‘Bump Stock’ Ban Bill Phony Attempt to Capitalize on Las Vegas Atrocity

By David Codrea

Not only is blood-dancer Bill Nelson's gun-grabber talking point about such firearms only being “for killing” an insulting lie, but what does his being a hunter have to do with the ultimate purpose behind the right of the people to keep and bear arms?
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “Sen. Bill Nelson joined legislation today to ban ‘bump stocks,’ devices that allowed the Las Vegas killer to shoot at a far faster rate,” a Wednesday press release announced. “Legislation Nelson filed with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif, and other Democrats would close a current loophole in the law that allows for the modifications.

Forget that so much has yet to be disclosed from the massacre investigation, and so much of what has is being treated with understandable skepticism. Forget that the citizen disarmament lobby is deflecting from the fact that nothing they propose would have had any impact on the situation they’re exploiting.

The proposed legislation is S.1916, “A bill to prohibit the possession or transfer of certain firearm accessories, and for other purposes.” At this writing, no text is available, a summary is “in progress” and it has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. And it has 29 cosponsors, no surprise all Democrats – so far.

They’re posturing, but they’re also trying to get the Republicans to blink and submit to a concession – any concession. It’s not enough that both the SHARE Act with its suppressor reform and nationwide concealed carry reciprocity are on indefinite hold, Democrats also want a trophy to display.

President Donald Trump did not rule out giving ground on guns, saying only “We’ll be talking about gun laws as time goes by.” Even widely-regarded as “conservative” Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume has speculated on a palatable “compromise”:

“What he could do is reach some kind of a deal where he wouldn’t permit these conversion kits, and these other measures that make a semi-automatic rifle perform like an automatic rifle and I’m not sure how the NRA would oppose that — if they would at all.”

Many of NRA’s “A-rated” endorsees are giving us a clue. The usual establishment suspects, Senators John Cornyn, Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio are all making noises about making nice. In the House, Reps. Carlos Curbelo, and “freedom caucus” head Mark Meadows are also open to a bill, with Bill Flores calling for an outright ban.

Even “conservative” former Speaker Newt Gingrich can’t seem to resist the siren call of compromise. This business of changing the rules as technology changes is flat-out subversive. Drawn to its logical conclusion, it would relegate us all to flintlocks and forever deny to We the People all weapons “in common use at the time” needed to fulfill our rights and duties as envisioned by the Founders.

NRA has given them all the green light:

“Despite the fact that the Obama administration approved the sale of bump fire stocks on at least two occasions, the National Rifle Association is calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) to immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law.  The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations.”

On the other side, although they shouldn't have to be, is Gun Owners of America, which declares:

“Gun Owners of America opposes a ban on bump stocks. Bump stocks were approved by the ATF during the Obama administration to help gun owners with disabilities fire their weapons. Any type of ban will be ignored by criminals and only serve to disarm honest citizens. Perhaps that’s why 91 percent of police believe a so-called ‘assault weapons' ban will have no effect or a negative effect on crime. And given that 95 percent of cops think that a ban on large capacity magazines would be ineffective in reducing violent crime, it’s hard to imagine they would regard bump stocks any differently.”

Bill Nelson posted to his Facebook saying, “I’m a hunter and have owned guns my whole life,” Nelson continued in his self-promotion statement. “But these automatic weapons are not for hunting; they are for killing. And this commonsense bill would, at the very least, make it harder for someone to convert a semi-automatic rifle into what is essentially a fully-automatic machine gun.”

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Second Amendment is not about hunting. As for being “commonsense,” let’s explore that.

First, let’s take a look at how “bump stock” political talking points are being spread by the media to gin up ban demands from useful idiots who’d never even heard of the term until a couple days ago, and whose collective knowledge of them rivals Carolyn McCarthy’s “shoulder thing that goes up” competence.

Conversely, reports show an uptick in sales in anticipation of a ban. Unless Nelson's bill provides for registration and confiscation of currently-owned property, and provides resources to attempt compliance enforcement, what’s still out there will make appropriate mockery of any new edict. That's hardly very “commonsense.”

“The bill also contains exceptions for lawful possession of these devices by law enforcement and the government,” Florida Politics reveals. You know, the “Only Ones.”

