The Future of the NRA is Change


New threats will need to be addressed. This will require changes – and some of those changes will be difficult, but necessary to preserve our Second Amendment rights.(Wikimedia Commons photo by Gage Skidmore)

Fairfax, Virginia – -( The year 2019 will mark the 148th anniversary of the founding of the National Rifle Association. This organization has a long legacy of not just protecting our rights, but also for a host of other programs that serve law-abiding citizens who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights. But what will the future look like for this organization?

There have been rumors about NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre possibly stepping down, and speculation about who will replace him. There are major threats that are also being faced. But there have been some successes as well, and even the bad news of the mid-terms have given us reasons for hope.

So, what does the future look like for the NRA?

Well, it is hard to say, much depends on what those who support the Second Amendment do in response to the challenges we face, not just from hostile lawmakers, but from Silicon Valley and from major companies who are weighing in against our rights. They will even have to face growing social stigmatization pushed by pop culture icons and politicians, especially in the suburbs.

That said, the near future – at least through the NRA’s sesquicentennial in 2021 – will involve a fierce battle to keep confirming judges who will defend our right to bear arms. But in this time, it is also important to prepare for what happens down the road, especially if there is a less-friendly president.

But there is a need to think beyond 2021. What should the NRA of 2046 (the organization’s 175th anniversary) look like? Or the NRA of 2071 (it’s bicentennial)? The NRA has had to make big changes before. In the wake of the 1968 Gun Control Act, it shifted from primarily firearms safety education and training into the legislative and political arena.

That change was necessary, given the very real threats that a total ban on handguns would pass back then. It seems unthinkable now, but back in the 1970s and 1980s, those who sought to take away our Second Amendment rights were calling for a ban on handguns and they thought they would get it. That was ultimately beaten back, but even during the debates over the Brady Act in 1993, there were still proposals to ban handguns discussed (notably by Major Owens, then a Congressman from New York). That was then. Today, a total ban on handguns is pretty much unthinkable – and has been ruled unconstitutional in the Heller and McDonald cases.

These days, the old threats still remain.

Yes, legislation still moves, now mostly focused on semi-automatic firearms and standard-capacity magazines. But the new threats will need to be addressed. This will require changes – and some of those changes will be difficult, but necessary to preserve our Second Amendment rights in the future.

Whether it will be the fact that the NRA hires translators to make the facts about our Second Amendment rights more accessible, reaching out to urban communities, starting to get more involved with those who shape popular culture, or taking the fight for the Second Amendment to corporate boardrooms, the NRA of the future is going to look different from the NRA of today. Then again, the NRA of today would probably leave an NRA member from 1968 taken aback as well.

The protection of our Second Amendment rights in the future will require adaptation to address the newer threats. This doesn’t mean that the objective has changed. It just means that the tactics and strategy that will ensure the Second Amendment will be preserved will change to deal with the new threats.

Yeah, the need to change can be very difficult at times. But ask yourself this: Would you rather see an NRA that made the changes needed to adapt to new threats to our right that is still strong, and still protecting the Second Amendment, or do you want to lose the Second Amendment because we didn’t address the new threats coming from Silicon Valley and elsewhere? It’s your choice, ultimately.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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Yes there is a big internet please remove me from your list.

Brandon White, VA

It seems to me that we have already lost more than we should have. at some point we’re going to have to take to the street ready to fight. short of that there just gonna keep taking little by little till our 2 right is gone and we’re looking around saying what just happened

Nathan Pilson

It is actually not about a fight.,but about able Armed Americans being deputized by a sheriff or governor,and carry out these corporate and banking and media arrest.telling a criminal politician to come take your gun is , not going to happen., he ain`t stupid., so he uses legislation to do it.,but his legislation is treason., he is playing poker with your constituton., and what ever you agree to allow to let slip, he takes away., and hope that you come to the street, because the street, is not his office, with an arrest warrant. You do understand.The United States is… Read more »


Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox and Marrion Hammer, like all traitors, need to be drawn and quartered.


