New ‘Bipartisan’ Gun Grab Built on Lies

Rep. MikeThompson gets the ball rolling on imposing California-style citizen disarmament on the rest of the Republic as Gabby Giffords, Shannon Watts and Nancy Pelosi look on approvingly. (Congressman Mike Thompson/Facebook photo)

U.S.A. – -( “The introduction of the bipartisan background checks bill in the House today marks a critical first step toward strengthening America’s gun laws and making our country a better place to live, work, study, worship and play,” Gabby Giffords claimed in a Tuesday press release. That brief statement holds two lies and a true threat that exposes another lie.

The first lie is that this latest assault on “shall not be infringed” is any kind of “first step.” NFA ’34, GCA ’68, FOPA ’86. The Brady Act, the Clinton gun ban, the Bush import ban, and thousands of state and municipal diktats later, and the gun-grabbers are still parroting old talking points like this one from 45 years ago:

“We’re going to have to take one step at a time, and the first step is necessarily — given the political realities — going to be very modest. . . . [W]e’ll have to start working again to strengthen that law, and then again to strengthen the next law, and maybe again and again. Right now, though, we’d be satisfied not with half a loaf but with a slice. Our ultimate goal — total control of handguns in the United States — is going to take time. . . . The first problem is to slow down the number of handguns being produced and sold in this country. The second problem is to get handguns registered. The final problem is to make possession of all handguns and all handgun ammunition-except for the military, police, licensed security guards, licensed sporting clubs, and licensed gun collectors-totally illegal.”

Gabby’s second lie is that such checks will somehow make things “better.” No less an authority than the National Institute of Justice admitted in its “Summary of Select Firearm Violence Prevention Strategies”:

Effectiveness depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring gun registration…

And that effectiveness would only apply to the “law-abiding,” of course.

Gabby then makes a true threat that exposes another lie: Yes, the gun-grabbers will never be satisfied until they control all guns, something Nancy Pelosi admitted when she inadvertently contradicted another old lie by advocating for a “slippery slope.” That’s something the antis had previously ridiculed as “gun lobby” paranoia.

So it’s hardly a surprise that the bill itself, starting with its purpose, is a lie:

The purpose of this Act is to utilize the current background checks process in the United States to ensure individuals prohibited from gun possession are not able to obtain firearms.

That’s an impossibility and they know it, as evidenced by Baltimore, Chicago, etc.  The very people causing most of the problems won’t be affected. How can a party running interference to allow (ensure) millions of illegal aliens to disperse throughout the country even pretend to be able to shut down a black market that will only grow more lethal under “progressive” rule?

Besides which, many of the acts of violence the “commonsense gun safety advocates” (another lie) exploit happened in spite of “background checks,” sometimes because signals had been ignored and others because information already obtained was withheld, first from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, and then from a Freedom of information Act request that required a lawsuit to obtain compliance.

Then there’s the title of the bill, another lie, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, When used in this sense, “bipartisan” means:

specifically : marked by or involving cooperation, agreement, and compromise between two major political parties

A handful of rogue political opportunists does not a party make. In this case, Republicans who betrayed their oaths of office, Peter King, Brian K. Fitzpatrick, Brian J. Mast, Fred Upton and Christopher H. Smith, need to not only be known, but retired. The GOP needs to understand that it will need to provide better choices to gun owners if it expects to win a district. It won’t take too many losses for them to get the message and by not turning out the turncoats, there is no incentive to change. Doing otherwise is what has led us to this mess.

For now, the bill has been referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary. Expect to see great media fanfare as it advances through the stages to a floor vote, and then hold the Republican-controlled Senate’s feet to the fire.

And in the meantime, consider the greatest lie of all—that this is about “background checks.”

It’s not. It’s about ending private sales so government can identify gun owners and what they have. It’s about setting the stage to take advantage of new edicts, like that idiot Marco Rubio’s proposed “red flag” bill, to enable and abet future confiscations. Ditto for if they ever get that other “first step” passed, another “assault weapon” ban, they won’t need to guess who’s not complying, like they’ll currently have to with “bump stocks.”

