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Jesse James Firearms Unlimited Damascas 1911 Slide
Jesse James Firearms Unlimited Damascas 1911 Slide
Gun Guy Radio
Gun Guy Radio

DeKalb, Illinois – -( Jesse James is perhaps best known for his fifteen years in various reality television shows surrounding his custom motorcycle shop West Coast Choppers.

James’ operations have recently moved from California to Austin, Texas and he is on Episode 115 of Gun Guy Radio to discuss his newest venture Jesse James Firearms Unlimited.

After taking a couple of years off from television and moving the motorcycle shop, Jesse James decided to turn an old hobby into a new business.

JJFU currently manufactures high quality, custom 1911 pistols and AR-15 rifles.

James tells Jake Challand that the motivation behind the business was a desire to infuse some style into the market of these two ubiquitous firearms.

Jesse James
Jesse James

James notes, “The gun industry now seems like the motorcycle industry was in the nineties when everybody was copying each other and there wasn’t a lot of creativity…. For the most part it seems like everybody is just poaching off what everybody else is doing. I don’t know enough about it to poach. I just want to go in and cut my own groove and do stuff a different way and carve out my own little market.”

However, JJFU is not just about style.  James has partnered with STI for some aspects of the manufacture of JJFU’s 1911 pistols. The AR-15 trigger includes roller bearings and is self-adjustable between two and six pounds.  James shop even hand laps and fits the upper receiver to the bolt carrier group for the best fit and smoothest operation. The company is not resting on improving these two guns, but is currently designing an AR-10 and a line of suppressors.

Currently, JJFU firearms are only available directly from the company because there are no distributors.

This is by design because it allows the company to create maximum value in the guns that they sell while still ensuring a custom touch on each gun.  Jesse James brings a unique and exciting perspective to the firearms industry and Gun Guy Radio.

Paul Levy brings the American Spirit Arms side-charging AR-15 upper receiver to The Brownell’s Product Spotlight.  This upper receiver uses a non-reciprocating specific charging handle and also requires a bolt carrier with special cut in the left side. It is great for using when shooting in the prone position or in three gun competitions and application and use is very intuitive.  All of the parts required to outfit your AR-15 with the side charger upper receiver are available from Brownell’s.

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Lawrence A.

Hey Jim and James,
How dare you two losers knock Jesse. The only talents you deadbeats possess is putting hand lotion on your palm and do what you do best while thinking of Hollywood’s nightmare. When is your line of firearms coming out? Just as I thought never.


No safety glasses for Jesse. Staged photo.


Actually Jessie is most famous for his two timing Hollywood’s sweetheart. In the image where apparently the “massive recoil” of a 5.56 causes him to grimace or is it the lack of hearing protection. Or is it that the photo is doctored–ejected cases do not cast shadows on the “grey” sky.