Nanashi, Really? It is this kind of uncivil talk that make all gun owners look really bad. No one deserves that kind of treatment. Disagree, but disagree in principle along with supporting documentation. This comment comes close to assault and in this day in time, could be prosecuted as such. Here is an idea: Think before you speak…or write. And shame on Ammoland Forum administrators for allowing the discussion here to be a bully pulpit with physical threats and just silly talk. Forums can be really great for sharing ideas and discussing important issues.



Grab yourself by your mangina and grow into manhood. You “bend-over-and-grab-your-ankles” type is what is specifically what is wrong with the NRA and much of Amerika.

You are no better than the seditious scum like Feinstein, Cuomo, Peter King and a host of gun-grabbers too long to list here.

I despise your ilk as much as I do the gun-grabbers. Maybe moreso.

The Revelator

@Billy M yes, This is the difference between the American Revolution(Defensive) and the French Revolution(Offensive) Now as for silly talk, while it is one thing to lay out evidence for and make a case against its stupidity, its another thing entirely to argue for restricting or banning speech. “Shame on Ammoland” for allowing free speech, seriously? Might want to think before you speak or write. If Nanashi is a full blown idiot he does have a right to be one and speak his mind. Don’t try to make thought into a crime. If he acts on that thought then he… Read more »

Joe R.

It’s a simple, logical, argument that the NRA has danced around for years, because they can’t have you pay them to get your rights back if they don’t help you piss them away first. But, just like all in our government, they’re all just our stupid neighbors who needed a job, and now need to be fired. The argument (and no true gun-rights champion would want to have to make argument before the smoke clears) is this: The Second Amendment requires PARITY of arms with our government. How else could the Founders / Framers expect the average bona fide citizen… Read more »


Through the years NRA has chosen to compromise rather than stand firm on “shall NOT be infringed”, leaving us with the NFA of 1934, GCA of 1986, the “assault weapons ban” of 1986, and now multiple states’ passage of various forms of magazine, “ assault weapon” restrictions it bans, ammunition restrictions, and now accessory bans, plus all of the “red flag” laws being passed in so many states without much oversight as to the wording put into them. I am highly disappointed in the NRA of today, and not at all interested in supporting the bureaucratic type salaries the leaders… Read more »


The NRA needs another Cincinnati revolt. I’ve given the NRA more money than I could afford at times, but no more.

Alfred Somerville

MikeRoss, you have the best idea of anyone so far. If the current leadership is as derelict in its duty to the Constitution and paying members like us as some comments indicate, then we should follow the example of the Trump voters in the last presidential election and replace them with new leadership dedicated to our core principles. That is what America is supposed to be about. We don’t “draw and quarter” those who fail in their duty-we just replace them in the next election. The yahoos bloviating about violent “revolution” and ‘drawing and quartering” alleged “traitors” are reminiscent of… Read more »

The Revelator

@Alfred Somerville I’d like to thank you for a well written comment. While you are indeed correct about those calling for violent revolution being no different than Antifa or worse, there are some points that do need correcting. 1. You do have the right to yell fire in a theater. What you don’t have a right to is to not be held responsible for the ramifications of your actions. This is no different than Murder, as even if you hire someone else to do it for you you are still as guilty as if you did the deed yourself. 2.… Read more »


I am personally offended at NRA members being called leftist trolls because they call a spade a spade. You self rightist supporters of the current NRA administration sound just like the ” He din do nutten” mothers defending their thug children. “He was a good boy, went to church every Sunday, he sang in the choir, he was getting his life back together…He din need to be shot.” LaPierre’s and Cox’s suggesting and supporting Redflag laws and bump stock bans are a DIRECT threat to gun owners rights in this nation. They are no better than the Chicago leftists who… Read more »

Darnell Patillo

Name one good thing that came from having bump stocks,I challenge you to name one, you can,t. Fifty-nine killed 527 wounded, would this have happened if he had a regular AR? I think not. The real problem is the people who own guns and have done so for many years are afraid to speak up for the fear of being labeled WEAK, What the devil is this gun grab talk? I live in Georgia and the laws here are in no danger of changing. I see people getting all worked up about what is going on in another state, that… Read more »

The Revelator

@ Harold Hutchison 1. “This organization has a long legacy of not just protecting our rights, but also for a host of other programs that serve law-abiding citizens who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights.” The NRA also has a legacy now going on 4 decades straight of betraying Gun owners. In otherwords, they do not act to protect our rights in any way if they cut deals like supporting Red Flag laws and Bans on items protected under the Second Amendment. 2. “new threats will need to be addressed. This will require changes – and some of those… Read more »

Pete Alves


Green Mtn. Boy

@ Harold Hutchison & @The Revelator

@ Harold Hutchison

What the Revelator Said !
Many members including myself,Not One More Penny until the the NRA becomes a No Compromise organization representing the Second Amendment as the founds wrote it and it members,PERIOD

Rick Hale

Well said!