For even more common sense, consider a letter issued (and later retracted) by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) Firearms Technology Branch (FTB) that was reported some years back by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership:

“In 1996, the FTB examined and classified a 14-inch long shoestring with a loop at each end. The string was attached to the cocking handle of a semiautomatic rifle and was looped around the trigger and attached to the shooter’s finger. The device caused the weapon to fire repeatedly until finger pressure was released from the string. Because this item was designed and intended to convert a semiautomatic rifle into a machinegun, BATFE determined that it was a machinegun as defined in 26 U.S.C. § 5845(b).”

As an aside, that’s’ almost as “commonsense” as classifying Chore Boy pot scrubber pads as NFA firearms.

The absurdity continues. You don’t even need a shoestring, just your finger.

After Newtown, there was no shortage of self-styled “gun rights leaders” looking to give up something in order to stall the antis from going after something worse. Throwing a scrap of meat to a pack of circling jackals and expecting them to then leave you alone is hardly “commonsense,” but the bottom line is, they’re looking for something to throw under the bus. Unlike the post-Newtown climate, Republicans now have majorities in the House, the Senate and the White House, so this is cynical political calculation with mid-terms in mind.

God forbid they support consituents who supported them, and  instead focus on education and on countering the lies.

Bump stocks aren’t the issue. The principle of “shall not be infringed” is. Truth be known, we have a right to full-auto and more.

Don’t stand for any more surrender on that point. As Patrick Henry warned:

“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.”

The M.O. of the gun-grabbers is to make incremental gains and then use those beachheads to launch their next incursion, all the while lambasting “gun extremists” for never compromising (when that all every gun law on the books represents). The unbending position advocates of the right to keep and bear arms must hold their political representatives and President Trump to is:

Keep your oaths. We won’t stand for scapegoating. No new gun laws. Work with us or we will work to retire you. We will not comply. We will not disarm.

They ought to be getting that message from NRA.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 47 thoughts on “‘Bump Stock’ Ban Bill Phony Attempt to Capitalize on Las Vegas Atrocity

    1. I haven’t heard anything in this discussion us to why the millionaire shooter didn’t own and use full automatic weapons which is the pretty common thing for people of wealth and especially in the state like Nevada were full auto machine guns you’re pretty common the last I heard?

    2. Watched STAR WARS this week. Darth Vader cuts Luke’s right hand off and he gets a space age prosthetic.

      ATF says an AutoGlove is not allowed but a SlideFire s. Logic near zero.

      But will they ban future prosthetics for military and other people because a prosthetic could pull the trigger really fast. Or would they ban firearms possession for anyone with a prosthetic?

      Will ATF contradict itself and rule the SlideFire s not allowed? If the NRA can engineer a deal and get HR 38 and the ATF allows SlideFire with an AOW tax stamp we’ve have gained something for almost nothing. Usually we always lose by being absoluteists and we can win when we do the politics well.

      BTW, when you moderate please note I meant to type HELLER and you could ad the ER. I wasn’t disusing subterranean geography.

      1. You have gained nothing and refuse to understand how this will not work. I’ve been trying to explain why, legislatively and through ATF this is a total loss for gun owners rights and you’re so glazed over with the mere prospect of Reciprocity that it blinds you to everything else. I started fighting for RKBA Rights in 1978 and I have rarely seen so many people ready to walk off the proverbial cliff for the mere promise of a small piece of candy that they’ll most likely never get and, if they do, will wind up being a poison pill.

    3. Another knee jerk political response that would solve nothing. I watched a video on U Tube where a guy showed how to make an AK shoot almost like a machine gun requiring a very simple technique. No bump stock, no internal part changes, just a stock AK. And, as everyone knows, more regulations will not stop the bad or demented guys from doing their violence thing.

    4. The NRA didn’t completely cave as was reported in the fake news, including Fox, but they came close. While trying to protect their popularity with the gun community they still rolled to the left. I just received a request for more money and it was laying on my desk. It is no longer on my desk but in the trash can. I am rethinking my membership in this organization because they don’t always support their dues payers. It would be much better if they feel no taking any rights away rather than compromising our rights. I know a number of people on this site has expressed disagreement with their handling of various issues and I am in agreement with that. Don’t give up any rights, it only chips away at the real deal of taking the second Amendment away by the libs.

      1. Politics is like magic. Watch this and don’t look at my other hand.
        The NRA said talk to ATF about the ATF interpretation of SlideFirse stocks. The also said Congress must pass National Reciprocity.

