolf incidents,” and “random attacks.”…

I Will Not Ican

I Can and I Will, Despite Youmaynots

Human evolution has resulted in the current presence, at least in Western Civilization, of three subspecies: Icans, Youmaynots, and IguessIcan’ts…


Can We Have Loaded Guns Now?

Once more, to oh-so pious politicians, from both sides of the aisle, cynically decry CIA practices which for years they’ve all known about, and tacitly approved.

Negligent Discharges

Woefully Ignorant, Or Willfully Ignorant?

It is possible and practicable to maintain a comfortable and reasonably secure social order with lethal weapons not only ubiquitously present, but carried in a high state of readiness…

Galil Maimon carrying his sister Tzippi became the symbolic picture of the terrorist outrage.

Ma’alot Massacre, Israel, 15 May 1974

It’s been over forty years, but I well remember the massacre at Ma’alot, where over a hundred people, mostly high-school students, were held hostage for two days by Islamic terrorists…

No Loaded Guns

With ‘Friends’ Like These!

A conspicuous placard at the front door, attendees are reminded that those carrying concealed pistols, and other weapons (not specified), are required to ‘check their guns with guards upon entry…

Mike Hughes AK-103 one handed, unsupported shot

One-Handed Shooting

We include one-handed shooting, with both rifles and pistols, in our training curriculum. We don’t do it nearly enough & anything less is little more than self-deceptive masturbation…