M. Atkinson

Amen, I am a life member of the NRA, I stopped giving them money years ago, I am tired of the compromises, lies, and backstabbing, they need to follow the fine example of the National Association of Gun rights, of which I am now a member.

David Bradford

Enough has been said, I have nothing I can add to the conversation. The NRA is dead to me. It needs to die and go away so people who care about our rights can use the funds they waste at the NRA alter to support the organizations the will fight for us.

Gerard Belanger

And which organization with the size and recognizability should I support? We have G.O.A.L in my state, but they seem to have very little power.
Would a better Idea be to call a vote of no confidence in the current NRA leadership.? And replace them by membership vote.

The Revelator

@Gerald Belanger The Gun Owners of America is a national organization that has an extremely good track record. There is also the Second Amendment Foundation JPFO has been around since the 1990s at least (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) National Association for Gun Rights is also there. And also the NFAFA, or NFA for short(NFA Freedom Alliance) but their mission is focused more on easing restrictions of the NFA of the 1930’s and 80’s These are national organizations, but the local state organizations are more important than the NRA as well. Your local state organization will on average… Read more »


Obviously K Street finally gut to the NRA. In the process they got the NRA to turn that proverbial slippy slope into a STEEP CLIFF!!!! (bump stock issue). Which we will soon be thrown off. I’m done with them, and I’m glad I didn’t have a lifetime membership.


Strange how all these Anti-NRA people all popped up suddenly to spew hate and dislike on the NRA.
Sounds like a coordinated leftist effort to destroy the NRA which has been hated by dimocrap leftists for years.
GO spew your hate else where you minions of the left.

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Colonialgirl Below is a list of infringements that Negotiating Rights Away was willing to capitulate on,how is it wrong to hold them accountable much like how our system of government is supposed to be one of checks and balances. History 1791: The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified. The amendment reads: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” After That 1871: The National Rifle Association was formed by Union Army veterans Col. William C. Church and Gen.… Read more »

The Revelator

@Green Mtn. Boy

I think this should get the nomination for “Mjolnir comment” of the article. Congrats on having lowered the boom.


I can’t imagine how hard life must be for you being so close minded.

The Revelator

@Colonialgirl I left the NRA over 5 years ago, or around that time. This is nothing new. It is also not linked to the Democrat party or the left in any way. What it has to do with is the NRA’s continuous betrayal of 2nd Amendment supporters when they sell out or cave in to new violations of the 2nd Amendment, for example the unconstitutional Bump Stock Ban Trump just enacted. If you have a problem with people like me who are criticizing the NRA for not having a spine and then blatantly lying to our faces day in and… Read more »

TC Robinson

Oh my God I thought we gun owners were brothers in arms, I feel like the leftist have jumped on here, I sorry but I have to block this site, I did not know it was going to blow my email up. I hope you guys have a Happy New Year, good luck TC

The Revelator

@TC Robinson Then by all means, block ammoland. I however hope you will start doing some research and learn about what actually being a constitutionalist means. The NRA is selling out. This is not a left wing claim, it is coming from farther right. The NRA has moved center left. Those of us here condemning the NRA for their Betrayal will not be brothers in arms with people who think the Government has the authority to violate the second amendment and decide what items or rights we need. A right is not about “needs”, its about being able to do… Read more »

Pete Alves

Myself and several other members in our little circle have been buying into the NRA’s BS for some time, but this latest issue put us over the top. We could see it coming. but we kept hoping for the better. I’m glad I didn’t have a lifetime membership. The NRA just part of the K Street corruption crowd.

Jim B.

