MO: Hero with Gun Saves Police Officer, Receives Award


Jerry Pendergrass is a conceal carry owner who turned citizen cop in a life or death situation. Springfield police and the Missouri Police Chiefs Association awarded Pendergrass the President's Citizen Award.
Jerry Pendergrass is a concealed carry owner who turned citizen cop in a life or death situation. Springfield police and the Missouri Police Chiefs Association awarded Pendergrass the President’s Citizen Award.

Arizona -( -On 4 June 2018, Springfield police officers engaged in a gunfight with Joshua S. Stanford. Stanford was being pursued in a suspected package theft. He shot at police, and the cops shot back. From

That’s when police say the suspect produced a handgun and fired at officers.

The officers were not hit.

An officer caught up to Stanford in an alley behind 2109 N. Fort Ave. The release says Stanford “presented a threat with the firearm and refused to comply with verbal commands from the officer” and the officer shot Stanford.

Police have not yet released the name of the officer involved.

Note the address, 2109 N. Fort Avenue. Not noted at the time, was that a black man with a concealed carry permit, risked his life to aid a police officer in the middle of a gunfight when the officer’s firearm had jammed.

Jerry Pendergrass had a concealed carry permit. Jerry’s address was at 2115 N. Fort Avenue.  He had a firearm. A gunfight had started not far from his house. We do not know what Jerry saw before he intervened.

One officer, Andy Zinke, had just shot the suspect. Jerry was there to back him up when Zinke’s gun jammed. When the wounded suspect brought his weapon to bear on Zinke and Penergrass, they both shot the suspect. From

“That guy sat back up on his knees and looked directly at me and that’s when I was telling him hey stop, hey stop– you can live. I mean it doesn’t have to end here. You can live,” Pendergrass yelled. “There is an ambulance in front of the house that can get you help right now. He looked at me, looked at his gun and I said, “no don’t look at the gun.” With me saying that, Zinke was able to stop moving around and bring his attention back and it was at the same time that he brought his attention back that we both ended up– the man reached for the gun and we shot him.”

The major media loves to trumpet examples of black men shot by police. When there is an example of armed black men saving a policeman, with a gun, and when the Police Chiefs’ Association gives our fellow man an award for it, there is little coverage.


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A Springfield man was recently given one of the top honors in the state from law enforcement. Jerry Pendergrass is a concealed carry owner who turned citizen cop in a life or death situation. Springfield police and the Missouri Police Chiefs Association awarded Pendergrass the President’s Citizen Award.

His quick action helped save an officer potentially from getting shot.

The incident happened on June 4, 2018. That night was life ending for one man and life changing for several others.

“That probably actually happened in ten seconds,” explained Pendergrass. Those ten seconds play over and over again for Pendergrass

There used to be a definition of news, an aphorism, or shorthand, that is attributed to several sources about 1900. It is:

“If a dog bites a man,” said Dana, “that is not news. If a man bites a dog, that is news.”

According to the Media, a black man who uses a gun to save a police officer, and then is given an award for it by the state Association of Chiefs of Police, is a classic “man bites dog” story. It is very rare, unusual, and, therefore, newsworthy. Where is the AP headline of this fascinating item?

Nowhere to be found. Why? I will leave that as an exercise for the reader.

Getting involved in a gunfight is a dangerous activity for anyone. Either side or both, may consider you a threat and target you. Armed citizens are sometimes mistakenly shot by police. If you go to the aid of a police officer, first attempt to understand what is happening. Take care in what you do.

Aiding a single officer is less dangerous than multiple officers. Almost all successful examples of armed citizens assisting police are where the citizen comes to the aid of a single officer who is under attack. Armed citizens still come to the assistance of the police. Police and armed citizens are natural allies. When the cops trust citizens, and citizens trust the police, crime rates fall too low levels. A significant number of armed citizens have saved police officers. Those saves become national news in police circles.

If the national media weren’t biased and politically driven in favor of “progressive disarmament,” these stories would be national news for everyone.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Where did McNair go? He didn’t finish correcting everyone. Maybe had a night class?


McNair you are the prime example of an idiot..


Dean writes interesting articles and I can overlook any slight discrepancy in spelling or punctuation. We sure have a lot of new spelling Nazis all of a sudden. Maybe they need to go back to sleep for another year. Where is Clark Kent this just like his irrelevant posts.

Tim Brown

As an editor, it’s pretty expensive. These are blogs. People are here for the info, not the grammar:)

John McNair

Credibility is mute with bad grammar! No one wants to read what the ignorant have to say…


If you’re going to criticize someone’s grammar, you might choose your words more carefully. Perhaps you intended to use the word: moot, rather than mute?

