Anonymous Snitch Group to Dox ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Trump Voters

“Outed” Trump voters get what they deserve? (The Witch, No. 2, Joseph E. Baker, Library of Congress)

U.S.A. – -( “Help Us Fight Domestic Terrorists!” with its slogan “Keep America Honest” urges anyone and everyone. “We’ve created this organization to ensure that those responsible for the election of Donald Trump can never threaten our nation and our freedom again. We’re building a list of known Trump voters to be submitted to public officials willing to take action. Join us in ensuring freedom always rings!”

Join you? After you libel 79+M Americans as “domestic terrorists”? More to the point, who are you?

“We’re a diverse group of patriots and People of Color looking to make a positive difference in America by unmasking Donald Trump voters,” they declare. “We believe that the majority of Trump voters only supported his presidency anonymously. It’s clear that the true majority of Americans opposed Donald Trump in public, but it’s our duty to expose those who actually supported him in private.”

They followed that up with a non sequitur quote against the tyranny of standing armies from James Madison, interestingly the Founding Father who penned the Second Amendment. It goes without saying that’s the issue that attracted so many Trump voters against the gun-grabbing Democrats. And the “About Our Team” blather still hasn’t answered the question of who “they” actually are, and whether this is really a “team” or just some lunatic loser with a website, and a white one at that, the claim of being diverse and the “PoC” appropriation notwithstanding.

And it’s a cowardly, hypocritical lunatic loser at that if the WhoIs domain registry can tell us anything about someone who proposes to lob rocks from the safety of the shadows. The website is registered through a Panamanian proxy.

That’s not the only thing that’s cowardly about all this. If you want to be a snitch, you have the option to turn in friends, family, and acquaintances anonymously, just like the Stalinists, the Nazis, and the Chicoms!  There’s a “group of patriots” for you! And note the update that they’ve “added filters to stop the names of prominent Democratic officials and contributors from being added,” to keep the list “Republican.”

So, what else do they tell us about this “effort”?

“We’re compiling the information in a secure database to be released to the public at a later date, or to public officials if we decide that releasing the names publicly constitutes significant risk,” they proclaim. “If you have strong feelings regarding the potential use of this data, or would like to see it released publicly, let us know!”

What delegated powers Democrat politicians have for avenging themselves on Trump voters is left unsaid, although there are certainly some who have made their desire to pursue treason charges clear. While the site links to a government voting laws page, it offers no legal insights on whether the vengeance it seeks could be construed as a conspiracy to encourage voter intimidation and suppression.

There’s also no indication if they are qualified to determine “significant risk” and have the resources to make restitution should their evil irresponsibility be legally found to have contributed to an injury or worse to a growing list of threatened and/or attacked Trump supporters. That said, there’s every indication they are maniacs urging retaliatory terror against any whose votes they want to punish.

Did I mention they are cowardly maniacs?

Who else has noticed that these are the same people who demand our guns?

This site is so ridiculous, a part of me wonders if it’s really not just a goof, or even a trap by “friendlies” to get leftist snitches to out themselves by submitting entries, and then doxing them. Could be. Could also be some clinically narcissistic, psychopathic, and sadistic troll with delusions of significance.

You can sign me up, comrade. I wasn’t a “Trump voter” per se as much as a Trump agenda voter because he didn’t go nearly far enough for me, but feel free to “out” me to anyone pathetic enough to turn to a twitching loser snitch like you for “guidance.”

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Dr. Strangelove

I’m a truck driver, and I wore, and still wear, my Trump 2020 hat all over. I am far from anonymous. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t get a compliment or two. I get the occasional hard stare, but apparently no one has the guts to say anything negative. This is how the Marxists work, in mobs.


I agree. I don’t understand the “threat” of doxxing. If you see what I wear and the things I do and say it’s not a far reach to know that I’m a Trump voter, Veteran, gun owner, etc. Obviously I don’t care if people know who I truly am.


Doxxing allows nut cases to know where you live and when you aren’t there they can cause some damage you might not want to come home to. It’s a cowards way of “getting” someone.


yeah but wearing a red hat in public does not reveal your residence address, phone number, email address….. and anyone dumb enough to try and follow you home to learn some of that can easily be dealt with. I’d not want my address published openly. I work hard to limit that piece of information to those who “need to know”, not WANT to know. Having a PO Box for mail helps. They can stand outside that box all day long but I might not check the mail for a week.


If being an American who believes in the Constitution make me a domestic terrorists then that I am! And if the MORONS wrapped in STUPID want to come after me, I’ll be waiting!


There are a lot of lunatics out there.

Country Boy

and they all vote democrat


A large percentage of them do.