You probably have no idea who Adam Kraut is. He’s been called a enemy by Marion Hammer a former NRA president. The same one who has been on the pay roll at the tune of $300,000 a year and hasn’t been to a meeting in 3 years. The same Marion Hammer who in my state the state of FL stood AGAINST my right to open carry. I was a member but when they refuse to help people like Adam who is a gun lawyer to help the organization and wants to make it a place for the next generation. Then… Read more »


Without the NRA Hillary would be President. You’re fools


You are so correct Donbmcd….Only a small, very small minority of disgruntled folk spouting off here in this forum. And all done anonymously. Every year, members vote with their membership dues. Let the process take care of itself. Note: why would anyone in their right mind think that millions of NRA members would agree on everything. Is that not a little strange? We don’t do that at work, with our neighbors and even within our own homes. Here is the truth: the left ( democrats, progressives, socialists or what ever you want to label them) want to take away gun… Read more »

Christopher Bucci

@Billy M I’m not anonymous. My name is pretty clear. I’m about as conservative as one can possibly be. However, it is also clear that the NRA is sacrificing the integrity of it’s members to stay relevant. You are correct that the left is our enemy. While many families don’t like to talk about politics, it is our responsibility to bring these issues to the attention of our families as well as friends, co workers, neighbors. Some may not want to hear, and that’s ok. Maybe the seed will develop at a later date. We need as many people as… Read more »

The Revelator

@Don in 805 So what did we get instead? We got a man who spent most of his life as a democrat, had a close personal friendship with the Clintons prior to 2015, who is now masquerading as a “Republican”, and has endorsed red flag laws and bans on accessories that violate the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution as a whole. So instead of having Hillary Clinton who every Republican regardless of whether or not they have a spine would have stood against, we now have Donald Trump along with other republicans who now are willing to allow violations to… Read more »


I don’t care much for the NRA in general and everything bad about them has already been said – ten times. But ask yourself this question. If there had been, and was not now, an NRA would I still be able to own the guns I own? As far as I can tell the answer would be NO. As an aside, I’ve heard much about how NRA Executives are paid huge sums of money. Does anyone out there actually know how much money is paid to LaPierre or Cox? Where can a person get hard evidence, rather than rants, about… Read more »


Curious why you think that the NRA is what prevented the loss of rights.

I think the evidence is pretty clear, Nancy Pelosi didn’t warm of the NRA with the bunpstock ban, she warned of the GOA. That should be pretty telling in itself. Likewise the FPC/FPF have filed lawsuits. If the NRA didn’t exist other organizations would. It is not the NRA stopping these things, it’s the people.

Also you can look up how much he made, NRA 990, in 2015 he made almost $6,000,000


NO REAL ACTION. GET RID OF WHINEY LETS PEE IN THE AIR AND KISS COX.. TAKE LAST YEARS EXEC MILLION DOLLAR SALARY BACK OR SUE FOR MAL PRACTICE.They haven’t done crap except fundraise, wine and dine politicians for their own goals, surrender civil rights, and the most poorer of them all is them blowing theirselves and saying how great they are and how they did this and that when goa is doing the heavy lifting now. Wayne, Chris, read this slowly as I represent every NRA member I have talked to, and that is hundreds, we dont like you, want… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

If the NRA has actually done the things said above/below then they are not worth funding or being a member of. Either what we hold to be right and good and true IS right and good and true-under GOD including the constitution and the 2Aor all is lost.. I am not one for watching my rights and freedoms eroded away or taken away. Civil disobedience, liberty or death. Arm up, carry on.


I wish some gun rights group, like the NRA, would support a process, for felons whom served their time, to get their gun rights restored. It is un Constitutional for felons to loose their rights, especially if they are non violent or proven that they are non violent now days to not be able to defend themselves, their property and family. I am not a felon but I totally think it is wrong that it is blanketed across the board. I had a good friend, like a brother to me, who was murdered when someone broke into his home. Fortunately… Read more »


The FPC is suing California for this.

Bob Koceja

I’ve been law abiding all my life as the majority of people. Felonies are serious crimes not just simple mistakes.
Sorry (not you Alan) but you should have thought before becoming a felon.
Life is not a do over.