        BTW, the key to Congressional action is that tag-end “and other purposes.” Congress says budget reform and they destroy the budget. Congress says crime control and crime goes up.

    5. Grampa38
      Looks like the whole nation needs a refresher course on the constitution.Our schools are not teaching the things that they need to any more.History,how boring-no wonder we are almost a 3rd world nation. Thanks to President Trump it is starting to reverse.What are our children learning today with instructors like Bill Ayers or Warren Churchill????

    6. Every time I start to re-join the NRA, LaPierre rolls over and kisses the Democrats and BATFE’s ass. The gun grabbers will use any excuse that come up to push their agenda and LaPierre more often than not goes along.

        1. @ Macklin I don’t know who you are making your insults to but it is possible it is me and I want to inform you that I am not stupid. It appears you can’t have a discussion on a subject without insulting someone.
          As far as I am concerned you have no basis for your rant and pure stupidity makes you attack the way you do.

    7. Though I don’t personally have or want a bump fire stock today, it’s not impossible that I might want one sometime in the future. So I really have a problem with using the actions of an occasional lunatic (in a country with a third of a billion people) as an excuse to slap restrictions on the 80 million or more American gun owners who had nothing to do with a mass shooting or any other murder – and never will. Deliberately punishing or restricting the innocent is insane.

      Now, maybe if a bill making bump fire stocks NFA items (like lightning links and drop in auto sears) were combined in one bill with de-listing of suppressors, nationwide concealed carry reciprocity (written to include places like D.C. and NYC), and doing away with the 1986 closure of the machine gun registry I’d support it . . . but lacking those enhancements, I’ll withhold my vote from any GOP politician that votes for a ban.

      1. So says the MSM. If it wasn’t for NRA and the other pro- Second Amendment groups all our guns would have been gone in 1949.
        Maybe you don’t like getting a request for a donation, if so tell them to save a buck and put you on a do not mail list.

        1. Baloney, you have zero knowledge of NRA’s history. They’ve done a lot of good but let’s not whitewash how the actually started. They didn’t become active in RKBA until the 70’s.

          Do your research but here’s a start: “In the 1920s, the National Revolver Association, the arm of the NRA responsible for handgun training, proposed regulations later adopted by nine states, requiring a permit to carry a concealed weapon, five years additional prison time if the gun was used in a crime, a ban on gun sales to non-citizens, a one day waiting period between the purchase and receipt of a gun, and that records of gun sales be made available to police.”

          1. I started TELLING THE NRA what to do in 1970. If you write the NRA and ask for the correct punctuation of the Second Amendment they will probably send you back copies of my letter, with my name redacted,
            I like to think I had some effect on Neal Knox forming the ILA in 1975.

            After MLK was assassinated there were calls to ban telescopic sights and centerfire rifles.
            Prior to 1948 the NRA was all about target shooting and military range procedures.

            Nobody proposed gun control during WWII. The NRA did not become THE GUN LOBBY until forced to do so by all the anti-gun lies.

            Finally the HELL and McDonald cases established what I have known since I was 10 years old.
            But hillary and bloomberg don’t like the 89 pages of the Heller case, so they just ignore the Supreme Court.

            1. Well, we are in the same era. I worked with Neal, he was a friend. I’ve known the boys since they were, well, boys. Wayne and Chris, mixed in with Akerman-McQueen do not have the best interests of gun owners at heart and it’s high time for another Cincinnati.

    8. One hour before NRA officially caved I received a phone call that there was a strong possibility that NRA was working in conjunction with the White House and ATF on some sort of reclassification. I posted it on AR15.com and my account was “locked indefinitely” and I was notified that I had been labeled an “anti-NRA troll”. An hour later NRA came out with their statement.

      I’ve been working RKBA issues longer than some of the people at AR15.com have been alive. The one thing I am NOT is an NRA sycophant. If they do good they deserve to be praised. If they screw up they need to be called out on it.

      1. The NRA said talk to ATF about bump stocks and Congress must pass HR38.

        Maybe you should read directly and not take MSM propaganda from a possible bloomberg web site that sent you an email.

        1. No Jim, that’s not what the NRA said. “The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations.”. Further, “…..we urge Congress to pass National Reciprocity…”. Not as part of this very bad deal but just URGE them to. You know what that means? Absolutely nothing. First and foremost there are two agencies here; BATF will make the determination and they have nothing to do with National Reciprocity, so NRA’s presented a false flag hope and you’re perpetuating it. Next, Congress won’t give gun owners squat, zero, zilch because NRA has already conceded everything!

