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Battle of Chickamauga 150th Anniversary Reenactment DVD

Battle of Chickamauga 150th Anniversary Reenactment DVD

This 90 minute video documents the event, from the sutler and civilian camps, interviews with event attendees, and the battles that were held on each day. It also contains a slide show of over 150 still images taken throughout the event…

Battle of the Black Sea

Battle of the Black Sea Now Available Streaming Online

In October 1993 a group of US Rangers & Special Operations soldiers set out on a mission into the heart of Mogadishu. What started as a mission that should have lasted 30 minutes turned into a battle for their lives…

John (Chappy) Chapman: NVG / IR Skill Builder

NVG / IR Skill Builder DVD from Panteao

NVG / IR Skill Builder is your first step in learning about night vision equipment, the proper application of the equipment, as well as IR and visible laser use…

Building a Carbine

New Building a Carbine DVD from Panteao

In this video Paul Howe reviews important topics like motivation to survive, fear and negative thoughts, mental programming, how to handle stress, tactical confidence, medical self-aid, and more…

“Living with New Jersey Black Bears” DVD Available

This documentary contains extensive information on the biology and habits of black bears and was developed with scientific input from New Jersey wildlife experts to help the public better understand both how to co-exist with black bears…

Ruger SR22 and Ruger American Rifle

A big thanks goes out to Ruger for inviting us to their SHOT Show booth this year and to Ruger Product Manager, Mark Gurney for introducing these great products with us…

Panteao's Make Ready with Travis Haley - Adaptive Kalash

Panteao Productions Introduces New Travis Haley DVD

Special Operations Veteran Travis Haley guides you through the different types of AK rifles that you may come across. He reviews modifications and caliber choices so that you can start with the best platform for your particular needs…

Benelli Presents Duck Commander on DVD

Benelli Presents Duck Commander Now Available on DVD

Hidden away in the Louisiana backwater, Phil and his Duckmen have remained elusive and mysterious – until now. Benelli USA is pleased to announce the release of the first two seasons of Benelli Presents Duck Commander on DVD…

Booner Trilogy of Epic Proportions

“Booner Trilogy of Epic Proportions” in Stores Now

Showcasing the 9-year quest for a 236 2/8″ Iowa monarch named Baby G plus 10 other gross Boone giants, this year’s Drury Outdoors Whitetail titles are aptly tagged a “Booner Trilogy of Epic Proportions.”..

Realtree All-Stars of Spring XVIII Turkey Hunting DVD

Realtree All-Stars of Spring XVIII Turkey Hunting DVD

Realtree All-Stars of Spring XVIII Turkey Hunting DVD COLUMBUS, Georgia –( Realtree’s All-Stars of Spring XVIII turkey hunting DVD brings an exciting new twist to wild turkey hunting footage with the new and extremely popular “Beards or Bust” competition. Two turkey hunting teams hit the road with a handful of rules and a road map. […]