No their not. Felonies are the result of things the government doesn’t want you to do.

Some of them are bad, murder for instance.

Some of them are incredibably dumb and unconstitutional felony drug charges for one, people have been charged with felonies for releasing balloons.

Heck there was a guy who was charged with a felony for accessing free WiFi because it breaks the 1986 compute fraud and abuse act.

You’d be surprised at how dumb some felonies can be.



The Revelator

@Bob Koceja So you believe that one mistake automatically criminalizes you for eternity. There is a difference between repeat offenders and people who actually clean up their act. If you have paid your debt to society and 5 to 10 years after being released you have shown you’ve changed, why should you be denied rights you are born with as an American. There are several cases that show this if you take the time to look including this. January 12th, 2017, a former felon convicted in 2000 came to the aid of an officer under attack and saved his… Read more »

Christopher Bucci

I take the Constitution literally. I believe any American citizen should be able to own and posses a firearm in public. It doesn’t say except felons, unless you have a cc permit, etc. Those are just things “interpreted” to make us more dependent on government. But that’s government. They take your rights away then sell them back to you in the form of a license, permit, etc. Well regulated of course.

NRA Life Member (The Enemy Within)

Which other civil rights organization has million-Dollar executive salaries? The NRA is simply not a civil rights organization! It is a cash cow for a few cronies. As long as that doesn’t change, the NRA’s problems won’t change either. What does change look like?: (1) fire Wayne Lapierre and Chris Cox, (2) significantly reduce the size of the Board of Directors and give it real powers, (3) provide transparency on which money is used for what, (4) stop the million-Dollar executive salaries, (5) disassociate yourself from Ackerman McQueen, (6) stop the Wine Club, the rebate programs, the NRA Carry Guard… Read more »


Did you steal my copy and reprint it without permission? You have, almost verbatim, expressed exactly what Jeff Knox and I have been preaching for years, especially with regard to Ackerman-McQween. Since about 1980-81 they have truly been the enemy within NRA. The sole question anyone who runs for the Board or any politician, for that matter, should be asked is “what firearms laws will you first work to repeal?”. If they stammer, hesitate or look at you with a “deer in the headlights” stare they are not the person you want. I suggest all read the following, we are… Read more »

The Revelator

@Vanns40 Loved the Article, but they could have pointed back even farther. England had at times in the colonies forbid the importation of certain tools made out of metal, or limited the amount of metal in or on them because they feared the colonists using them to make weapons. A prime example of this was Shovels, and in the Colonies import shovels early on were wooden with only a strip of metal on the edge to aid cutting and protect the edge. My history teacher was speechless when a freshman(Guess who…) pointed this out in open discussion and stated that… Read more »

dave C

AMEN! Always asking for money and doing things not about our core is a waste of everyone’s time and dims the abilities of doing what they were formed for. We need action now! How about TV ads from “Starts” – “I am the NRA” pay for them bu reducing ridiculous mgmt. salaries. Quit the sideline business and get busy on real issues.

R Vincent Warde

“Which other civil rights organization has million-Dollar executive salaries? ”
Sadly, more than one would think. We need to take control of our organization…….. or replace it…..

Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger

“Yes, legislation still moves, now mostly focused on semi-automatic firearms and standard-capacity magazines. But the new threats will need to be addressed. This will require changes – and some of those changes will be difficult, but necessary to preserve our Second Amendment rights in the future.”

Gee. Where have I heard that before?

Johnny Ringo

The liberal scum have no w infiltrated gun forums. Wow they are good. Just like they badmouthing Trump, now attacking NRA. See though it. You will lose liberal scum.