          Maybe you should start doing some direct reading and toss the NRA propaganda.

        2. So they’re bargaining some of our rights to keep others. Perhaps you should list those rights that are officially expendable, so we’re all clear.

    9. Let’s ban large aircraft that can fly into buildings, let’s ban automobiles that can crash and kill babies and adults, let’s ban gasoline that can be used in Molotov cocktails, but for god’s sake lets don’t ban idiots because we would barely have a democratic party. As always politicians are eager to jump on the ban wagon to get face time when any kind of disaster arises. Remember upchuck Schumer blamed Trump for the hurricane hitting the island of Porto Rico..

        1. Yeah.. what kept this clown from fully fuelling one of his aircraft, loading all the amonium nitrate they found in his car into it, and flying it into the crowd instead of shooting into it? The tool would have been far higher, but then no one could plausibly blame the guns he used. So the bottom line is INTENT. He intended to make a big scene to give momentum to pass more stupid useless antigun laws. WHY did he have so many guns up there? Did he think he’d be able to wear out any of them before his room was breached?

          Nope, this whole thing ws staged with a specific agenda in view.

          And NOBODY in the press or FBI are dealing with the issue of multiple shooters…. I’ve seen and heard video, someone was on a lower floor, there are defintely two streams of fire alternating at times, and it ain’t no echo bause the length of bursts is different.

      One of the greatest evils are those who take an oath to govern by “delegated
      powers” but use it to take from others what they keep for themselves.
      Government that does not trust its law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms,
      is itself, unworthy of trust.” –James Madison, chief wordsmith of the
      “Any government that would attempt to disarm its people is
      despotic; and any people that would submit to it deserve to be slaves.”–
      Stephen F. Austin, 1835
      “The historical reality of the Second Amendments
      protection of the right to keep and bear arms is not that it protects the right
      to shoot deer. It protects the right to shoot tyrants, and it protects the right
      to shoot at them effectively, with the same instruments they would use upon us.”
      –Judge Andrew Napolitano
      Molon Labe

    11. The outright unwillingness to look at a ban (in concert with other legislative efforts we want) is playing right into the gun banners hands. They don’t want to ban the BF stocks, they want the ISSUE to fire up their base and get Hillary elected or Maxine Waters etc etc.
      Attaching a ban, as worthless as it is, to the National Reciprocity Act 1) takes that issue out of play, 2) places Sen Schuler and Feinstein in a really tight box. How can they vote against something they just demanded? So we get NR which right now we will not. Or, we get the issue in the next election cycle and can hammer them on being loose on common sense gun legislation and maybe we don’t get clobbered in Nov, win win win.
      Make no mistake, while you are correct in all of your facts, us being a flat “no” is exactly what they are hoping for.

      1. So how many times do you want to roll over for their horse sh*t before you say enough? When all your firearms have been confiscated down to a single shot black powder musket? They have already put into law more gun control bills than any other nation, and we still have a knucklehead that pulls off a mass shooting every once in a while. Or do you want people just to wear a bullseye on the back of their shirts from now on.

        Once again, its not about gun control for these clowns … its about people control! There are over 170 to 200 million victims of gun control and if you asked them if gun control works, I believe they’d tell you no … IF THEY COULD TALK, but they can’t because they’re dead.

    12. If any Republicans give an inch on this gun ban crap – VOTE THEM OUT! NO COMPROMISERS! They want to always play nice and cave into the Democrats demands – SCREW ‘EM! Its time to show them how pissed off We the People really are.

        1. As an Independent Constitutional Conservative I can only vote in the General Election by State Law. Hopefully that was changed but I don’t know for sure, otherwise I would vote in the primaries.

          1. @VE Vet…I do not know what state you live in , its the same here . As Wild Bill likes to say this may be the time for you to hold your nose register so you can vote in the primary so you can vote either for or against a particular candidate. You will be eligible to vote in the general, and you can always change your registration after the general. You can vote for whom you like in the general . You may have only one vote , but if everyone you see on here did that how many would that add up to?

      1. Peraonally? I thing that ALL PERSONS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE GUN DEBATES need to be removed from the equation and just let Americans go about their lives in the gauntlet of the Constitution of The United States.

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