John McNair

I used an old saying I learned in 1968 from a Journalism class I attended.. It means when someone sees how poor your grammar is they will stand quietly by and let you look foolish..Moot means irrelevant. I think James Joyce is responsible for coining it. Perhaps you should attend such a class so you don’t seem to be in the dark.

Edward Weber

You sir are the one showing your ignorance. Language, both written and spoken, is meant to convey a message or thought. As long as that is accomplished, it is successful. In addition to that, there is a saying by, I believe, Will Rodgers,,,”we are all ignorant, just in different subjects.”

E. Bryan Hoover

Good story.

I do not believe their is going to be any retaliation.

The gentlemen tried to save both men.

The criminal choose to shoot it out when doing so was suicide.

Bill N.

OK, now someone explain to me the reason to publish the mans home address? I feel that Ammoland just put a bullseye on Jerry’s back. Now as far as the typos, it’s not the authors fault, it’s who ever types it onto this site. Proofreading failure. Just overlook it, that’s all, so simple. These folks have so much to do and so little time to do it. Just sayin’.

Dan Mossien

I am a proofreading fanatic. Grammar and spelling have gone by the wayside. Young adults can barely write legibly and cursive is no longer even taught. Everything I read in print is loaded with errors. What is the expense of proofing? I guess too much these days when very few even notice. A very nice article and mine wasn’t in upper case.

John McNair

If the guy had been white he’d been prosecuted for interfering. The police wanted to use this black guy as an example to other blacks that they too should help the police. The real travesty here is that the police took a life over a package. The public doesn’t pay the police to be a judge and executioner. Where is the bodycam footage? Did the supposed thief really have a gun? These are all questions that should be asked. The police have been trained to kill first and ask questions later…and over the most menial circumstances like porch pirating and… Read more »

Clifford Uhl

you are a prime example of dam if you do dam if you don’t

John McNair

It’s Damned if you do; Damned if you don’t…Dam is something you stop a river with…


Pot meet kettle. Sorry Charlie but you confused two homonyms. Mute, moot. Mute means silent, saying nothing. , as in “he stood there mute (saying nothing)” Moot means of no consequence, ineffective. as in “a law not consistent with the Constitution is null, void, of no effect, moot”. Ya gonna kibbitz, make sure you do it well. Personally, I don’t give a rip if articles on here are well written and contain perfect grammar and spelling throughout. I read for CONTENT and this piece has lots of GOOD content. Style won’t buy you a decent cup of coffee in most… Read more »

John McNair

I’ve read about people such as you, credibility is not as important as the tale being told. Should I use tail instead? When poor grammar is used then the tale is without voice…not necessarily without consequence. Mute is correct…


Didjya READ the cotnent in spite of the lousey grammar/spelling? It says the man was being persude over a suspected package theft. You don’t want the coppers to chase down a guy stealing packages from YOUR front protch? Seems that would be part of their job description, right? Prevent crime theft) and ctch those who commit them? Had the guy stopped his flight and let the coppers catch him and deal with him, he’d maybe have been given the ride downtown and booked for his susptecte theft. But no, he had to put it ALL on the line and bring… Read more »

Phil in TX

When a suspect pulls a gun on a police officer and points it at him, the officer has every right to protect himself. Shooting an armed suspect that has refused orders to “drop the gun” is well within the law and an officer’s right to protect himself, and others if they are threatened. If you will go back and reread the story, the suspect had already engaged officers in a gunfight. At that point it becomes the officer’s duty to protect innocent bystanders from harm, thus invoking his right to shoot the goblin.


Dean, who proof reads and edits your articles for publication?


Troll, looks like you’re volunteering.


Scott, you must have mis-understood my comment to Dean. It was a simple question. The article has several mis-spells and grammatical errors. I like Dean’s articles and all the information provided by Ammoland shooting sports news.


Scott, agreed. Ammoland articles definitely have a deficiency in proofreading that only gives detractors an excuse.

Joe Hensley

So how do we get these stories to go viral and get the attention they deserve? I can understand Trumps frustration in getting news out past the MSM filter.

Douglas G

SHARE them. If you are on Facebook or tweeter or any of the other buttons above, click on them and be another person spreading this article. Don’t think that someone else already did it, you have to do it too.


Who says the MSM is biased? Stifling news stories not fitting into the liberal agenda is their stock and trade. they have become propaganda merchants as a wing of the democrat party, nothing more.

Carol B Combs



short and sweet:”