Johnny, when talking about “tge liberal scum”, you might want to look closely into the mirror. Good patriots are badmouthing Trump and the NRA because their eyes are open and they see both acting in ways contrary to the ideals they purport to represent. Trump said he would protect our Second Amendment if we elected him. Forcing bumpstock bans and making otherwise good citizens into felons overnight is NOT protecting 2A! Neither is support of Red Flag laws or raising the age at which an adult can buy certain rifles. Is this somehow difficult for you to understand? If you… Read more »

R Vincent Warde

I am very conservative, I have been in the pro-2A fight for almost 50 years, and I am very disappointed in the NRA. Yes they do some good things. Yes, I will remain a member. Yes, they will continue to get some money until my life membership is paid up. However, unless the following changes, after that, I will direct my giving to other pro-2A organizations that are more efficient. 1) Salaries have to be decreased. 2) The NRA needs to stop competing with others in the gun industry and culture. Think about it. The NRA runs an online TV… Read more »


It pains me to see what professed SA supporters say about he NRA. We do not need Pelosi, Schumer and the other Communists of the Democrat Party to destroy us. We are doing it by our very own in-group viciousness. Of course most of these anti-NRA orators here are likely supporters of Sanders, Pelosi et al. So people, ignore them.

NRA Life Member (The Enemy Within)

Nobody prevents you from paying your NRA dues and financing Wayne LaPierre’s next Africa safari and Chris Cox’s next full-auto in his safe. No other 2A-organization has million-Dollar executive salaries. Only 10% of your NRA donations go to lobbying and only 1% go to legal cases. 89% of your donations go to supporting NRA cronies that negotiate away your rights. Attacking NRA critics the way you do it is just showing how wrong the NRA is in its efforts and why it is constantly losing members and money. There is exactly ZERO accountability within the NRA. If you are not… Read more »

TC Robinson

Do any of these other organizations go up to congress and get in there faces and fight for gun owners, I have never seen it in the news where this happens, only the NRA keeps sticking thorns in the liberals, that’s why they complain about the NRA so much, yes the NRA has been around a long time and do you think the attorneys they have work for free, it takes a lot of money to fight liberals, take some time and just think about it, and it is good to support any organization that will fight for the gun… Read more »


@ TC Robertson You might consider the most recent two strikes against NRA. That being the erosion of the 2A by banning bumpstocks and the red flag law that they support (red flag is a total assault on the Constitution). GOA is fighting the bump stock ban in court while the NRA says it is a useless accessory. I predict the AR 15 will be the next thing the NRA has no use for. Yes, I am a member but maybe not for long.



I am a NRA lifer. Today, I believe I wasted my money on that membership. Today I am a Gun Owners of America lifer. I woke up to the facade of the NRA and LaPierre & Cox making 7 figure salaries.


You haven’t looked very hard. Just remember with the bump stock ban Pelosi never mentioned having to worry about the NRA she mentioned the GOA. The FPC/FPF also brought immediate lawsuits.


I was hoping for a shallow unmarked grave for the organization that continues to back gun control and fear monger off of it to make them money.


It’s the leadership of the NRA that needs to be changed swiftly to make the organization work for legal firearms owners! I no longer contribute financially to the organization & won’t until the leadership is changed, but I remain a member inorder to vote out the bad apples!


If you think the NBA has done nothing for yours and my 2nd amendment rights you need to do some more reading or maybe have someone read yo you and maybe explain to you a whole lot of the rights we enjoy are do to there presences and fights that happen in courts and with congressional meetings ect. Do some research and start your engines before putting it in gear. Just saying thank you ANR

Joseph P Martin

Lately, the NBA has done about as much for gun rights as the NRA.



Will Flatt

Negotiating Rights Away will be the NRA’s epitaph. Gun owners have awoke to the betrayal of this organization, and see its padding of their executives’ pockets for what it really is. More and more readers here at Ammoland are getting sick of the gratuitously copious amounts of free PR for the NRA, as they are unworthy of it… It is also an insult to the readers, as if Ammoland is tut-tutting us for not being thankful for getting forked-over royally by the NRA!!

Dave in Fairfax

Ammoland publishes articles by many CONTRIBUTORS, not paid employees. Just like the comments don’t mean that they employ you. Disagree with the proper people.

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Will Flatt

Amen brother !


Perhaps the NRA could spend some of that money on more advertising, fighting for the 2nd Amendment, instead of paying exorbitant salaries to executive members.

Joseph P Martin


Enough Already

The NRA seems to be controlled opposition to the gun grabbers. Everyone makes money when the same issues keep
coming up.


Excellent (and thoughtful) point! Thank you for the “aha” moment.

