Three New Gun Control Laws Go into Effect in Pittsburgh

Danger Red Flag Warning
Red Flag Laws – Should Constitutional Rights be so easily infringed?

Pittsburgh, Penn.-( Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto signed three new bills that restrict the use of some semi-automatic such as the AR15 within the city limits, limit magazine size, and enacts a “Red Flag Law” this past Tuesday.

The city deems these laws necessary after the Tree of Life Shooting. In that shooting, a Nazi walked into a synagogue and killed eleven unarmed people. Investigators determined that the killer’s motive was Antisemitism.

The city admitted that they could not outright ban the popular rifle, but the attorneys for Pittsburgh believe that they can legally bar the use of the gun. This ban would also affect gun owners using their rifles at shooting ranges.

After signing the bill Mayor, Bill Peduto said, “If we didn't challenge laws, women wouldn't be able to vote.”

The Democrat didn't elaborate on how banning the use of semi-automatic rifles is related to women's suffrage. The media present did not challenge the Mayor on this point. AmmoLand reached out to Peduto's office in a request for clarity on the comment, but the office did not respond to our request.

“Change doesn’t happen on its own, change only happens when you challenge the status quo,” Mayor Peduto said before signing the bills. “We have tried to get that change through Harrisburg, we have tried to get that change through Washington, and we have taken steps backward, not forward. So what we’re saying is in communities across this state … in cities around this country, we will take action.”

The bill would also prevent a gun owner from having their rifle loaded. The city strategy is to try to make owning a semi-automatic rifle useless since if the owner shoots and even chambers a round they would be in violation of the law and face a heavy legal penalty of up to a $1000 fine.

Twenty years ago, the city of Pittsburgh tried to ban semi-automatic rifles, but the courts ruled that only the state had the power to ban a certain type of gun. The city sees this bill as a workaround to that ruling

A second bill would also make it illegal for Pittsburgh residents to have a loaded magazine if that magazine is capable of holding more than ten rounds. The City incorrectly labels these as “large capacity” magazines. This ban means residents can still own the magazines but can't load them thus making them useless. This bill seems like another workaround to the current law.

Stack Pile Ammunition Gun Magazines High Capacity Standard
Stock Pile Ammunition Gun Magazines High Capacity Standard

The NRA and four residences have already filed a civil suit titled “Anderson v. City of Pittsburgh.” The lawsuit claims that “by banning the public possession and transportation of loaded standard-capacity firearm magazines that can carry more than ten rounds of ammunition, Pittsburgh has violated the rights of its citizens and exceeded its authority under Pennsylvania law.”

“Pittsburgh residents have a right to carry the self-defense tool that best suits their needs, and the NRA is proud to support this challenge to the city’s magazine ban,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director, National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action. “Restricting law-abiding citizens from exercising their constitutional rights will do nothing to stop violent criminals.”

The third bill is a Red Flag law. These Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) allows police to confiscate a person's guns without due process. If a family member, friend, or roommate report to the police that you are a risk to yourself or others they can go to a secret court to get an ERPO to take all your firearms.

Gun rights and civil liberties advocates point out that the burden of proof to get an ERPO issued is very low. The target of the order is also not present to defend themselves in front of the judge. It could take months and thousands of dollars for the gun owners to get their firearms back after being a victim of an ERPO.

One person died in Maryland when police tried to serve an ERPO to take his firearms. In that case, the victim's niece said her uncle was not a danger to anyone. She said her aunt took out the order because it was “just a family thing.”

In January, hundreds of protesters with the same firearms the city was looking to ban protested outside the city council meeting. Many were chanting “we will not comply. It is clear that there is widespread opposition to the bills, but the pressure was put on the city by groups such as Moms Demand Action to enact the legislation. In the end, the council gave into their Democratic base.

It is unclear how the city plans to enforce the laws because enforcement will be dangerous for gun owners and law enforcement alike.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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    1. Dave in Fairfax, I was born in N.J. my parents moved to Pa when I was 12, really before the nonsense really got out of hand, I had relatives that were still there and when it came time that my uncle was going to teach my cousin and I to shoot we really saw how crazy it had gotten, I could go into the sporting goods store purchase the gun that I wanted and walkout with it, my cousin would go into a sporting good store to buy a gun, his pistol he had to wait for 3 months before he could pick it up, and this was in the 70’s. The best thing about this time was that my uncle was a State Trooper in N. J. and set about teaching us both the safe and correct way to handle firearms, Through all of those years it came to light that my uncle took great pride in doing this with my cousin and me, as he told his daughter, he didn’t have a son so we filled that gap! We still stay in touch as he has passed on, but it is something we all remember doing together. Yes N.J. is way to blue now and it seems to be spreading into Pa now which I’m glad that I moved to Mo 3 years ago and loving it, good luck on your move some time in the future.

