New Jersey Conservatives WAKE UP ~ Vote YES for Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate

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Manasquan, NJ –-( Steve believes the Obama Administration’s harassment of citizens through the IRS and spying on citizens through the NSA needs to be stopped, and rejects the notion endorsed by Cory Booker, that government needs to increase spying on American citizens in order to fight criminals and terrorists.

More about Steve:

Steve Lonegan has dedicated his time in public life to fighting for New Jersey taxpayers.

When he became mayor of Bogota, NJ in 1996, Lonegan immediately cut municipal spending, eliminated wasteful and duplicative services, privatized some functions and instituted a more cost-efficient, user-friendly government. As a result, Bogota’s municipal spending remained constant for the entire 12 years of Steve’s tenure. He also kept debt and tax increases far below inflation despite massive state mandates and aid reductions to suburban towns like Bogota.

Thanks to Steve’s strong, conservative leadership, Republicans kept council control for 11 straight elections, and Steve was reelected in 1999 and 2003 by double-digit margins over his Democratic opponents.

During his time as mayor, Steve also led statewide campaigns on behalf of New Jersey taxpayers. Whether it was fighting the Newark Arena, illegal state bonding, or proposed gasoline tax hikes, Steve was willing to take on leaders in both parties to do what was right for New Jersey’s working families.

In 2006, Steve joined Americans for Prosperity as state director of the New Jersey chapter where he continued to fight for taxpayers and achieved a number of successes. He helped defeat an 8 percent sales tax increase on the statewide ballot, led the successful fight to stop Governor Corzine’s $38 billion toll hike, and led the defeat of taxpayer-financed legislative elections in the state.

Steve Lonegan was born in Teaneck’s Holy Name Hospital, grew up and graduated from high school in Ridgefield Park where he set several high school track records. Steve earned a B.A. in business administration from William Paterson College where he was football team captain and an All Conference Division Center. In 1981, he earned an M.B.A. from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Prior to becoming Americans for Prosperity New Jersey state director, Steve built and managed retail, custom homebuilding and manufacturing businesses, employing dozens of workers.

Steve and his wife Lorraine (Rossi) live in Bogota and have two adult daughters, Brooke and Katharine (Parany).

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VT Patriot

“NJ is not a red state”. Such a shame. Maybe if it was, you’d have far different gun and self protection laws. NJ is becoming another Chicago, look at Newark, Camden, Patterson etc. I was born and brought up there, went to FDU, worked in Ridgefield Park, so I kinda know whats happening there. I can no longer visit my family that’s still there for our annual Thxgiving weekend and bring long guns for our Saturday family “day at the range”. I would be arrested for transporting an “assault rifle”. Lonegan sounds like the best thing that could happen to… Read more »


NJ is not a red state. Not even close. We’ll be sending another Democrat to the Senate to support issues that the majority of our residents support. Lonegan because of his stances on various issues isn’t capable of giving us the representation the majority of our residents want.