Striking a delicate “balance” that will be perceived by citizens on both sides of the issue as dangerous… could indeed be a very profitable situation, beneficial to leadership of both sides.


I agree with above posters. NRA is not what it used to be. They need to get back to their roots. I’m tired of them negotiating my rights away. I’ll never be a member again unless the do a complete overhaul.


Roots? Really Steve? The NRA was started as a marksmanship group and stayed that way for nearly a century. “I do not believe in the general promiscuous toting of guns. I think it should be sharply restricted and only under licenses,” NRA president Karl Frederick said during a Congressional hearing in the 1930s, when concerns were high that Prohibition-era gangsters had too easy access to guns…..Now there you see our roots. Things have changed. All of our rights including the 2nd amendment are under political attack. The NRA had to become a political entity and has done so. First rule… Read more »


I have met many many people who believe the lies of the left until shown otherwise. Then they ask, “why was I lied to?”

If the NRA would not be baited into responding to perceived slights they would appear as a mature educational & representative organization. Big Pharma & Big Agra lobby for their own interests but don’t respond to public criticism. Silent and effective.


The only way things will change to a drastic level is war….. unfortunately we need to cleanse this land of the filth that has crept in to our America… a Christian I believe in tolerance and even turning the other cheek at various times but if One will not fight for our Noble cause or at least support those who will then truly You are no American….Your freedom stops where my nose begins!!!
Molon Labe

Christopher Bucci

Wow, this article basically says, “We, the NRA, knows you aren’t going to like it. Yet we’re going to have to give in to the neo liberals because they control the net, silicon valley, mainstream media, Hollywood, music industry, acedemia, and a good bit of the US Government so that we remain relevant as an organization.” They then instill the fear that if we don’t make this “trade” and give up some rights now to preserve the fight, we risk losing the fight altogether. Please. That is the way we got to where we are now. We were once a… Read more »


In such a circumstance (civil riot), there will will be no distinction between the rioters themselves and the liberal “citizens” who created and enabled the riots in the first place.

Those who intentionally supply the volatile materials (matches, fuel, etc) for the act of arson are just as guilty as the persons who intentionally light it off.


It’s sad to me how many people ” Don’t seem to know” Just how much God hates the perverting of words and what they meen. Look in the authorized king James bible Jeremiah 23 for an example and calling good evil and evil good which people do on a regular basis these days, being brainwashed with socialist, Marxist, antichrist agendas. Like lambs to the slaughterhouse. Shall not be infringed upon, simple and clear. Boil the frog or divide and conquer rind a bell ? Someone ring the liberty bell. Most will whind up in hell…

The Revelator

@Samuel. The king James Version is one of the more notorious bibles for having accuracy errors from translations. It also suffers from the fact that it is not a direct translation of original text, but is a translation of a translation of a translation. Combine this with the fact that it was One of if not the first bibles that changed the historical names of biblical figures(They did use some jewish scholars for some translation), and that the Dead Sea Scrolls would not be found until after 1947(they contain some of the oldest biblical texts in existence to this day… Read more »


Revelator: you’ve chose to believe a mountain of lies. Hopefully in ignorance. In 1 Peter 1:23 born again not of corruptable seed but incorruptable. You must identify the Right standerd. Most people with your problem, wether they realise it or not, don’t truly understand Gods soventry. There are many Jesus’s past and present but only one has the power and position to save a wretch like me. You’ve bought the lies about the Sin-iatacus Vatacn- us manuscripts, the wrong Greek and many other antichrist doctrines. On u-tube search for: new world order bible versions 1:46:46 in length, please pray and… Read more »

The Revelator

@Samuel I feel a bit sorry for you. You quote the scriptures, but you use them only for your own opinions. You quote 1st peter while at the same time claiming there are many “Jesus’s”. There is only one Son, one Sacrifice, and one path to heaven if you a Christian. 2nd Timothy 4:3-4 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” You’re attempt at argument… Read more »


Revelator: if you really believe your all that: ( Saul ) please get in contact wile there is still time. Contact me at [email protected]. you have the potential in my opinion to be more like Paul but not wile serving the enemy hopefully in ignorance.


