Hogg Reveals Inner Totalitarian and Wider Democrat Power Struggle

Dressing the part for seizing power…

U.S.A. –(Ammoland.com)- “Dems need to allow young people to seize leadership opportunities like the republicans have with people like Rubio, Ryan etc.,” #Marx… uh… #March for Our Live enfant terrible David Hogg proclaimed in a tweet justifying his criticism of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as old. “We can go younger.”

That he’s itching for power over others is obvious. Believing in the flattery of his special interest handlers and a fawning press, the high school graduate is champing at the bit to run for Congress as soon as he’s old enough. That his lack of any concrete experience or understanding of the Constitution might give anyone second thoughts is a non-starter: Neither is needed for an ignorance-based popularity contest.

What we’re seeing are the first skirmishes in a war with Old Guard Democrats. And we’re seeing that unfold in places where hard-line leftists are gaining traction and predominance over their more “pragmatic” elders, who are increasingly being perceived as out-of-touch, out-of-date and even obstacles.

Despite having any semblance of qualifications, 28-year-old “Democratic Socialist” darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ousted 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley in New York’s 14th District. And seemingly perpetual California Senator Dianne Feinstein did not get her state party’s automatic nod  – Kevin de León is not only considerably younger, he and Ocasio-Cortez represent a growing demographic that will increasingly factor ethnic interests into its votes.

Time and again Ocasio-Cortez has been shown to be clueless on issues from foreign policy to economics and more, but that doesn’t matter. Look at her district. The guy she beat in the primary got almost 83% of the vote the last time he ran. The only way she can lose is if she does something that gets her arrested and disqualified—and she’d still probably get more votes than the Republican.

True, establishment Dems won’t go gentle into that good night, and with their connections and war chests expect to see more races testing the adage that old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill. But what we’re seeing is the coming to power of a monster of the party’s creation. It feeds off an electorate for which manipulated emotions outweigh anything so mundane as rational policy considerations – never the strong suit for the Democrats anyway.

We’re seeing, for lack of a better term, a mobocracy, and that’s exactly what those behind their manufactured Hogg phenomenon are counting on.  And while speaking his mind may have revealed a Freudian slip, it’s just as likely to assume he meant what he said and that his handlers approve when he expresses his intent to “seize leadership opportunities.”

Not “earn.”


That says a lot about the mindset, that political power is something to be seized, and that political opponents are to be disarmed.

The predicted “Blue Wave” is a an obvious ploy to demoralize and psyche out Republican voters, to make them believe going to the polls would be futile. Don’t fall for it, even though some Republicans appear to be trying their damnedest to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Back in December I reported on a House race in Virginia that was forced into a recount and a tie-breaker drawing that could have been avoided if just one more gun owner had bothered to vote. That the gun-grabber didn’t win was a matter of luck.

We see what’s at stake with the unprecedented tactics being employed in opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination hearings. Knowing the importance of how SCOTUS will rule on Second Amendment and other freedom-related cases, it’s imperative that power be denied to those who feel entitled to seize it. It’s imperative that you and I do our parts to keep that from happening.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Young Mr. Hogg strikes me, likely others too, as Hitler Reincarnated. Having experienced the travail attributal to the earlier one, do we want or need to experience another? I would think not.

willy d

Pat, Wild Bill, Trumped; All right on the mark about Hogg, just lets keep the gun out of his hands when they totally throw him under the bus, he is not going to take that well at all!!!!!!!!


In the political culture of complaint and division the Democrats have been creating, David Hogg has a “golden ticket” and is offering it to a wide group. With identity politics based on group “victimization” you need to belong to a group with a claim to being victimized, or having been victimized historically. Hogg and other non-minority males have spent a dozen years in public schools, and will spend another four to six in under-grad and grad, with the message hammered in that every social ill is their fault, that they have a trans generational responsibly for whatever was done hundreds… Read more »


Little sociopath Hoggie does not realize he has no place running for office in the Dem party these days with the victim hierarchy of cultural marxists. He is a white male, so he has no chance over a person of color. Even though he is gay he still does not rank above a minority, so he will have to check his white privilege and step aside. Hogg’s only chance would be to become a trans gender – the one group of whites who rank above minorities in victim status. He is power hungry and enough of a sociopath to absolutely… Read more »

willy d

American Patriot; she sure did! m b w; Tou-ch’e ! Wild Bill; Right ON! Buck Cassidy; Right, Dust In The Wind; Anything there has blown away a long time ago!! Sam W; worse he is set to be a Dictator for sure!!! Tom Cat; Just like I said, Planned Parenthood Selective Abortions!!!!!!!!! Martin J Camp ; If all you have to do is criticize what is written here, my 1st amendment right is why don’t you read a book???????? NITE ALL!