These idiots are gonna poke the bear one too many times and we’ll just shoot them between the horns to make sure they can neither bred or breath again
Nobody is taking my guns or giving me shit for voting for Trump twicr


Nobody will even attempt to “give me shit” for voting for Trump a first time… not without bleeding, they won’t. At age 70+ and in poor health, any assault on me (even with just fists) has a high real-world (and therefore serious) potential for being either crippling or lethal… so defending myself with lethal force is absolutely justified. l won’t hesitate to protect myself, and i certainly won’t take a beating from anyone, for any reason. Besides, idiot DemocRats need to learn that – in the case of old people – the term “life in prison” no longer serves as… Read more »


First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
Pastor Martin Niemöller


Yeah that’s true but there are at least 79 million and surely a lot more than that here. AND Most of them are armed. Unlike the Jews then. What’s more is that most jews I know voted for obama when he so fraudulently somehow became someones pResident for 8 years, surely not mine but this is just a continuation of the same sort of con that happened then and now we gotta deal with it. I VOTED FOR TRUMP AND PROUD OF IT. OUT THAT!!!


Isn’t this partly what the 2nd Amendment is all about? Protecting our USA from tyranny? Oh, and elk hunting.

Put me on the list, please.


Wnat, so elk re voting these days? Not really surprised.


Nice Hate Group they have there.


Yeah, shame if sumthin would happen to it…….


It shouldn’t be necessary for me, but how can I make sure that I’m on the list? I don’t want to be late for the party. Yeah, I voted “against” Socialism more than “for” Trump.

Dave in Fairfax


When the website works again you can register yourself. They’ve been down since yesterday. Prolly too many people being reported.
It’s better if you sew on a red R.


“I voted “against” Socialism more than “for” Trump.”
If that’s the case, you don’t get it, as do most RINO’s


I’m with JayWPB. Unlike almost all other candidates, Trump in 2016 had zero political record, so it was much harder to examine his real agenda. And he had attempted to commit an eminent domain abuse against Vera Coking in NJ (really punching down), and had published statements in his book advocating gun control (and if you have any memory, actually executed a ban in office afterwards). At that point, his best quality was that he wasn’t Hillary. He governed much better than most of our expectations, though sadly, NOT on guns.


You may indeed be “a diverse group… and People of Color,” but there is not a single, solitary true Patriot within your “organization.” Which makes you a bunch of lying asses. [I can use that term. It’s appropriate… the DemocRat icon is, after all, a jackass!]


I’m with ya but a jackass is way to good for a bunch of TURDS.



John Dow

Yep, not patriots at all.

Just a bunch of would be bullies.


I am a Trump voter, I am very proud of that.
It seems there is supposedly no evidence of voter fraud because the powers that be refuse to acknowledge what is very plain to most of us. Why do they not want to acknowledge it, because they know it’s true. The same way when they’re caught doing wrong (Hunter, Coumo, and many others) they just ignore it knowing the media of the state will be complicit in covering it all up. IF NOT NOW, WHEN!

Autsin Miller III

“delusions of significance” That says it all Mr. Codrea. Heavy on the delusions part. These narcissistic basement dwellers feel emboldened now that like minded narcissists are in office. One thing about these folks though, they always seem to underestimate those whom they are denigrating and one of these days the consequences could be more significant than they can imagine. You can only push people so far.


You can only push people so far.”

Absolutely correct. And those asses [DemocRat icon is a jackass, remember?] are about to discover that crossing the line has real-world consequences… which will be a very painful lesson!


I was gonna register myself, but the website doesn’t work! Proud American supporting the ideals that Trump stood for!


RBA – I kinda had the same thought (more or less) – will they give us extra credit or more brownie points if we turn ourselves in to them? Seems to me that we can trace such nonsense directly to always off course since she made an issue of compiling such a list not too long ago. The ‘group’ might want to consider that our side has computer whizzes as well who could easily trace them and compile a list of ‘them’ – for future consideration of course since we won’t go after them under normal circumstances. OTOH it might… Read more »


I am neither Republican nor Democrat,I am an American and I Love my Country and want it back.


So, a post turtle?

Autsin Miller III

No. that would make him a patriot.


Being neither Dem, or Repub would make him something else, possibly an Independent.

Dave in Fairfax


Best thing to do with people who make post turtles is to barbwire them so they know how it feels. Psychopaths and Sociopaths have a hard time understanding things like empathy.


Are “patriots” and “people of color” mutually exclusive?
Wow, am glad they clarified that.


Looking forward to my first visitor. It will not go well for them.

Dave in Fairfax


My HOA doesn’t let me keep hogs. %-(


You realize, the people who created that organization/site aren’t the ones who are going to visit you, right? They have no intention of visiting people.

Their intent is to put more people in power who will give orders to armed government employees to visit you. Currently, a large percentage of those armed, government employees are inclined to follow orders, especially if the orders are “legal.”