Here’s how you can prove that’s the goal for yourself—if all Pelosi & Co. wanted was to make sure transfers were cleared and “prohibited persons” weren’t getting guns (through the system), they’d be proposing a system like BIDS, the Blind Identification Database System, which would green light a “good” transfer but then leave no record of who bought what. That proposal has been around for years, but the rice bowl gun groups appear to be vested in the status quo.

True, BIDS would still be a form of prior restraint “gun control,” so I would still oppose it. But inarguably, it would serve the same purpose as “universal” NICS without the danger of creating records that could later be compiled into a registration tool (and you know the Democrats will be going after that prohibition in the next round of budget negotiations).

As with all such schemes, the criminals and the terrorists won’t be slowed down one bit. And since we’re talking about chronic and habitual liars, I find a memorable scene from the classic Witness for the Prosecution strangely appropriate.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regular featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Mike Schwartz

While many would like to think this will incite folks to a civil war, and there will be mass disobedience if enacted, history shows that the people may protest but will go along to get along. I am a Benefactor Life member of NRA and I will tell you to join GOA instead. NRA has decided to try to extend its already outdated existence by endorsing bits and pieces of gun legislation. The real test is who stands up and yells NO loudly. NRA went along with all the anti 2A laws and court decisions, with a couple of unplanned… Read more »

Joshua Jennings

The only way to defeat this crap is to get behind the only organization that can sit at the bargaining table. Join the NRA today.

Ohio threeper

NRA are nothing but back stabbed. Join Guns od America

Mike 88

Anyone with an unregistered gun may want to keep it that way, Better to be judged by twelve then carried by six.


recall/sue/vote-out the anti-2a commie d-suckers & carpet-munchers…ask them if they’d like to try some face-to-face confiscation

Gary watson

They won’t. People masking these laws are the biggest cowards. Even if something like that would pass, I can tell you personally, I don’t know of one cop that would go try to collect any guns.


I thought we already had “universal background checks”. When I went to Cabela’s recently and bought my very first handgun (very first gun), they ran a background check on me before I could have it. It only took about 30 minutes, and what they checked, I don’t know. How is a “universal” check different from what I had to have? Thanks.

Robert Messmer

The difference is that with what they are proclaiming to be “Universal Background Checks” if you wanted to give your son a gun, you would have to go to a FFL, have a background check run on your son (paying a fee to the FFL, of course) and then transfer the gun to him, assuming he passed of course. When you die and wish to leave your favorite hunting rifle to your grandson, before you could do so he too would have to pass a background check.

Joseph kiesznoski

That will be the day.


There’s a book titled Unintended Consequences. Read it.

Roy D.

A good book but a bit of a slog. It would have been better if a lot of the verbiage had been left out. Much like Tom Clancy’s works.


the people signing this have allowed/continue to allow millions to be killed across this planet with weapons purchased with our money, wielded by our children and done so in places that have done us nothing. after this, i am supposed to believe they are credible in anything they say, or do.

i have not, do not now and never will accord those people credibility, trust, or respect.

divide this nation. it is better to lose half than to lose. those featured will ‘lead’ us over the cliff, into the abyss, as they laugh and wave us goodbye.


sorry, but ‘it is better to lose half than to lose ALL…’ should have been.

Roy D.

After watching the video of “Good Old Joe” fondling all those little girls it’s good to see a photo showing he can do something else with his hands.


What’s that ? Beat off ?


Another good article from David. He keeps us informed of the nonsense going on in our government. Before she was shot and her brains scrambled she spoke pro gun and after they started this campaign against guns her hubby, Kelly, bought himself an AR. Something doesn’t add up here. Rubio IS the product of Cuban immigrants that came here for a better life. NOW he is trying to make laws to set us back to where Cuba was when they left. I resent someone coming here from a 3d world and trying to tell us what to do and how… Read more »


Before she was shot, she was running for office in Arizona, and if she didn’t speak pro gun she was a sure loser. Now that she’s not running for office, she’s free to lie about things other than that.

And no, Mark Kelly did not buy himself an AR. He ATTEMPTED two times to buy himself an AR — “to show how easy that is” — and was rejected both times. So he’s 0 for 3 (4 if you count Gabby).

Concerned Citizen

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Mark Kelly an astronaut?? How is it he couldn’t pass a background check!!

Geary Mcdevitt

Like all other out of touch gun grabbers, he was trying to get someone to sell him one without a check, fail.
They all fail when it comes to proving their side.


