Shannon Watts Disparages Lake Hefner ‘Good Guys with Gun’

Emergency services arrive on scene of Lake Hefner restaurant shootings. Left unsaid is that so-called “first responders” are usually second responders. (Oklahoma City Police Department Facebook photos)

USA – -( Leave it to Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts to put down Thursday’s incident in Oklahoma City, where armed citizens shot and killed an attacker who opened fire in a restaurant, wounding a woman and her daughter. While details are still unfolding at this writing, it’s significant that Oklahoma City Police Captain Bo Matthews had earlier referred to what was initially thought to be a lone defender as a “good Samaritan,” and that per OCPD “All involved parties were interviewed and released.”

“Bad guy gets a gun – shoots three at Lake Hefner restaurant – and the @NRA calls it a victory,” Watts groused on her Twitter feed. “In other high income countries, bad guys don’t get guns. People don’t get shot at restaurants. And armed strangers don’t have to risk their lives in the line of fire.”

Jeez, lady, how about a bit of acknowledgment that a known “gun threat” was stopped? Apparently, she would have preferred he’d have been free to go on his way. That has attracted no shortage of useful idiot suck-ups, each of whom would be utterly incapable of defending themselves, nodding in agreement…

Lost on them all is that the police – the “Only Ones” they want to have guns – were nowhere around, having arrived after the fact as they generally do.  Had the citizens not stopped the perp, who knows what a known and desperate murderer on thge loose with a gun would have done next?

And that “high income” qualifier Watts just inserted into the narrative is an old trick, one gun owners need to be aware of.

To solidify their assertion that the U.S. has more lethal violence than other nations, those who demand our disarmament have been falling back on the meaningless “industrialized nations”deception. They use it to exclude from the discussion countries that don’t support their premise, like Russia and Mexico, both with more restrictive gun laws and higher violent crime than the U.S.

Whether one consults the UN, the IMF, the World Bank or the CIA Factbook, Mexico has a larger GDP than many of the nations that qualify as “developed” when it suits gun-grabber purposes. Also rated above many countries in term of “economic complexity,” Mexico includes cars, computers, video displays and delivery trucks among its top exports. It boasts a literacy rate of 93.4 percent. And somebody had better tell Vladimir Putin that Third World jerkwater he rules over has no business exporting rocket engines to the U.S., or as we’ve recently seen, threatening us more “developed” people with an “‘invincible’ intercontinental cruise missile and a nuclear torpedo that could outsmart all American defenses.”

So now the gun-grabbers are changing the terminology to “high income,” as if cherry-picking is the way out of a corner they’ve backed themselves into.  If that’s the way they want to play it, and if guns really are the problem, why not compare crimes of violence among those selected populations with, say, the 5 million members of the NRA?

Plus, let’s revisit some of those “commonsense” G7 nations in a few years after the invasive cultural terraforming has had a chance to really work its magic. The UK, France, Italy and Germany are increasingly looking like places you won’t want to brag about, and realistically if they can’t keep dangerous people out, what makes them think they’ll succeed with hardware?

But back to Shannon, and her newest gripe against you and me keeping and bearing arms…

“The @NRA says this is a win in Lake Hefner…,” Watts complained, unable to let go of the fact that a successful DGU (defensive gun use) for all to see seriously threatens her narrative.

“Yes – the man who shot four people inside a restaurant, including a 12 year old child, was an armed citizen,” she continued, conflating normal people with evil ones.  That’s another old word game they play, that every gun owner is “law-abiding” until he’s not, or more to the point, that “there’s no such thing as a law-abiding gun owner.”

Using that “logic,” every man is a rapist-in-waiting, which, of course, is something totalitarians that want to tear down our culture and replace it with an unchallengeable “Monopoly of Violence” would love to see more people believe.

These creatures really would rather see you dead than armed, because a populace being able to defy and resist their rule is what they fear most. Unable (yet) to attain their goals by force, they resort to fraud via professional propagandists.

Professional propagandists like Shannon Watts…

And switching gears, but not really since Watts presents her motivation as one of saving lives, it’s not unfair to ask “What did she know and when did she know it?” on another matter of life and death.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Robert McKenna

I was trying to remember the name of the crusading, stupid, twat that was ready to declare victory about a gun free Brazil when the population saw through her Utopian lies and voted to stay armed. Then, up she pops, like a scary demon in a kids toy. It was Sharon Watts, whose lies and twisted statistics were discarded by a wise population ! Seeing herself as the heroine Joan of Arc, she helped stampede Britain and Australia into the sorry state they are in today ! I agree with her image, but wish it could be later in time… Read more »

Robert McKenna

Whoops ! I meant “Shannon” ! She is guilty, Sharon (whomsoever she may be) is innocent !

Boyd Herrst

I thought Sharon was her Sister.. no worries !
It happens ! The

Robert Green

Shannon Watts, is “ONE STUPID CUNT” in my book…Ill just pray for her, while I clean my firearms…

Anrae Godley-Cooper

Fuck her and anyone like her, she needs to stick to what she good at and that’s nothing in my book.