    2. Thanks, Dave in Fairfax, Went to that web site, I might have figured out what I did, lets just say I’m not P/C and never will be, I’ve said things the way I see it, I always have and always will! Wild Bill, Rock, Laddyboy, go to the web site that Dave posted, you may find out what you did to get the notes on your screens, also take a look as to where this sight is located, just a little food for thought!!!! I’ll be lucky to be able to post anything after this post good luck!!!!!!

      1. Might want to read the Mission Statement. Being in NJ doesn’t mean that Ammoland is anti-gun, just behind enemy lines. One of the reasons I’m trying to get out of here. Too Blue by a long shot.

    3. Here’s a link to the Ammoland Comment Policy. Obviously I have no idea what you wrote that didn’t show up, but you can review the policy and see if you can figure out what might have done it. Since things take time to get approved, they may show up after you’ve posted that they didn’t show up, I’ve seen that repeatedly. Those are my thoughts on it, anyway.

    4. We will see more and more Red-Flag laws being passed as it is the way the communists will take away the guns of law-abiding citizens. It will be easy to do instead of an out-and-out confiscation. Think about it. Why waste your time trying to pass legislation on a federal scale that violates the 2nd Amendment when all you have to do is go down the list of registered gun owners and report them as a threat to either themselves or a family member. They have computer lists which makes it easy to claim you’re a threat. Without due process (Hey remember Chump telling us, “Take the guns and worry about due process later.”), and clear violations of the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments who’s going to stop them?
      Not the GOP or Trump. Certainly not the NRA. No one will stop Red Flag laws passed because it’s going to take too much money, not enough honest attorneys and no public outcry.
      Red Flag laws are the perfect scenario at taking our guns without hardly anyone noticing it.

    5. Wild Bill; I think that they got upset when I printed out what they sent me, both comments did get posted later! I moved from Pa 3 years ago so I know the kind of B S they are throwing around, Hell when Wolf was elected, he said no new taxes, the first full year they didn’t have a budget until he got his tax increases, then he jacked the gas tax out of sight, they now pay a gas tax highest in the country at .77 cents a gallon, thus most of that is funneled into Pa Failed Public Transportation Systems, Philly, Scranton/Wilkes/Barre, Harrisburg,and Pittsburgh, the controlling large metro areas, are ruled by the Demo-Rats, follow the money trail, they have been moving from the east coast like a virus for several years now, and having a real adverse effect now and are well entrenched now to say the least!!!! They are to push all kinds of gun control now with all kinds of radical licence and registrations fees, I was reading up on that nonsense the other week, I’m glad I don’t live there anymore!!!!!! now we’ll see if this comment gets moderated and approved!!!!!!!!!

    6. Boy I just found out how AmmoLand edits comments: I just posted my comment and this is what came up on my screen: (Your comment is awaiting moderation, this is a preview your comment will be visible after it has been approved) I am finding this more and it shows that they don’t really want the truth out!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. These Demo-Rats all run the States that they want to control, just this way, we know what is best for you, sit down, shut up, and we will feed you your daily load of S__T and we will tell you when to stop feeding!!!!!! Fighting this pom-pus ass is like trying to unseat the other one that is the Governor (WOLF), he is another Demo-Rat put in by the large cities in Pa, and you won’t get any help with trying to unseat them as they are so in-trenched with supporting the welfare system, public transportation which is the REAL JOKE, 98% of the states gas tax goes to support their failing Public Transportation Systems, I always thought that if you had a business it was to make a profit, but not to rely on tax money, and hand outs from back door deals that are passed out by these Demo-Rats, just think about it .77 cents in gas taxes, what they are really doing with that money, a real good job of padding a lot of pockets in Pa, it has been going on for years and no sign of it going away any time soon!!!!!!! I’m glad that I moved but it was always fighting a live and real bunch of ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Just Peduto appeasing his THUG voter base. The more thug lives he saves due to the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS being disarmed for absolutely ZERO reason and to making them easier targets for his THUGS…. the MORE VOTES HE GETS !!! THAT is reason he signed these into law. He won’t go after the ACTUAL problem, thugs with illegal guns, that would piss them off and they would take his ass OUT. He is scared shitless of the hood rats. Watch the Pittsburgh news ANY MORNING on channel 2-4-11. There are at least 2 to 4 murders in Pittsburgh daily (nightly, the shooters slither into the dark), the chance of these being done by a legally purchased firearms in the hands of non repeat criminal is damn near ZERO, FACT !. Peduto KNOWS EXACTLY what and where the problem is but turns a blind eye for his coveted votes. Grow a set of balls Billy and go after the REAL problem, it is growing by the day.
      You in Pittsburgh that are screwed by these laws, know that he did it from personal fear and FOR votes. GUARANTEED !