The next time you encounter a police officer ask him, or her if; When it comes done to it , will you honor your oath to uphold the constitution or will you side with the government?
The sad part is that when its started, and their corroboration is no longer needed, these collaborators will be in the same boat with the rest of us.
Being I’m in my mid sixties, I’m thankful that I may not see what’s gonna happen to this country.


Actually in a lot of places, police officers are specifically excluded from these laws, even retired cops. Look at New Jersey’s recent magazine ban and you’ll see.

The Revelator


You realize that that was written in as an after thought right? Public outcry mocking them and the absolute lack of wiggle room if it went to trial are what made them make those allowances.

What Hoss is asking is for those who are supposed to uphold our laws, you know the constitution, to state whether they will be honor bound, or if they will devolve into a gestapo like agency working for the Government to suppress the people that our Government labels a threat. Hoss made a good point.

Greg K

You’re correct! All Tyrannical Dictators follow this very line of action. Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Hussein all marched their inner circle leaders to their deaths. The reason? So simple it’s hard; These are the same people who organized the masses to support them in the first place. They are the same people who could organize against the disenfranchised leadership in the future.

dava golino

when are people going to understand this is a foreign agenda. it is the EU. THEY HAVE DONE THIS ALL OF THE THE WORLD. THE political party in the USA does not matter, those who do not support the constitution are sold out to this Agenda. In the USA this agenda is soft sold by the UN, which is the Universal Background check Data collection center. It is the start point for disarming this country, as they have done in all the other nations. this is being forced on countries the same as as the open border, insane multi cultural,… Read more »


The swamp wants our guns so they can continue to rule by elites and donor masters

If we have guns and revolt against both parties lack of serving the people, instead of special interest donor masters, and blatant violation of the Constitution, we are powerless

Exactly what Hitler, Stalin , Mao all the man god governments who imprisioned their citizenry

Not me


Hell no! Article VI them!

Charles Moore

. . . . Sections 1 and 2: The provision for National Reciprocity (along with the “applies EVERYWHERE” Second Amendment) that is ALREADY in force and being ignored by the people that think that THEY are OUR masters. Sorry, Congress Critters and state/local “law makers:” it’s absolutely, positively the other way around!

Charles Moore

Sorry, I meant to specify Article IV, Sections 1 and 2.

Paul Saar

CM – IT WILL TAKE a strong willed devil may care person to resist those attempting to confiscate weapons. The 2nd gives the rights and the individual is the one to enforce the law ultimately! Mine will be with my DEATH for the Bill of Rights is for ALL citizens not just police & military. If it takes the loss of life to bring a conclusion to gun grabs SO BE IT! Those of Government believe the people are the servants and they the masters. THE constitution says its the other way around!!! I live in the socialist state of… Read more »

dava golino

when are people going to understand this is a foreign agenda. it is the EU. THEY HAVE DONE THIS ALL OF THE THE WORLD. THE political party in the USA does not matter, those who do not support the constitution are sold out to this Agenda. In the USA this agenda is soft sold by the UN, which is the Universal Background check Data collection center. It is the start point for disarming this country, as they have done in all the other nations. this is being forced on countries the same as as the open border, insane multi cultural,… Read more »


The kinyun had his minion sigh the UN Arms Trade Treasy, but it was never ratified by our government this it is not in force here. So the UN are simply finding a work-about to side step our nation’s refusal to get on board with that egenda.

We could hope Trump wakes up to the fact this is happening, and yanks us out of the UN, a fully corrupt entity that is robbbing us blind and working toward subjugating us.


“It’s about ending private sales so government can identify gun owners and what they have.” H someone apparently doesn’t understand how 4473s work and how the govt has no clue what you have when you do a nics check as they are never told, and 4473s don’t leave the shop. Wump wump.

Phil in TX

But the 4773’s MUST be retained by the FFL dealer until and when the dealer dies or goes out of business. Then the 4773’s are collected by tha ATF and THEN they are subject to being added to whatever database there is. Of course, the ATF can “inspect” a dealer’s records any time they so choose, and that leaves us all wide open since there will be nobody to restrain the ATF from “gathering information” from those records. That that practice is illegal won’t matter one whit to a “federal agent” will be immaterial.