After 24 years of buying a yearly membership to the National Rifle Association I purchased a life membership during a promotional membership drive the NRA did in 2017. In doing this I was promised a very nice Buck knife as a gift as part of that promotion. Once the National Rifle Association got my money the NRA pulled a bait-and-switch on me. Instead of a Buck brand knife, I got a backpack that you could get at your local Walmart store. They told me they ran out of Buck knives and the backpack was all that I was going to… Read more »

Steve A.

If they put 1/3 the effort of collecting money in fighting for the 2nd Amendment, we would not be in this hole


I’m done with the NRA!! HELLO GOA


To the author: If you can’t see that the NRA only cares about its ability to pay its executives obscene amounts of money while at the same time supporting the overnight making of half a million law abiding gun owners into felons as well as no due process red-flag “laws” then you’re an idiot. Until you and the average pro 2a men and women put your resources in a different organization we’ll keep losing ground.

P. Kaiser

Fascinating – though perhaps expected – that an article like this one would avoid the elephant in the room of the NRA’s extensive ties to Russia and their concomitant implications for the future of the organization. “Nothing to see here! Move along!”


Another poof piece for the NRA. Yeah, they will need to make changes allright, LOT’s of changes! As more of their nembers wake up and smell the betrayal, their days become numbered if they do not cease Negotiating Away Rights of members and other citizens.



Larry Dieter loop


Larry Dieter



The NRA is not perfect, but tearing down their efforts and creating a divide is not helpful and will only cause us to lose even more personal freedoms. I support multiple 2A organizations including the NRA, GOA, VCDL,etc. not any one group to agree 100% of my views but trashing the NRA only helps our anti-gunners. Regardless of any single issue, In my opinion, the NRA and NRA-ILA has done a hell of lot to support their members. Just consider how they are hated by the Left, that means they are doing exactly what we should all want, push back… Read more »


Thank you for this reasoned and well stated comment. I was beginning to feel a little isolated.

Alfred Somerville

Well, at least SOMEONE recognizes the hard work done by the NRA in support of our rights. The basic thing to understand is that we are in a WAR for the soul of this nation. I am a student of history, and the current climate in this country harks back to 1860-61, when a poularly-elected President was being vilified by a pro-slavery Democrat party as a “baboon” or a “n*****r-lover” for taking a moral stand against a national evil. Anyone with a fragment of historical knowledge knows how that ended up-a profoundly-divided nation was plunged into the bloodiest war in… Read more »


thank you for your comment and also thank you for your solutions.

It is easy to bash and complain. It takes more effort and work to research and offer solutions.

The Revelator

@Firearms Ok, Lets look at it rationally then. In the last 5 years what has the NRA accomplished? Stand stills? Any major federal cases that were won that were initiated by The NRA(Meaning not as an Amicus but as the defendant)? Any major legislation that has passed nationally? Have they worked on any notable public cases to protect innocent civilians from lawless course in self defense cases where a judge with a known bias is persecuting them? What Areas do you recognize that they have yielded ground? I’d like to hear your answers as to what the NRA has actually… Read more »


Danced around the bump stock issue


Wayne really pissed me off on the bump stock issue and he effectively put Slidefire out of business. Shame on you.

James Allen

They lost a whole lot of members over this and in turn a business was forced out. Now I give my money to the GOA & the SAF



Robert Kling

Maybe the NRA could change into an organization that is actually against gun control?

Dave in Fairfax

What he said!
I’d LOVE to see an NRA that made the changes needed to fight ANY threats to our rights, for a change.


ANY and EVERY threat !!!!!!!!!

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Robert Kling

What a novel idea,actually fighting off infringements of the second amendment instead of purposing them. Changes oh yes if they are to survive they will have to represent members second amendment rights,not representing a advertising firm and filling the NRA e pockets.

Green Mtn. Boy

As long as Negotiating Rights Away is negotiating,capitulating Americans natural rights away they will not receive a penny more from this member. Any6 money that would have gone to them will instead go to GOA,SAF,FPC,JFPFA and my state organizations.

M. Maus

And I as well! Not one more cent to the NRA. Only thing going for them is Eddy Eagle. Still, gun safety can be tought at home. Ask my daughter and grandkids!

James Allen

Amen brother