Shooting Coverage Plus Bad Journalism Equals Fake News, Never Believe


Maryland Newspaper Shooting
Shooting Coverage Plus Bad Journalism Equals Fake News, Never Believe

USA – -( I supposed it’s just another reminder of the state of mainstream media in this country today. The cynicism with which I approach anything that I hear, read or watch when it comes to any form of “news” story is based on many years of being an amateur media critic. Yesterday proved me right, again.

When I initially caught the breaking news of an “active shooter” in a Maryland newspaper headquarters, like anything else I’ve been trained to do, I reacted as I have been trained to react when “news” breaks, with a healthy dose of skepticism. That becomes even more important if the story has anything, and I mean anything to do with an “active” shooter or mass shooting story. The early reports, regardless of the source, are nearly always wrong.

Here’s my standard protocol;

I watch the report with the understanding that what I am watching and hearing is inaccurate and I pay no attention to a “news” anchor in an NYC studio relaying information he/she is getting from someone who hasn’t yet arrived at the scene. I’ll watch for the real takeaways such as where the event is unfolding, a school, business name, city, town, etc. The moment I begin hearing the same crap and the camera feed loops back to the repetitive footage of a cop, draped in military gear and carrying a rifle, strolling down the street, I’m out. I’ll then go online to some different sites including AmmoLand, Drudge, Fox News, CNN, AP and maybe a couple of the networks, to see if they are reporting anything different as the story unfolds.

Yesterday, CBS seemed to have a leg up on anyone else. Fox was reporting their details as coming from CBS, so I decided to check them out for a while. Yeah buddy, CBS seemingly had it knocked out of the park. They were the first to break the killer’s age in his 20’s and the fact he was uncooperative with law enforcement. They were also the first to break the story that the murderer had altered his fingerprints in an attempt to slow the process of identifying him.

Yeah, buddy! CBS was on it, or we’re they?

There was only one problem. The officer fielding questions from reporters on the scene during a press conference after the suspect had surrendered and been in custody for a few hours, was debunking the reports. I heard him say that the stories of altered fingerprints were false and that supposed face recognition software that was reportedly used to identify him was the first time he heard that.

Look, I understand the chaos and the fog of a very violent crime, the mad scramble to get information and the desire for ratings to want to be first with all of this information. I also don’t give a damn. No outlet, no matter who it is, should be reporting anything until they can verify the number, the name, the age, the truth, the facts, about anything they are covering and putting on screen, print or online. For this reason, I have learned never to believe a “body count” as the media reports it. Experience has taught me to be wary of any specifics when these events are in the news breaking stage.

As it turns out, the murderer was not in his 20’s but his late 30’s. He did not alter his fingerprints as most outlets, like CNN, were reporting. What?

I can hear you asking me if I’m nitpicking, that this stuff happens when the news is breaking so fast, sometimes in that fog, they get it wrong but later correct themselves, etc. What difference does it make when they go back and adjust it then, etc.? Relax, Walters. It’s just that it happens so fast, that’s all.

Relax, hell. I’ve lost count of how many times overzealous, biased, gun-hating reporters have gotten it wrong, blamed the gun they want to see banned only to find later out it wasn’t that evil gun at all, and not only never correct the record but double down and go after the weapon they hate anyway. This stuff matters. The exact number matters, the actual gun used, not one the gun-hater wants it to be, matters. The killer’s age and race matter. His real motivation matters. The actual number of fatalities matter. Only real veryified facts should be reported or you just say we do not have anything to report yet.

This isn’t a game. The specifics of the story will later be used to destroy you as the left inevitably comes after your rights and blames you as a gun owner. Reporting the fact it was a disgruntled lunatic with an ax to grind against a newspaper he had some dispute with, matters.

The truth matters, particularly when these types of events are given saturation coverage and are always used by the liberal, progressive machine, including their media allies, to fault you! Believe me when I tell you this. The mainstream media hate you and your gun rights and when they find an opportunity, any opportunity to exploit murder and mayhem to blame you, they will. They must be held accountable for reporting the facts, lest we never know the truth about the killer’s motives and therefore be unable to fight back against their inevitable bias.