Phil in TX

Phil in TX

WOW. I really need to proofread. That last sentence is really disjointed. Please excuse me for that.

Phil in TX

Bill in ILL

No, Alan, apparently YOU do not know how this nefarious system works. I was once as naive as you are, until my dad came to live with us back in 1996. He was ornery when he had his drink on, and eventually my wife called the police for his domestic violence. Surprise, surprise, they had a list of all the guns both my father and I had purchased legally from a gun store. There is a registry, you simply choose to believe their lies. So, keep believing the BS and tell yourself how much you love your “benevolent” masters,


That was a shady FFL then. I’m sure that a few do. However, it’s the odd one that does.


They have a way to track how many guns you have via NICs phone checks. I think they may also have access to serials. Unless of course you make your own firearms.. Years ago when I entered government service they asked me why I had a specific amount of firearms, and what I needed them for. I didn’t even know I had that many firearms at the time (mostly inherited) , I had not counted them: they were sitting in my gun cabinet at home? Point is they are already too damn invasive and it’s unconstitutional. If you enter into… Read more »

Paul Saar

WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE and am waiting for the day that I’m challenged by police for carrying for I will sue the pants off the officer judge prosecutor appellet judge whatever because ALL these gun laws are bogus for they fly in the face of the constitution. WHY is it THEY don’t comprehend Shall not be infringed!

Charles Moore

Form 4473s DO leave the licensed premises, along with the inventory log books that contain nearly all of the information on the 4473, when the dealer or local store goes out of business. Also, don’t forget that the ATF is well known for abuses; any search of records, on the licensed premises OR surrendered to their records “warehouse,” are supposed to be only available for a TARGETED search for a particular firearm or individual. They have a habit of taking the rest of the pie when they are told that they can only have a small piece.


Proof? REAL proof, with sources and specific time frames and outcomes.


If that was the case then we would never have any idea on how to track a legally purchased gun back to the shop where it was purchased. Besides, Obama and Clapper and the media all swore up and down that the nsa was not doing mass spying on the American public. We now know thanks to snowden that is a lie, and that Dem hero admiral clapper lied to congress about it. Many gun store owners have reported atf agents making copies of their records. Who is going to stop them? They don’t even turn over records during congressional… Read more »


4473 and NICS are not how the original purchaser at retail can be traced. Makers mus keep records of what they make, one set of information, then to what distributor (wholesaler) each gun was shipped to. Then those distributores must keep a record of which retail shop receioved tht gun. And those retail sellers, a smentioned above, keep their Record Book for at least 20 years…… SO… Gun 1234 is made, shipped to wholesaler, then some retailer, who sells it at retail to the first private owner. IF found and there is cause to trace it, the serial number is… Read more »

Mike Schwartz

A great read on how it happens. In Texas, every LTC/CHL holder is tied to a drivers license and tied to the license plate of the vehicle they own/lease. The crosscheck is the NICS or the ATF database. And before you scream that’s illegal, they are the government, they do what they want. Several FFLs here have had their books audited where the ATF copied names, addresses, guns and serial numbers into a notebook from the FFL’s. Those went into an ATF database. And why didn’t the FFLs object? Who knows. One I talked with said the agents promised to… Read more »


If you believe that, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Every database is hackable, and there are money hungry insiders who will put that info on a thumb drive and sell it to the highest bidder. You must have just been born in the turnip patch. When you get a safety deposit box in a bank, do you really believe the BS about you having the only keys ?


If YOU don’t vote in EVERY election, eventually THEY will ‘win’; and YOU will wonder ‘what happened’; take a look at the comments from the poor souls in Venezuela about ‘we never thot we would need guns to protect us from the government, but now we don’t have them”…..


Sad, sad, part of why we are where we are in this country today: FAILURE to exercise that, not just important, CRITICAL ‘right’ to vote! Less than 50% of voting age people vote in America. Guess where the largest voting blocs exist, ALL your metropolitan cities, inhabited by the radical Left! All you need look at is CA – decimated by two voting blocs, LA and SF. Chicago is a genocidal mess. Our talking wags continue to state that “Americans are NOT stupid.” Maybe NOT ALL Americans; however, that vaunted, esteemed, educated, evolved “Electorate,” which is NONE of those flowery… Read more »

Charles Moore

We need a national Electoral College system for the states: ONE electoral vote per county.