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

They are also a lot less likely to fire on the American People. Most of them that I know aren’t in agreement with this new FRAUD in Our White House. Not his as he spits out the EO’s like he is the Congress himself. Don’t think so. Unlawful !!! such as he is. He’s certainly not a leader and he is sure as hell not my President.


That hasn’t been the case in the past and there are very few who have stated what you just wrote.

Maybe you are right – then there is absolutely nothing to worry about.


It sounds like you know quite a few LEOs. Ask them:
“If a law is passed to ban the possession of semiautomatic rifles and you are ordered to enforce that law, will you follow orders?”


LOL. Yep! I agree. It will not go well for them at all !


Ah, building a list so the demonrat/antifa terrorists know where to go to intimidate Trump voters, steal guns though I am sure not all Trump supporters have guns, and do it when they are on vacation or shopping rather than using a mob. Sounds like publishing the CCW lists that happened a few years ago and that they want to do again only this time it’s the demonrat government, not a news paper.


ANTIFA is only hunting itself. They are the domestic terrorists.



uncle dudley

Who ever wrote the web site story that you are reporting on is a moron, maybe it’s adam schiff and company behind this, the kicker to me is the statement we are patriots and people of color. Every person has a color to their skin, why do they use the phrase patriot and person of color, crayons still have white in their box of colors to choose from for kids to use, so they to drop the phrase people of color. A patriot loves his country and color has nothing to do with it, after all, we all bleed red… Read more »


These people are only using those phrases to keep Blacks on the “Plantation”. You’re one of us so you should be thinking like this.
The white man is your enemy.


You think if you own a gun or frequent sites like TTAG that you aren’t already on the Lefty/Democrat/Socialist Re-education….or to disappear…..list???? I didn’t exactly vote for Trump in 2016 or 2020……his NY personality is a no go. However, I sure as Hell voted against Crooked Hillary and Sleazy, Creepy, Senile Ole Joe and his Ho Kameltoe. Does that put me on the list????


I’m adding Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth (my Senators). Plus any other Democrats I can think of 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by SGT_Wombat

I can’t access it. Was it taken down?


Yes site was taken down probably by a bunch of Trump supporters, LOL

Dave in Fairfax

SGT & Bones, I mentioned about 8 hrs ago that it was down and had been for a while. You CAN’T add Dem politicians, reread the article. It could be down d/t an unintentional DDOS (Directed Denial Of Service) attack, in other words, excess traffic, or it could be down for some other reason. If you do a Whois on it and a little more public domain searching you find that it goes back to a LA phone number and an e-mail acct that goes to [email protected], 6613102107. The whois info is prolly legit, the e-mail, is highly… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave in Fairfax

So (if it ever starts up again), don’t target prominent D politicians. Target their underlings, secretaries, chiefs of staff, the police chiefs who work for them, the members of loony school boards, leftist union officials, the idiot Marxist who writes those letters to your local newspaper, the manager of the local Chase or BOA, the “ordinary housewife” Karen from your local gun control chapter… come on, it’s a target-rich environment, use your imagination.

And a VPN.

Dave in Fairfax


Absolutely a VPN.
While emotionally I think it would be great fun to have them go after their own people, I don’t hold with the idea. Wrong is wrong, even if it’s done for payback or giggles.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave in Fairfax

Come and get me, bitches!


Right on me too and they’ll get more than they bargained for.


its what BLM spent their 90 MILLION on after 8 months of burning cities


The store owners should have shot ANYONE looting them. It wasn’t just blacks that I saw in the videos of the looting.


But you have to admit, it was like playing Where’s Waldo.


Videos I saw were almost exclusively white punks doing the rioting and the looting. Admittedly I didn’t watch much, already knew I was disgusted, that they were not dangerously close, and that if they came for e – I’d be armed.


That;s fine, to shoot the “people of more colour” when they are looting your store. Criminal trespass and all that. But don’t hesitate to take a shot at “people of less colour” when they are doing the same thing. Be an “equal opportunity destroyer”. No prejudice needed here.


As Pilate lamented. “ The Madman was set free because his followers spoke the loudest.”


The Barabbas story did not occur. The privilegium indulgentsia law (that provided for the release of one prisoner annually) was not passed by the Roman Senate until 300 years after the Crucifixion. Even then, it was to be used only by the Emperor (no regional governor – praefectus – had any such authority), and that (criminum) law specifically excluded murder, rape, and arson (so as a convicted murderer, Barabbas was ineligible). In the oldest manuscripts, the biblical verses telling the Barabbas story did not appear. Another manuscript (300+ years) later contained those verses in Aramaic, not in Greek like the… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JoeUSooner

The message at that URL now strongly suggests they still own the domain name, but their website was taken down. Voluntarily or involuntarily, cannot tell.