Timothy Votaw

Sinister and frightful, a proxy for the millions of youth with no future, save what they can wrest from The System. Couple this with the illegal immigrant onslaught, many of whom seek that same ride on the backs of decreasing taxpayers, and we are heading, rapidly, for a societal meltdown. From that, I expect a violent reaction, acts of desperation and of dogma, focused upon the last remaining citizenry of a Constitutional Republic – you, and me. And our numbers are dwindling, while theirs burgeon, rapidly. Cause for alarm, gentlemen.

willy d

n. r. ringlee Your right about Trump he has take the Demo-Rats by the tail and it has all of their pantyhose all tied in nots and it’s fun just to sit back to see just how unglued they come, they are really having trouble with their sanity and it really shows more and more every day!!!!! The thing I look at is if what the Republican Party had all of their people going for the nomination and Trump got it , what does that say about the party in general????????

willy d

Pistol Pete, Alex, & Mike; Right! tomcat look what they have been working under! JCS HITLER JR! Sam W RIGHT ON!! Rocket Man; Perfect for both, Demo-Rats & Just needs the Tattoos! H E Hogg has over 30 years to do that like Ford!!!!


Unfortunately, a lot of people in this country vote based on immutable characteristics, and not the politician’s viewpoints on relevant matters. DH (correctly) knows that young folk are more likely to vote for young politicians, regardless of their viewpoints. Andrew Gillium’s only playing card is the race card. The socialist Ocasio-Cortez can only play on her looks and age. Of course, groupthink kicks in at that point. Young people will castigate others in their peer group for not voting “their way”. Ethnic groups will scream bloody murder if someone doesn’t toe the “party line”. That sort of thing. Hell, during… Read more »


There is a lot to be said about his father being FBI and his mother having a government job, also. I am not saying all employees are bad but it appears the deep swamp spread all the way to Fla.

John C Stephens

“I am your MASTER! I created you the serve me! I command you to attack my enemies!”

That will end well.

Sam W

It is only my opinion and would take a honest psychiatrist. He is a sociopath, a Soros funded sociopath.

rich z

Nothing will change UNLESS all the PEOPLE ( who say they are republican) Get out and VOTE to remove these commies from office , maybe than ,and only than , will we be able to get rig of the scum that gets mixed into the pot.

Harry Edmunds

I’m surprised David Hogg didn’t claim that he was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh.



David ,AR's by design

he was but he like it so he keeps quiet


Just wait…

Pistol Pete

Getting rid of Hitler would have saved a lot of lives
Getting rid of Hogg know might save a lot of lives latter
Because he is a little Hitler in the making

Lynn garretson

I totally agree. Please lay off promos of th littl Nazi. Thank you


There’s no doubt in my mind that when he gets a little older either he’s going to go to prison or into politics. Maybe both.


your 100% right my friend! this little prick would be prancing around in jack boots if he could get away with it,he’s just the type of power hungry little prick that sent millions into the furnace.

American Patriot

That’s the same thing I said about Chelse Clinton, Hillarys munchkin she has already learned the game.

willy d

HOGG still hasn’t found his way out of the sand box, when he does he might find out how the real Demo-Rat system works, and how the old guard controls how the purse strings work and gets and who doesn’t, he fits into the doesn’t get section!!!!!!!!!


Good luck Hogg.. Look at who’s in charge in the DNC? All elderly children of royals nieces and nephews. They’re so connected and entitled they can’t run for President. None of them are electable, so they stay tied up in state legislature where they can do the most damage. Hogg when you realize the big banks own the DNC, and you’re a pawn you’ll be old enough to know better.

Donald L. Cline

I doubt it. People like Hogg never get old enough to know better: Look at Despicable DiFi; look at Slithering Hillary; look at Stolen Valor Blumenthal. Look at dozens of other Democrats who are climbing aboard the Democratic Socialist train.


the fight among the D’s is between the old, white D’s and the new, brown D’s. put another way, the fight among the D’s is between socialists and communists.

as to hogg (small letter intended), it would not be surprising if his heroes were mao, josef, kim, etc. he talks and acts just as they did.