Joseph P Martin



I just said this exact same thing the other day too. About 15 out of 87 counties just elected Dim Walz our lefty gov. up here in Minnesota. Sucks to be us.


I like that you listed a number of anti gun Republican RINO’s.
Here in Florida, Brian Mast was re elected.
He is the veteran who said citizens should not be allowed to have AR 15’s.
He had 2 primary challengers who split the vote.
We need to primary these people out of office!
The Republican Party text gun owners for granted

Ken Windeler

When Ron DeSantis ran for Congress I asked him one question: “Do you support the Second Amendment?” and he actually took the time to call me and reaffirm that he did, and it truly looks like he does. Now he’s Governor, but it looks like in my district he has been replaced by another pro-gun conservative in Congress. I actually liked Rubio and up until now I would have considered him pro-gun. Yes I voted for him, and with reservations voted for Rick Scott, but Bill Nelson was bad news and in spite of his “I support 2A” is a… Read more »

Phil in TX

Unfortunately, here in Texas we have another Rubio. Senator John Cornyn is another RINO that needs to be primaried out. Thank God that Ted Cruz survived his challenge from “Beto” O’Rourke. Ted’s parents also fled Cuba and he seems to understand why we need the 2A.

Phil in TX

Wild Bill

Doc, You are right. The primaries are where everything is won or lost. If the other two could have set aside their egos and joined forces, maybe the already corrupted, party hack candidate could have been defeated.
I have often wondered if these vote splitters and third party candidates aren’t just someone’s shill.


I completely agree with your “shill” comment. I have often thought the same.

The Revelator

Not necessarily Bill. Third parties are held by two different kinds of people. First, there are those who were stomped on and told to get in line but wont. That’s people like me who are constitutionalists, we form 3rd parties because the idiots and traitors take over our own and there are abject morons who will vote them in everytime because they are too stupid to open their eyes. Then there are the crazies. These guys come in after and take over parties if they can’t start their own. It is this second group which has taken over the Libertarian… Read more »


“He had 2 primary challengers who split the vote. We need to primary these people out of office!” Don’t you see the cognitive dissonance of these two statements? He had two primary challengers BECAUSE the local Republican Party rulers put them on the ballot to split the vote against him, ensuring his win. Same thing happened here in Arizona — conservative Kelly Ward was going up against RINO Martha McSally, so the McCain machine convinced unelectable Joe Arpaio to run to split the “patriot/tea party” vote. You CANNOT primary these people out of office without first destroying the influence of… Read more »


FACT……… If a Democrats lips are moving, they ere lying !


ARE lying…


Please. The entire GOP can’t say anything that isn’t a lie. The president keeps lying to his base and you morons suck it up like you need that mango colored dick in your mouth to survive. At least Democrats are doing what they believe (incorrectly or not) is best for the people while the GOP is all about fucking over the country and its citizens. There is a reason the entire world sees Trump supporters and the GOP in general as utter morons.

Bill in ILL

Here we have yet another libtard keeping it “classy”. Nice job Alan!


That’s Libtard ASSHOLE to you! LOL!


You can stop blindly parroting Liberal propaganda and ideology any time, now. I know it’s way too much to expect you to start thinking critically for yourself, though.


Seems like we have another uneducated liberal trolling these sites and spewing his foul mouth for all to see just how ignorant he really is. And if you really believe that Democrats are doing what they believe is best for this country then I believe you really need some medical help.

L.L. Smith

Not medical. Mental.

The Green Watch Dog

Remember Alan that Trump promised our country during his campaign that concealed carry permits should work in every state. The gullible ate this and other of his promises up. What amazes me they continue to follow him like hungry cows after a blizzard in Kansas. His lies are gospel to them

Get Out

Don’t you know, we already have a concealed carry permit that works in every state? It’s called the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Jack Mac

Alan, if “Incorrectly” is good enough for you than you might be a yellow dog democrat not a libtard. Most politicians (all sorts) are self centered just the Democrat Party is dangerously so. We should not care what the world thinks about of us, its self centered also.


The NFA ’34, GCA ’68, FOPA ’86. The Brady Act, the Clinton gun ban, the Bush import ban, thousands of state and municipal diktats, every last one of ‘em were built on lies, AND every one of ‘em unconstitutional.