65% of shootings in the US are SUICIDES. More people are murdered with knives, hammers, fists and feet then with guns in the US. The UK has few guns and twice the violent crime rate. London has had more murders than New York City. A woman is also more likely to be raped in London. Shootings and stabbings are both up 20% in the UK. The NRA is 9th in political spending after Democrat and Republican PACs. and most of the candidates the NRA backed lost. I only wish the NRA was half as effective at defending our rights as… Read more »

Robert McKenna

And further along those lines, The police have NO DUTY to protect you. This has been proven to be true in many lawsuits that sought to prove that the Police had not done their duty. The phrase “To Protect and Serve” sounds mighty nice, but is basically meaningless. Sure they will react to a threat if they are on the scene. But if they are even two minutes away, you’re dead, Bubba ! If you can’t protect yourself, or your wife or your children, make a choice as to which one you want to be harmed first and make them… Read more »



Want to stop gun violence , “HERE’S HOW” All you need to do is stop lying to yourselves !!! JUST GOOGLE THIS LINE from a 2012 Australian news article …”The incident is Sydney’s fourth shooting over the Easter long weekend.”…

Westfield Hornsby (restaraunt) 31 March 2016

Western Sydney NSW (Pizza restarant) – 7 January 2018

Kings Cross Sydney (nightclub) NSW – April 9, 2012

Bankstown Sydney NSW (coffe shop) – JANUARY 24, 2018

Bankstown Sydney NSW (rooftop cafe ) September 5, 2017


Well, shannon, being pig dog Male cavedwelling gun owner, using your own logic, all women are prostitutes… cant wait to see you on tour with stormy…. checking for singles…… Shannon, watts… funny name for such a dimwit antiamerican eurodupe… how much does the oneworlder doomburgler pay you to puke such degenerate drivel? If you want to see how no guns areas work, look at the araura theater, the school districts where the black ops are being ran, the congressional ball game, or, better yet, go to the gang ridden parts of Mexico, or try the commie utopias of Cuba, Venezuela,… Read more »

Boyd Herrst

Fantastic comeback to Shannon, Joe ! Spot on !


She obviously is not informed about what has been happening in the UK, Australia, Danmark, etc. UK banned guns 50 years ago and they are plentiful today according the UK police and they are being used for criminal acts.


SOOOooo… a spinmisstress from way back, eh?
Yeah, we all KNEW she did not just pop up out of nowhere with no prior training or experience. Nice find, her stinit with Monsanto and others.


Throw in her face the FACT of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in disarmed Paris a couple years back. Maybe the recent restaurant attack, same shi, er I mean city. And how does she explain the 65+% increase in GUN crimes in disarmed Australia, which just ‘happens” to coexist right alongside a 150% increase in violent crimes against (disarmed) persons that don’t use a gun as the instrument of force, now assured that the general population are totally disarmed and thus defenseless? When at any given time/place, the house being broken into MIGHT have an pccupant who is armed and skilled,… Read more »

Warren Garrison

Wouldn’t bother me a fucking bit if somebody broke into Watts home gagged the bitch and then forced her to watch her kids being killed then raped her fucking ass. Who knows might make the dumbass wish she had a way to protect herself and her family. I live out in the freaking desert 75 years old can handle myself fairly well but not against 2/3 hoodlums or criminals that might decide they wanted to come in and see if I had anything of any value. Just crazy as hell that dumb ass bastards like this worthless cunt would want… Read more »

Scott High

Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

Matt in Oklahoma

We know what time it really is here. Thus the dead bad guy and alive good folks.


What Ms. Watts fails to understand is that police rarely interact with a crime of personal violence while it’s happening. They are good at what they do, but can’t be there 24×7 just for you. Their involvement usually is drawing chalk lines around the victim. I prefer they draw chalk lines around the perpetrator.


The police cannot protect you. Recently it seems that some cases the police will not protect you. As a victim you will always be the first responder. The police will always be the second responder. Does it not make sense that the first responder be, at the very least, be as well armed as the second responder? When seconds count the police are just minutes away!

Robert McKenna

And further along those lines, The police have NO DUTY to protect you. This has been proven to be true in many lawsuits that sought to prove that the Police had not done their duty. The phrase “To Protect and Serve” sounds mighty nice, but is basically meaningless. Sure they will react to a threat if they are on the scene. But if they are even two minutes away, you’re dead, Bubba ! If you can’t protect yourself, or your wife or your children, make a choice as to which one you want to be harmed first and make them… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

The recent ruling by a court that said POTUS can’t block critics on his tweeter feed has me asking how this can be applied to all the anti-gun groups that filter pro 2A comments. NRA needs to step up here and call for this discrimination to stop.




On a related topic. Think about this. Does hypnosis exist? If it does, is there something such as post hypnotic suggestions? If post hypnotic suggestions exist, is it possible (conspiracy theory follows) that someone, with an anti second amendment agenda, who is trying to keep the flames of school shootings alive, is using hypnosis and post hypnotic suggestions to you know fan flames? The shooters who have been captured seem to have no or flimsy excuses for what they have done. Soooo. Just asking as there seems to be increasing numbers of school shootings. Also when it was suggested that… Read more »

Roy D.

If she wants to ride that pony, Harvey Weinstein was a high income movie producer. Money isn’t everything you commie bitch.


Neither is getting an education everything but she should at least read the news such as the Paris attacks (restaurant) 2017



Tim Gwynn

Hey, why not compare international gun violence after subtracting any 5 U.S. democrat run cities.


That is a great idea!

Green Mtn. Boy

What else would one expect from Shannon Watts chairwoman of Demanding Commie Moms.


Great find. She needs to be asked over and over whenever she spews her hatred for the constitution and the people who believe in it what she knew and when did she know it. Why is a pr back for an evil big corporation that hid cancer causing aspects of their products such a hero to the anti corporate green left? How can environmentalists support someone who is everything they oppose? She needs to constantly be put on the defensive over this on social media and whenever she makes a media appearance. Codrea revealed her Achilles – now let’s spread… Read more »