Stop Dirty Harry from Ramming Gun Control Down our Throats

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-( The Washington Post headline pretty much says it all: “Obama backs [Harry] Reid’s filibuster reform effort.”

Wonder why?

Why, for instance, would Barack Obama support Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s efforts to change the Senate rules, by brute force, so that it would be easier?

  • To implement the UN Arms Trade Treaty to register, ban, and microstamp firearms?
  • To reinstate the semi-auto ban?
  • Or, to allow Obama to turn anyone into a “prohibited person” and take away their guns, simply by putting them on a secret “watch list”?

To ask such questions is to answer them. The political Left would love to disarm us all and take away our guns. To wit, the nation had to endure Bob Costas’ rant over the weekend when he essentially suggested that otherwise law-abiding people shouldn’t have guns.

Click hear to see GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt’s answer and rebuke to Bob Costas for his ill-informed comments in the wake of the Javon Belcher suicide.

But, in order to push a progressive agenda through the Senate, Reid is first going to have to use his deceptive “cheat scheme” in order to change the Senate rules to make it easier to pass the Left’s anti-gun initiatives.

By eliminating the filibuster (on the motion to take up legislation), Reid intends to eliminate our most effective way to kill a bad anti-gun bill — that is, by weakening or eliminating the time-honored filibuster that makes the Senate so different from the House.

But, even more important, if Reid uses the “nuclear option,” as he’s threatening to do, the Senate no longer has any binding rules. The majority can pass any gun legislation it wants, at any time, by brute force, with 51 votes.

So, did your Senator run for re-election by telling you he or she supported the Second Amendment? Well, this is their chance to prove it — or to show you that they’re nothing but bald-faced liars.

There will be no gun vote during the 113th Congress that will be more important than the rules votes.

And that is why it’s imperative that ALL GUN GROUPS are fighting this attempt to nuke the filibuster rules. Please contact any gun organization that you belong to and ask them if they are actively lobbying against Dirty Harry’s efforts to weaken the filibuster … and against any attempt by him to ram gun control down the throats of the American people!

ACTION: Click here to write your Senators. Insist that they vote against the anti-gun proposals to change the Senate rules. And don’t forget to urge ANY and ALL pro-gun groups that you are affiliated with to take similar action, as well.

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Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul

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If Republicans didn't act like Democrats, Harry Reid wouldn't be "KIng of the Senate"


If the Republicans had not so abused the use of the filibuster over the past 4 years, we wouldn't be having this discussion…


Thats why his State is so @#&$#$ up.

Bring it

Harry can't ram anything down your throat. You are a free man. We are governed by and with the consent of the governed. A majority of Americans, REAL AMERICANS, don't want gun control. Freedom is worth fighting for. If its a fight they want, then give them one.