Firearms Policy Coalition Statement Following Thousand Oaks Shooting

Firearms Policy Coalition Statement Following Thousand Oaks Shooting
Firearms Policy Coalition Statement Following Thousand Oaks Shooting

SACRAMENTO, CA-( Last night, a man carried out a horrific attack on our American brothers and sisters in Thousand Oaks, California. Today, we grieve for those lives lost. Today, we thank Ventura Sheriff’s Sgt. Ron Helus for his ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. And today, we encourage all people to become informed about defensive tactics, weapons, and their use so that – when necessary – you are capable of employing just force – even deadly force – to oppose those evils that would cause innocent people to be hurt or killed.

The State of California has some of the harshest gun control laws in the United States. But, as history teaches, violence does not respect government authority. Those who would perpetrate violence do not respect human life. And the government is not a divine entity capable of shielding you from danger and our flawed human condition. It is not a shield against bad acts. The government has no duty to protect you, and you are your own first responder.

Once more we see the devastating effects of the illusion of safety that gun control laws and policies are founded upon. Once more we see that people intent on causing death, injury, and chaos ignore the thousands of federal, state, and local criminal laws that criminalize conduct including murder, terrorism, and assault. Once more news outlets show us proof that evil and insane people will find a way to hurt or kill the innocent until they voluntarily end their attack, commit suicide, or are stopped by a courageous person willing to sacrifice themselves to save others – most likely one who is armed.

Gun control proponents like Gavin Newsom, California’s incoming governor, are irrationally committed to passing more and more laws that just do not prevent violent people from doing evil things. Indeed, he and other anti-gun advocates are the embodiment of insanity, doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results. They make innocent people more and more defenseless and then feign shock when their policies result in predictable and tragic outcomes.

Under Governor Newsom, we expect that Californians will be put in grave danger through further restrictions on the human right of self-defense. By promoting and adding new restrictions to the states already-Byzantine gun control laws, Newsom and the legislature will ensure that everyone except the rich and politically connected – those who have the means to heavily-armed government or private security personnel – will be vulnerable, defenseless targets.

But, as we have said before, our fundamental rights do not come from the government, the people, or even the Constitution itself. Our right to keep and bear arms exist with or without official legal recognition of it, with or without judicial enforcement of it, and with or without a desire for them to be exercised or respected.

Firearms Policy Coalition will continue working in executive offices, in legislatures, in the courts, and in the public to restore America’s lost Constitution. FPC will continue fighting for fundamental rights so that we, our members and supporters, and everyone may defend themselves against unjust force, wherever it may come from. And we will continue to defend and advance individual liberty – especially the People’s human right to keep and bear arms for all lawful purposes – so that they have the opportunity and means to #ShootBack if and when necessary to end a violent attack.

About Firearms Policy CoalitionFirearms Policy Coalition

Firearms Policy Coalition ( is a 501(c)4 grassroots nonprofit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

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    1. @Mott; Your right my SP101 has yet to load itself and do me or anybody else in, I guess it’s poor training, but you are right about the nut that pulls the trigger!!! I remember going to the dump with my cousin years ago and going across town to do it and nobody even thought it was odd! The really bad part about kids today is a large part of video games, they destroy bodies on the games, they turn them off, then they turn it back on and all the people come back to life to do it all over again, but that doesn’t happen in the real world!!!!

    2. So true, The GUN is just a tool (although all here already know that) and can not do ANYTHING on it’s own.
      Until the one’s making the rule’s we will continue to beat a dead horse. It is the NUT on the trigger that is
      the problem, And until they come to “See the light” we will be in for an up hill battle. I have a shot gun next
      to my bed, It has yet to load it’s self and shoot me or anyone in the house. Work on getting the nuts off
      the streets will go a LONG way.

    3. @circle8; I never went to college, but I have 2 sons, one, oldest spent 15 years in the Army, younger one did put himself through college, didn’t ask me a dime, which makes me very proud of him, he got the education that he wanted and made his choices, but my oldest and I have both expressed the thought of stretching his neck because of his ridiculous liberalist ideas, called mush-brain!!!!!! Oops!!!!!!!!!! He is still my son and I can only hope I have time to change that.

    4. I want to know when the policies of Saul Alinsky became the law of our land. I was raised when we were free and could enjoy life. I was a GI Brat (military family), moved a lot and have seen every state in America (lived in more than half) plus many other countries, some free and some not so free. Never I repeat NEVER was I prevented by the authorities from enjoying childhood in any town/state that we were in. I joined the military when I graduated high school-age 17- and spent years gaining life experience, education and living in a free society. When I returned to civilian life the country had changed. When I went to college it was not fun or enjoyable. The other students, instructors, staff and politicians despised America and said so loud and clear. Our beliefs had changed and we have been fighting a communist/socialist takeover ever since. I have been to country’s that are an example of where we are headed and they are not free like living in America. I remember when politicians agreed to disagree and made decisions for the good of the country Now we have politicians making statements and taking actions designed to ruin our country and kill those who disagree with THEIR thinking. America had better get off their a$$ and turn this nation around or some weak country will walk right in and take over.

