SUPPORT: Bill to Exempt Gun Owners from 10 Day Waiting Period

California Legislation
California Legislation
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Firearms Policy Coalition

Roseville, CA -( In an effort to promote the ruling of the United States District Court, Eastern District of California, Assembly woman Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) has introduced AB 2229.

AB 2229 allows a person who is not otherwise prohibited from purchasing a firearm and is either authorized to carry a concealed firearm, possesses a valid Certificate of Eligibility, or owns a registered firearm to immediately pick up a purchased firearm without having to wait 10 days.


AB 2229 stems from a decision made by the U.S. District Court in Silvester v. Harris, a case litigated by The Calguns Foundation.

It found the 10-day waiting period violates the Second Amendment of those who successfully pass the standard background check prior to 10 days and who are in lawful possession of an additional firearm, possess a Certificate of Eligibility, or have a CCW.

Even though the Court has ruled the 10 day waiting period violates the Second Amendment, the State of California is still fighting the ruling tooth and nail.


AB 2229, if passed into law, will enforce the Court's interpretation of the 10 day waiting period; saving taxpayer money by preventing the State from engaging in costly litigation and expanding the Second Amendment rights that have been stripped away from California gun owners.

So many bad gun bills have been introduced this year, AB 2229 finally gives us the opportunity to support a good one.

Please help us pass AB 2229 by signing the petition and please consider joining FPC or making a donation in order to ensure we have the resources to fight to pass this bill into law.

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Firearms Policy Coalition is a grassroots 501(c)4 nonprofit public benefit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

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  • 6 thoughts on “SUPPORT: Bill to Exempt Gun Owners from 10 Day Waiting Period

    1. Well M, the majority don’t want to rejoin America. The La Raza types want to rejoin Mexico. The San Francisco-Long Beach types want their own homosexual nirvana. The San Fernando valley types produce and export pornography to 87 countries around the world, and aren’t looking for a change. All those who want to be part of America are already leaving for … America.

    2. When are the people of Khalifornia going to wake up and rejoin America. They have continually elected the biggest crooks, flakes and fruits in the world to ruin their state. I propose the three west coast states be cut off from this nation and allowed to float away to disappear in the deeps of the Pacific. Yes I know it is impossible but the dumb a$$ voters in Khalifornia, Oregon and Washington are demented.

    3. Silly boy! Gun laws aren’t about being realistic and making sense (much less reducing violent crime!) – they’re about inconveniencing law-abiding gun owners to the greatest extent possible.

      Got a CHL that says you already came back squeaky-clean on a background check? Already have guns, so you don’t need to go buy a new one if you want to commit a crime? Trivial details! Just THINK of all the people who FEEL safer because you’ve got to wait 10 days. Why – it makes them feel almost as good as putting up those “Gun-Free Zone” signs that do nothing but let the bad guys know there will be no one equipped to stop them!

    4. Finally, a “common sense” gun related law in CA!
      Let’s see if the other legislators involved show any common sense.

      Oh, and Shannon Grove for CA Governor!

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