OUR 1st step best begin with total repeal of the 1934 NFA > or we’re wastin’ what little time’s left …


Sorry to disagree but, IMHO, our 1st step is to be armed and prepared to defend our God-given and Constitutionally secured rights. Those who are unwilling to kill and die to defend their rights, freedoms and property will inevitably and deservedly lose them. After that first step comes participation in every primary and election at every level of “our” governments. Unless and util we’ve climbed that complete bureaucratic chain, your 1st step will never be accomplished but by blood.

Wild Bill

@Riv, Regarding this being prepared part, what is your plan? You can’t mean that we should all wait until LEOs come to our door then make a one time armed defense, resulting in a one to one casualty ratio. So what is your plan? What about secure coms? Resupply? Target list?


I’d certainly never discuss any “plan” as that would be “conspiracy”. I will offer the observation that if every gunowner simply kills the first gestapo member (in whatever garb) comes to her door. At one to one we’ve got them outnumbered;-)

Robert Messmer

Quote: “I will offer the observation that if every gunowner simply kills the first gestapo member (in whatever garb) comes to her door. At one to one we’ve got them outnumbered;-)” Therein lies the problem. The gestapo will show up in force, not one on one. Probably in the middle of the night with a battering ram to take down the front door. They will kill you, your family and your pets and then claim that you tried to resist.


WB, “Target list” ? You are ridiculous. Appears to me that when a Patriot advocates for deadly force in defending one’s God-given rights to self-defense against government tyranny, you always ridicule the posting individual with your ridicule. You ridicule by asking inane questions of the Patriot that have nothing to do with the deadly force defense remark. You attempt to insult the individual. Make his remarks appear foolish. Who the hell do you think you are ? Everytime I think you are becoming reasonable you claptrap this questioning garbage YOU spout. Basically, you are little more than a troll. You… Read more »

Will Flatt

These people pushing this agenda need to be arrested immediately for TREASON and tried, and executed immediately thereafter. This BS has gotta stop, and it won’t until we say ENOUGH and DO something about it!!

Lest anyone forget what the Left’s endgame is once they ban all the guns, be sure to watch THIS:

We’re already at war, we simply haven’t started shooting yet.


Where the heck is LHO when you need him. Oh, that’s right, Jack Rubinstein killed him so he couldn’t talk. Dead men tell no tales, you know.


Thank you Sir for your article that helps a simple minded country boy understand what is going on.
I personally think things will be slipped into bill and become laws before I figure out all the wording that is used.
I am a Country Boy and a Farmer. I do not have a piece of parchment to hang on my wall.
Only awards for stewardship of the land and hard work.
Please keep up your hard work!

Thank you Sir,

Rick Pilgreen

Preserve, Protect and Defend!!! No longer sufficient for the oath. Please lean on your lofty politicians, as I will, to introduce simple legislation that will add the word obey to the oath of office. Preserve, Protect, Defend and Obey the Constitution of the United States of America. Make it also under penalty of up to and including death for violations. Not so much to ask for in an age where we have to deal with so many seditious, treacherous bastards. The Constitution is preserved, it is protected and it is defended. Now, in 2019, let’s make it obeyed!!

Norman Dvorak

Mr. Pilgreen I agree with you 100%.

Bob Koceja

I second that !


Bloomberg and Soros are the heads of the 2 headed snake who are financing most of this gun grabbing campaign. It is tgeir money that is buying all these turncoat politicians. These traitors should be charged with treason and handed over to military tribunals. Now !!! They are oath breakers and they are waging war against the US Constitution. They cannot justify their actions. They are working in the service of foreign entities, and you will fully realize this when they employ UN troops to go door to door. Remember what Solzhenitsyn had to say about wasting the opportunity to… Read more »


So exactly how will this bill be monitored and enforced. If its a private sale, its done in private, Do they think these sales are done on the steps of the police station? I have to laugh at the thought of black market gun sellers submitting to background checks. Do drug dealers have to register with the FDA? It’s a propaganda play, pandering for votes based on a debunked survey, claiming millions of private sales.


That’s what I was wondering – a rifle that has no government record as to who owns it – how would they know that I sold it to Joe Blow for $350? How would that law be enforced? Mr Blow would have a new rifle and nobody would be the wiser.