    9. Everyone of these people should be removed from the office they hold. The voters of Pittsburgh need to make it happen.All over this country the voters need to make it happen.

    10. It’s time gun and ammo manufacturers distributors and retailers got together and refused to sell any products to town, city, state or federal departments that refuse to follow the second amendment ! If the average law abiding citizens can’t purchase or carry why should others be allowed!?! No one and I mean no one is that much more important than the people around them!! You will live and then you will die it’s that simple, no one person should be treated any differently because of the JOB they choose to perform!!! If a law is passed it should not be any different rules for any reason not to be followed because of job status!!! If I can’t be allowed to own something then that should be LAW for equality for everyone!!

      My money is no different than municipalities except most municipality’s don’t pay taxes !! if I’m not allowed to purchase something the manufacturer, distributors, and retailers, towns, city’s and states will lose millions of dollars from the average citizens! So commerce also gets less meaning less taxes are collected and I know for a fact people spend big money for guns and ammo to enjoy a family day at the range !! I have lost more friends due to drunk drivers than guns!! So when does prohibition resume ?
      Maybe they should see how many tax dollars have been collected just from guns, ammunition and accessories just in the last 15 years ! Without collected taxes how would politicians get paid?

      Anti gunners don’t pay these taxes !!

      1. Mine wasn’t liked by the moderator I guess, the truth must have bothered him/her. We have been neutered and must play nice now.

    11. WOW! A CRIMINAL who was WANTON to HARM others has caused the bureaucratic elites to pass ANOTHER INFRINGEMENT LAW AGAINST LEGAL LAW ABIDING American Citizens who did NOTHING LAWFUL! This makes NO “common sense” unless One understands what is COMMON (bad) about the politicians’ sense.
      Does any of these SO-CALLED PUBLIC SERVANTS remember the Constitution and its Amendments??
      I am specifically referring to the FIRST Amendment as as well as the Second Amendment.

      1. Ronnie Barrett of Barrett Firearms has done that in several locales…specifically California. I fhis products are illegal for average Joe Citiaen, he won’t sell or service any of his products to the Government/LEO agencies in those areas.

    12. RE: After signing the bill Mayor, Bill Peduto said, “If we didn’t challenge laws, women wouldn’t be able to vote.”

      So letting someone exercise their right to vote is the same as restricting someone’s 2nd Amendment Rights. Yeah, that is a logical comparison….

    13. I personally don’t own one of these weapons because I never have had a use for one. Now considering all the
      hell-a-belou about these guns I think I will look into purchasing one including high capacity mags. I’m not a threat to anyone. I love my country and am proud to have served in the military. Banning any weapon because of radical protest of some idiot using one is fruitless to say the least. There’s an old saying that goes ” When guns are outlawed Only outlaws will have guns”. When will people realize guns don’t kill people kill people?

    14. Hold onto your pants folks, these dumocrats wont stop until the entire country lives ,speaks & acts the way THEY see fit.
      I also wouldn’t be shocked to find out that they were responsible for masterminding all those shootings to get there way.
      Just a thought but , if it looks like a duck, walks like one & sounds like one it more than likely is one !!

    15. MDA? How can they put ” pressure” on these criminal politicians to violate a States Constitution or the Constitution of the United States? Who the hell are they??? No, what they do, ALL they do is swoop in with their bag of dollars and ask “How much?” They pay these people, Democrats rather, with money from GS. Isnt is funny how differently the two groups, moms demand action and AngelMoms, are treated? One group just hates guns and one group has had their children murdered by CRIMINALS by various means, they’ve had children kidnapped and raped by CRIMINALS and have lost children by various other disgusting means all at the hands of CRIMINALS and one group can get our politicians to violate the laws they’re sworn to uphold and one group cant get the time of day from animals like Nancy Pelosi.

    16. These laws are absolutely useless and dangerous and unenforceable. .Any nut bent on murdering is not going to abide by those laws; but law abiding gun owners will, putting themselves, their families, and the community in peril.

    17. This mayor and his city council are blithering idiots! To compare women’s suffrage to gun control proves the point. The vote foe women as well as blacks were Constitutional amendments justl like the second amendment. I wish ignorant, supposed law makers read and understood the history of this Republic! Is that too much to ask?!

    18. The modern democrat party are THE domestic enemies our Founders warned us about. These terrorists are irredeemable and there can NEVER be any reconciliation or reconstruction. There is only one obligatory remedy, in response to their “War of Leftist Aggression”. Plan accordingly.

      1. You are overlooking the Republican party, you know Take the guns first and follow due process later, bumpstock banning Trump. Or how about Red Flag Rick Scott from Florida, got that passed and several other anti gun laws, before Trump campaigned for him to be a senator. To name a couple.

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