I believe we may be witnessing the death of Progressive New Left methodology in political warfare. It is clear now what happened in 2016. Donald Trump kidnapped Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals and turned that methodology on its head and against its original masters. Since the early 1970’s undergraduates have done revolutionary theater and role play based upon those rules and the methodology of debate derailing and personal destruction. This has served progressive new left ideologues well for nearly five decades. Then along came Donald Trump. Don’t get me wrong, I am no fan, have not been, probably… Read more »


Yup. Methinks you’ve got it pretty well sussed out there. Except that Alinsky and his ilk were alinve, well, and raging in the mid-1960’s I got duped by them for a season, but when one of their Choir Boys, Nelson Mandela, began to perpetrate his atricoties in South Africa and was hailed as a hero, then the Manson murders…… I swaw the light and eased off into that good night. But your observations are very astute. I believe The DOnald gets his scrappy In Yer Face Suckah ‘tude from being raised in Noo Yawk with its silly power games and… Read more »

David B Gregory

This excellent post sums it up nicely. Nobody else could have beat HRC. The New York personality is what rubs so many the wrong way. Our new POTUS is getting the job done but I fear for the Republic if the Left continues their slow-motion coup. The Swamp is so much deeper and more slimy than we thought.

Wild Bill

Yes, weaponized Political Correctness destroyed by standardized Crass Peasantry! Go Trump! Go America!


It’s obvious that intelligence or an understanding of our Constitution is not a prerequisite for serving in congress as demonstrated daily by our elected officials. This guy will fit right in.

Wild Bill

I fully support David Hogg’s God given, Constitutionally enshrined, American Civil Right to be a unemployed, emotional, non-thinking, oddball. If Pelosi has any sense in her booze soaked brain, she will crush this skraling before he gets a start in the Democrat National Socialist party.

keith Oades

NOOO, let him and his entitled little wanker mates in as well.
With a little luck they will start the process of the dumocraps tearing themselves apart.
For the uneducated, (wanker) is Australian for chronic masturbator , idiot, dickhead etc.


Is that outfit for real or a photoshop? I understand who the little Nazi is but is he really wearing that crap?


Photoshop may have been used to change his shirt from brown to white, and to delete the Hakenkreuz (“Swastika”) from his armband. (sarcasm ontended)


Very real so armband gunconteol junk his sister came up with. He only wore it for a bit before people pointed out HE looked like a National Socialist Party member

Uncle T

Yep, it’s real. His sister and he came up with the armband idea shortly after the Parkland shooting and their media tour was beginning to be a viable idea. Someone pointed out the bad optics and the parallels that could and would be drawn and they dropped the idea.

Jimmy James

My bet it that this narcissistic stick boy has Nazi paraphernalia in his bedroom. Can you imagine your life with his type in power? I see a “guns for me but not for thee” look on his smug little face. I see the armed guards with the straight faces looking out into the crowd of disarmed Hitler youth. On and on…the little puke.


If you look at the videos of his summer tour several armed guards are pointed out, so your comment of ‘guns for me but not for thee’ is spot on.


I think it is time for all Democrats to take a good look at where the party is now and where it’s headed and ask themselves what side do they want to be on.
The Republicans are not exactly a prize but they stand a better chance to lead America to a better place and maintain freedom.


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This little Hitler needs to shutdown ASAP..!!! Another walking, talking Commie/Nazi/NWO/DemoRat piece of SH1T..!!! Hogg is a snapshot of the overall Commie/Nazi/NWO/DemoRat party..!!! This November the RED WAVE needs to be so large they “We the People” (Patriots) will overwhelm the voter fraud from the Commie/Nazi/DemoRat/Left..!!! When I see Hogg I see EVIL is as EVIL does..!!!


Agree 100% Well said!


One strange little dude. Could be the next madman himself by his appearance and actions.


Reminds me more of Joseph Goebbels.


He is a democrat and it is the democrat screwballs doing the shooting/crime.


Hogg had his 15 minutes and he can’t stand that it’s over.

Dr. Strangelove

Look at Difi’s attacks on Kavanaugh and imagine people like Camera Hogg and Ocrazio-Cortex in her place. They are, like it or not, the future of the Democrat party.

Gregory Romeu

Regardless of whether or not they are the future of the democratic party the danger is is that they are in office and, We, the People allowed this to happen on OUR watch.


By 2040, the former USA may have become the USSA, ruled by the likes of this poofter, David ‘Media” Hogg and the Ragin’ ‘Rican, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. We need to develop “un par de cojones,” (a pair of balls) to save our beloved Republic from their Marxist talons.


We need to elect the NFFA into power and have us a little purge!!! haha


which is ackshully some good news. If they had a viable platform and decent honest citizens standing for office, they’d be with us for a good long while yet. I’m glad they’re getting increasingly outrageous. This recent business of jamtart party girls waking up after three plus decades and suddenly “remembering” certain scenaria has many people revolted and disgusted in a way no bad politics could ever create. As to Hogg Boyy, all he needs is for a friendlyl little cattypiller to crawl up and stretch himself out horizontally just under his schnozz……. a banded wooly bear would be just… Read more »