      1. Well put! And I agree 100%! I lived in the country and was nothing to ask Dad to take the .22 and ride my
        bike MILES to shoot it. NO one called the cops and we did not hurt anything (other than some frogs) We were RAISE to know better, Unlike today’s youth.

    5. This country is in a mell of a hess and it gets worse all the time. The virus that is liberalism is spreading with no treatment to stop it. There were a record number of hispanics and moslems elected to congress this midterm. These people are not Americans, they do not understand our laws and know nothing about our Constitution or how it was formed. They just want to make this country the way the country was that they left, or do it like their ancestors did. Why the hell didn’t they stay where they were and continue destroying that country instead of ours. I may sound like an isolationist but I think we were doing well without outside influence.

    6. The philosopher George Santayana said that “Those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it”, and as a society, we seem have a general collective amnesia when it comes to this reality. The Prohibition Era (1920-1933), and various historical efforts combating illegal drugs should aptly demonstrate that human behavior cannot always successfully be modified with mere legislation. As humans with free will, we all make choices, and obviously there’s a certain small subset of our population that makes poor choices, with an even smaller (thankfully) subset that make some truly heinous choices.

      Reactionary laws, however well-intentioned, will not prevent those with such evil intent from sometimes successfully inflicting it on the rest of us. Until someone can invent a device that will detect a person’s evil intent with 100% accuracy so that preventative action can be taken, we’re all left with the task of “cleaning up” the occasional tragedies afterwards and trying to do what we can to prevent new ones. Although we shouldn’t be comfortable tolerating mass shooting as the new “normal”, it must be concurrently be accepted that the various freedoms we enjoy as a society contribute to making shootings possible. This aspect is nothing new—life in an open society has always presented those risks—but it’s undeniable that more perpetrators are availing themselves of the opportunities. Why?

      As far as prevention goes, it is the epitome of over-simplistic reasoning to conclude that banning certain types of firearms, magazine sizes, or even all firearms outright will somehow “solve” the problems, yet that seems to always be the proposed go-to solution, since it’s so much easier and seemingly do-able than expecting people to be 100% non-evil. Making certain things illegal will do absolutely zero to prevent all tragedies, since perpetrators of evil are by definition criminals that are committing illegal acts. With murder being at the top of the crime hierarchy, an evil-doer with that malicious intent isn’t going to let a “lesser” law like a gun ban, or any other law, deter them. Criminals. Don’t. Obey. Laws.

      Equally delusional is the fantastical notion that were all (or some) of the 393 million weapons in the country somehow be banned, that all 100% of the now-banned guns would be surrendered. To be sure, some would be, but only by the law-abiding citizens. That leaves the rest in illegal hands, with the law-abiding folks now devoid of personal protection from those who have retained their weapons illegally. Lost in the discussion are a person’s right to self-defense and the 2nd Amendment, including Heller.

      To be certain, gun violence victims and their kin have rights too, including the right to life, which the evil-doer has illegally taken. Despite the completely understandable and justifiable emotionalism associated with their losses, that emotionalism doesn’t negate the validity of any of the previously made points. The mother of a victim appearing on TV and saying they want all guns banned doesn’t necessarily make it an accomplishable goal. The un-surrendered guns would still exist, and not magically turn into dust.

      It’s critical to realize that here is only so much that government realistically can “do” to address the issue of gun violence. As we saw with Prohibition and the drug war, alcohol and drugs still existed despite applicable laws, due to supply-and-demand. Like it or not, guns will always exist to some extent. They have legitimate uses for self-protection, target shooting, and hunting, irrespective of whether some, or even a majority of the population chooses not to use them for these purposes. Expecting the “demand” to disappear due to the passing of new laws is about as futile as expecting the government being able to successfully convince all people not to use abuse alcohol or use illegal drugs due to the laws enacted. The last roughly 100 years of American history should clearly demonstrate that a human’s moral choices and behaviors are not absolutely controllable.

      Much, if not most of the above is unlikely to be seriously discussed or considered due to the arbitrary “labeling” and other artificial constraints various factions get tagged with. For example, with respect to abortion, the opposite of “anti-abortion” is not pro-abortion, any more than “pro-choice” equals “mandatory abortion.” Likewise, a pro-gun position doesn’t mean one supports their inappropriate uses, including the slaughter of school children and other innocents, yet that’s the way it’s often mistakenly interpreted. That includes you as well, media.

