What the CA Governor Signed – What He Vetoed, & What It Means to Gun Owners

California Governor Jerry Brown
What the CA Governor Signed – What He Vetoed, & What It Means to Gun Owners

California – -(AmmoLand.com)- When the clock struck midnight on September 30th, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown made the last legislative decisions of his political career and left his mark as a solid anti-gun politician who was willing to throw us a bone now and again.

This year was no different, as he stepped firmly into the anti-gun muck with the signing of bills to prohibit the sale of firearms to anyone under 21 and increased training before anyone can get a CCW. But he vetoed some bad ones, too – he rejected banning gun shows at the Cow Palace as well as the bill to put limitations on how many long guns we can guy per month.

Here’s the final rundown, and what it means to the individual gun owner:


  • AB 2103 (Gloria – D) – Expands the course of concealed weapons training to at least 8 hours and further requires live-fire exercises conducted on a firing range. This places yet another obstacle in the path of CCW permitees.
  • SB 1100 (Portantino – D) – Bans the legal sale of long guns to anyone under 21. We believe the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens between the ages of 18 and 21 are violated in that those citizens are recognized by the federal government as members of the militia. The militia was specifically protected in the language of the Second Amendment. THE VETO OF THIS BILL OPENS A WIDE DOOR TO A LEGAL CHALLENGE.
  • SB 1200 (Skinner – D) – Expands the duties of law enforcement when serving a gun violence restraining order.
  • SB 1346 (Jackson – D) – Bans devices such as the bump fire stock (multi-burst trigger activator). This will have little “new” impact on Californians because such devices have already been declared illegal by the California Attorney General.

Each bill will become effective January 1, 2019; the Governor made no specific “signing statements” on these legislative proposals.


  • SB 221 (Wiener – D) – This sought to ban gun shows at the Cow Palace, a premier event center that has welcomed over 50 million visitors with a near-flawless record since it opened in 1941. In his veto message, the Governor stated “This bill has been vetoed twice over the last ten years, once by myself, and once by Governor Schwarzenegger. The decision on what kind of shows occur at the Cow Palace rests with the local board of directors which, incidentally, represents a broad cross-section of the community. They are in the best position to make these decisions.”
  • SB 1177 (Portantino – D) – This bill would have expanded the “one handgun per month” limitation to all firearms. There is no data suggesting someone who purchases more than one gun of any kind per month is a danger to society or engaging in illicit activity, which may be why the Governor said, “I vetoed a substantially similar bill in 2016, and my views have not changed.”

“Just because Governor Jerry Brown is riding into the sunset and will never again have the chance to infringe on our Second Amendment rights, that doesn’t mean that the fight is over. We are in the middle of an epic election in California. If you think Jerry Brown was bad, Gavin Newsom – if elected – will make Brown look like a choirboy. Please take the time to learn more about John Cox, who is solid on the 2nd Amendment and is in a tough battle against Newsom for the Governorship.

The Legislature may have adjourned, but GOC will not let up through the Fall and upcoming holiday season. We will continue fighting like there is no tomorrow – because if the anti-gunners win, tomorrow could look pretty grim, and we don’t want that on our watch. We are, however, greatly encouraged by the multiple lawsuits currently making their way through the court process that seek to restore our rights in California, and even more are on the horizon. Our job isn’t over by a longshot.

Stay armed and informed, and thank you for standing with Gun Owners of California. We can’t do this alone!”

Sam Paredes, Executive Director, GOC

Gun Owners of CaliforniaAbout Gun Owners of California:

Gun Owners of California is the toughest fighting pro-gun organization in California. We spend 100% of our time fighting for the Second Amendment at the Capitol and electing pro-gun members to the legislature. We do not compromise when it comes to promoting your gun rights! www.gunownersca.com

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In this all Dem all the time state I see little hope of Cox defeating Newsom. With Newsom at the helm and Dems still controlling both houses conservatives here might as well start packing. If I were younger I would not hesitate one second to pull up stakes. I also have a wife to consider, so that complicates matters. My good buddy and I discussed this today as both he and his wife want out as well. It’s truly dire.

Wild Bill

, maybe all those opposed to demanazi rule should go vote. That would be a lot easier and cheaper than pulling up stakes.

Fumb Duck

Reading the text of SB 1100, it appears that a person holding a valid CA hunting license would be exempt and it doesn’t go into effect until February 1, 2019.

Am I missing something?

Rod Mims

Born in Cal. Only time I ever spent any real time out of the state was when I served in the Army. 1969-1981, 1970-1971 attached to CCC. Planed to die in Cal. Two years ago could take it no longer. Sold the home packed up and moved to Georgia. Heat, bugs,thunder reminds me a lot of Vietnam, but it is still better than liberal land!


Subtract South California coastal area and the San Francisco Bay region and California would be a Red State.


I purchased my first MSR when I turned 18. Forty years later I still own it. Oh, and by the way, it has killed less people than the Lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy!


When Gavin Newsome is Chairman of the Kalifornia People’s Republic you all will be yearning for the days when Jerry Brown did not stomp on all of your rights. There is no hope. If you are in Kalifornia and you care about liberty you need to vote with your feet. Conservatives and libertarians are welcomed with open arms in the surrounding free states. If you are a leftist, stay in place and live with the consequences of progressive public policy. Sink on the ship you sail.

Clark Kent

Run, do not walk, away from California.