Before a “universal background check” system could work, authorities would need to know who owns every gun out there. That means gun registration. The threat will be, if you don’t register your gun, and if you are every found with an “illegal” unregistered weapon you will be severely punished. This means surprise gun checks at ranges, gun shows, hunter safety courses, etc. Mexifornia as well as other states required special registration for “assault weapons” years ago, which gives them a convenient list of people to contact when the day comes to “de-mil” them or for confiscation. Can anyone explain how… Read more »


There are over 200 million legally owned firearms and over 12 trillion rounds of ammunition. If the law abiding citizen was the problem, you would know it.

30 year retired SWAT Operator!!



I dislike the words I am about to write: Bury early, bury often.


At the point when people say they should be burying, according to the founders, is when they should be digging them up! 😉


that is what you git when you have demacrats o and more taxes .i wll not comply


The RINOs had 2 full years to bolster gun rights for Americans, and they did nothing. Status Quo. I am not holding my breath that anything new will surface.

Jack Mac

Congress is an exclusive private club where membership is paid by the excluded. Once admitted no one wants to leave their comfort in fellow members. The only reason to vote Republican is to vote against Democrats.


The mass stupidity afflicting America today, is incomprehensible.


Like a spreading virus … Maine now wants to ban hunting rifles and Pa. Gov. Wolf just doubled down calling for a semi-auto BAN on KDKA radio.


Your 100% correct on Maine! As a Resident here I’m higly perturbed that Mills is Gov! Shes Anti-2nd! Eric Brakey who got ( Constiturional Carry) to pass ! Was on the Radio yesterday AM saying how Mainers need to fight back! Also Mills appointed a VIRULENT ANTI-GUN idiot to be in charge of state safety officers! ( cops) so that way when the DEMS in Augusta pass their Unconstitutional gun grabbing laws that the guy in charge can FORCE LEO to confiscate Firearms & Magazine! And shes going to turn Maine into a Sanctuary State! Welcoming ALL ILLEGALS! right now… Read more »


How many of these same Second Amendment Deniers argue that a wall won’t work because illegals will just climb over it? Or anti abortion laws will not work because people will still get them done anyway? Or banning marijuana does not work because people smoke it anyway?

Yet the same types are suddenly going to start obeying the law when it comes to obtaining a firearm?



Well said…


I would like to steal that.


Don’t retired them. Let them get some. Swinging back and forth, listening to the gallows creaking as the traitors and treasonous croak.

Great article Mr. Codrea. As always great articles!
synopsis and remedy


Advocating murder, huh? I guess you’re OK with the Demcrats hanging the entire GOP as they believe them to be traitors? Like the president that literally brought Russias head spy into the fucking oval office and then proceeded to tell him where our subs are located? Same president that said to take away guns without due process? Same guy that has stated numerous times that he supports an assault weapons ban? The same president that restricted gun rights by pushing for abump stock ban (fun note, under Obama our rights were EXPANDED to let us carry in national parks –… Read more »

James Russell Bailey


Remember you socialist butt boy, the internet is forever and your words will be remembered!

Obama was a Coke headed Marxist, a punk, a coward, and a thief: he left about the one trillion dollars he wasted on those shovel-ready jobs that never existed, and he thought it was funny!

Cheers socialist butt boy!

Wild Bill

One thing at a time Slick. If the Repubs hanged all the Democrats and you with them. I’d be ok with that. If the Dems hanged all the repubs and you with them, I’d be ok with that, too. I’d only ask that the bureaucrats and judges get hanged with you. The parties have been corrupting our system of government, the judiciary, and the bureaucracy for a hundred years now. Only the ordinary American is suffering for it. PS Look up the definition of treason before throwing the term around. You will find it at Art. III, Section 3, Clause… Read more »


I’d also endorse that program.


Feel free to continue hyperventilating over Russia conspiracy theories that originate from padded cells, but read up on your history with Obama before anointing him some friend of gun owners. Yes, he signed a bill that expanded gun rights, but that was during his first term. After he was safely reelected, he pushed for the most commonly sold rifle in America to be banned, magazines to be banned, universal gun registration, and continued to spout lie after lie in the process about guns that even some of the left wing media called him out about. Obama only failed because the… Read more »