      Gun violence has often been labeled as a public health crisis, as well as a gun control problem, and to be sure, the medical community and others can look upon them as such. Considering that a firearm is an inanimate object that does not independently shoot at anything on its own accord, I think it’s much more accurate as far as causation to describe gun violence as public mental health crisis, and our government’s and society’s failure to approach it as such with the appropriate resources virtually guarantees the continuation of the basic problem, and yet more victims in the future. It’s long past overdue to direct some critical thinking skills to the problem, and not let raw emotionalism (however appropriate in some cases) control our actions.

      As Walt Kelly’s Pogo once opined, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

    7. The gun control virus is spreading everywhere that Progressives have a grip on power and it keeps mutating into different forms.
      Look at what Washington State just passed Tuesday. Restrictions on all semi-auto rifles, even the Fudd ones.

      1. Yuppers. Tuesday I did not own one “semi automatic assault rifle”. Now its Friday, and without spending a dime or even leaving the house, I now own at least a dozen.

        Because some corrupt Washington Supreme COurt “justices” refused to uphold Washington’s Constitution, as their oaths of office they swore they would do, and did NOT prevent this illegal unconsitutioinal gravely flawed initiative from coming before the voters.

        And four “justices’ sought reelection to that august “club” and were unopposed on the ballot.


    8. Anti gunners, and some misinformed people, they are making the general public defenseless to predators. That is what their restrictive laws accomplish such as Gun free zones, and of course, no personal protection allowed. It’s similar to creating gun control regulations and restrictions for our military personnel at risk of attack. Would you disarm them or create complications (gun free zones etc.) for their self defense when you know there are possible attackers around?

    9. @ PhilinTx; Right about P C and the thought about Common Sense back in government is a lost cause, that has been gone for years, why do you think they are going for more gun control and the second amendment?

    10. On tv people saying we need more gun control. What law do they think would have stopped this maniac? It’s the same thing they saud after the Columbine shooting. The pro gun groups said the 2 guys broke something like 40 to 50 laws! So the politicians say add more laws! What law will stop maniacs? A 100 laws? I’ve read that there now over 2 million city,county,state and federal laws on the books! None of them stopped them from doing terrible things but the politician’s want to add more restrictive gun laws! England banned guns now only criminal have them and now knife crimeshave skyrocketed. So now they want to ban points on knives and ban anyone from carrying one in their pants pocket.the politicians want to ban guns even if it only stops one suicide and theres been talk of politicians wanting to put Lithium and Prozac in drinking water to stop suicides!

    11. Washington is going the same way, time to leave, they gutted the mental health system here, they just put more restrictions on the police here, I’m glad I’m retired.. Too many California elite progressive moved here to my county. They are nasty,

    12. I’m OUT ! … I saw it coming and I packed up and moved ( not far enough ) …… and I loved Southern California as a young person… Sacramento is now FULL of MORONS and it will just get worse… GOOD LUCK to those that have to stay but let me tell you if you just pack up and get out you’ll feel free again, … and pick up a new AR-!5 and a High Cap. Magazine and blast away as a free person….. yes……….. FREE AT LAST !

    13. “ An armed society is a polite society manners are good when one may have to back up his actions with his life.l
      Robert A. Heinlein fro: Beyond This Horizon 1942

    14. Let me know when they have some sort of legislation that will cure homicidal maniacs. Until then, knock it off with the gun control laws CA. You have plenty and they have all been shown to be ineffective there as they are world wide.

      1. The California Dems/libs have the blood of these murders on THEIR hands, seems that NOT ONE person was legally armed in the place that “could” have stopped it after the first shot ! These gun control ASSHOLES have placed an unprotected plate out for the wolves, and everyone (but Dems/libs) know, the wolves as seen in the past/present, go for a safest place to dine. They immediately do the LETS MAKE MORE USELESS LAWS BULLSHIT !!!! the shooter was a KNOWN “problem” and no one did shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!! A California shrink said, naaaa, he’s fine. Probably didn’t want to hurt his feelings, you know they wanted to be POLITICALLY CORRECT, it’s a California thing.
        Yeah, this is 100% on California !

    15. I still think California should secede from the United States , and take all the pansy lib-tard drug addled weirdos along for the ride. Let’s see if they can survive without U.S. citizen’s tax money. They are the world’s seventh largest economy on their own, right? Go for it, California!

      1. Naah. Let’s kick them out! Whether they want to go or not!
        I know that’ll never happen, but maybe, just maybe, someone there will wake up and start putting some common sense back into their government.

        Phil in TX

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