Mark Walters
Mark Walters

About Mark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

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P Hall

Actually they DID use face recognition software to identify the individual from his drivers license photo. It was because the finger print machine was acting up. Not because he had mutilated his fingerprints, as the reporters had originally been told.

Jim Macklin

I’d bet that the police said they couldn’t get his fingerprints and the “press” just imagined he had mutilated his finger tips..
Colleges used to have classes in journalism, now it seems creative writing has replaced fact gathering.
The pressure is to be “first” with BREAKING NEWS even if every half hour they open each segment with the same story.
There are really only a handful of actual reporters/news gatherers. All the newspaper and TV stations use AP or NYTimes or Reuters.

jeffrey l melton

Some journalists/media have lost all credibility in their rush to politicise gun violence to fit their liberal narrative. We are nearly all for free speech but journalists who want to be the news need to be ferreted out and fired.


I’m not surprised Fox was using CBS info. Now that Disney bought Fox it will become just like the rest of the MSM.


The problem is Atheists hate Religion [actually those who abuse with religion] so much that they don’t recognise Faith when they see.. [have it] it.
. . The faith in the religion of #Gonkuntroll and it’s arch daemon #Tymper_Tantrym, are all the justification they need because through it they speak a greater truth.

And still don’t see themselves doing the very thing they hate.


Did anyone in the media report whether or not the newspaper offices were a “gun free zone?”

Terence Colligan

Where is Joe Friday when you desperately need him?


The MSM is incessantly in a desperate race to be wrong! They want the “SCOOP!” They have become the rags you see advertised as you’re waiting to check out at the supermarket: “Illegal Aliens from Planet Xercon give account of being waterboarded by the Trump Administration in a highly secret government installation!” The feeble-minded get the “scoop” along with a two fer pack of Skittles. It’s never about being correct but first. It’s throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks. And, yes, if it has NOTHING to do with Trump, the Right, guns, Republicans, etc., it seems to… Read more »


One media moron reported it was President Trump fault, another media moron says the shooter was wearing a MAGA hat and the king of media morons cnn says he altered his fingerprints. Hey everybody sadly all we know for sure is 5 people died and the suspects was caught. Anything else is a guess with these so called reporters.
I was just thinking I wonder if the media knows who won WWII?

Jim Macklin

The Maryland killings prove one thing… Gun control is 100% effective. None of the victims had a gun. State law is a “your reason isn’t good enough” may issue.. To top it off companies are worried about the unknown liability if an employee injures somebody. Companies have a known and limited liability for a dead employee with caps o worker’s compensation. But if an armed employee has a gun and uses it, the company can be sued. Liability laws need to be changed so companies have no excuse for disarmed employees. Unless it is a gun/weapon ISSUED/supplied/required by the company,… Read more »


If it’s CNN it FAKE NEWS!!!!
The lamestream media was putting out ‘White man with AR-15’! Guess CNN figures if we don’t lie we don’t have anything!


Once again the authorities, or those in authority, have bungled the advance warning that a killer was on the loose. It has been reported (remains to be seen) that the newspaper had reported receiving threatening, believe it or not, Tweets and had reported them to police. The police advised the paper to ignore them. And what do you know? That was the wrong advice. And once again there was no good guy with a gun around to stop a bad guy with a gun. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and bet that the newspaper was a gun… Read more »

Bill N.

@Joe, Sir, the whole damned state is a gun free zone! Much like NJ, NY and California just to name a few. Democrats will never learn.


The whole liberal game is oriented towards inflaming emotion. Outrage must be constantly refueled or it burns out. Throwing manufactured “facts” into the story helps to incite the crowds. For evidence, look back at the treyvon martin shooting and the “hands up don’t shoot” lies widely disseminated by the media.

Bob Koceja

More important than getting the story first is, get the story right. In the words of Joe Friday ” Just the facts Mam.”

john purcell

Its amazing that these news can just put out anything out to the public .Have major facts wrong , or fabricated , and have no accountability .That’s Wrong! These news outlets hide behind the first amendment . They use it for their socalist agendas , I hope that most intelligent people can see them for what they are. FAKE NEWS !!