Someone needs to write a nice little bot that submits either any and all public information scraped off the web, submits all Democrat voter registrations, or fills it with made up information to make their hate-abase useless.


Don’t forget to include ALL DemocRat leaders (elected and appointed) in that wonderful “list.”

Dave in Fairfax


Before making that suggestion, you might have wanted to brush up on the federal anti-hacking laws.


WOW. The Dems socialist ideals are more Fascist every day. We ae witnessing the rise of a new style Nazi party here in America! I never liked President Trump, but I haven’t liked any president since Reagan!


So you’re just another “Never Trumper”, stop listening to the Democrats. He did many things for you and you turn your back on him.


Well that may be because there hasn’t been a president worth a damn since Reagan until Trump. You might not like Trump as a Person or his personality but if you didn’t like what he did for this Country then you will most likely never like another President because Trump did more for this country than any president in my lifetime and i’m 68 yrs old. Name something he did that wasn’t good for this country.President Trump loved and believed in this Country and he wanted nothing more for us than to see it prosper and do good. Make it… Read more »


“Name something he did that wasn’t good for this country.”


Here are the transcripts – it makes it a little easier to count how many different gun control laws Trump asked the legislators to put in a bill. It also makes it a little easier to see all the specific gun control laws all the Republican legislators asked for: The video (posted above) is really good though to see how excited Diane Feinstein was to hear Trump ask for more gun control. I doubt she has been that stimulated in a quarter of a century, perhaps longer. It also helps to see how pathetically weak Cornyn is when confronting… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Also, I don’t think it was good for the country to use taxpayer money to attempt to buy the votes of a segment of voters by creating yet more racist policies that discriminate against people who have the wrong skin tone:


You just gonna skip over the fact that both Reagan and Trump advocated for and implemented arms control?


Shhhhh . . . he’s worshipping.


“There is no fool like an old fool.”


Seriously, Choogie, shouldn’t firearm rights activists (whether they voted for Trump or not), at this point be waving this meeting in the face of establishment Republicans and say: “see what happens when a Republican presidential candidate advocates for more gun control? We’ve had enough – if you want our vote, you have to pledge you will not support any more gun control laws.” Instead, so many Republican voters pretend he didn’t advocate for more gun control (just like every other Republican presidential candidate since Dewey). That just emboldens the next candidate – they think: “damn, the firearm community voted for… Read more »


In the summertime, the grass is green.


Nice! How about, motherhood and apple pie?


Mom Andy apple pie are important, but firearms are critical. Besides I haven’t read of anyone coming out against either Mom or pie. I fear mother worship bills with gun control riders.


“Name something he did that wasn’t good for this country.” Banned bump stocks, demonized suppressors. Listened way too much to Jared Kushner. Appointed backstabbers Jeff Sessions, Bill Barr, Rod Rosenstein, Nikki Haley, Chris Wray, Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh… Trump’s bad hiring was his fatal flaw. You look at the assortment of freaks and geeks Biden has appointed — there’s not a single one who is a master of his/her/its craft, some not even barely competent — but the one thing they have in common is that they would all take a bullet for Uncle Joe in gratitude for the… Read more »


Bill Barr was the one who was really unconscionable. It showed Trump was completely tone-deaf on the 2nd Amendment.

To add to the list: right before the 2016 election he wasn’t polling as high as he should with the firearm community (because of his life-long moderately anti-2nd Amendment positions) and he pledged to create a “2nd Amendment Coalition” and his son would be the leader. People cheered and waved their American flags.

No 2nd Amendment coalition was created and his son became distracted with . . . other things.


I hadn’t heard that. Truly sad.


Five days before the election (pure pandering): The coalition was announced, but went nowhere. He did the same thing in 2020 – I just laughed. I voted for him in 2016 and 2020, but I understand why other pro 2nd Amendment people did not. Moving forward, I do believe it would be in “our” best interests to declare very loudly that his loss was in part due to the firearm community reacting to his 2/28/18 conference. If we don’t leverage it, his actions just encourage the next guy. It is not helpful to the cause to pretend he was… Read more »


Oh no! They are going to “dox” me? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
Be my guest! My address, phone # and most other information about me is already public knowledge. I live in a small rural town and we ALL know each other and most of each other’s business (as is the way with small towns). Go ahead. Think you’ll hurt me? I think not. I VOTED FOR TRUMP BOTH TIMES. Whatcha gonna do about it? Well Nazi?


I have a 44, 45, & a 40 caliber. Bring your bitch ass over to my house and see what waits for you. I VOTED FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP & I’M DAMN PROUD OF IT!!! So label me as a terrorist. I F! dare you.


Another internet Stasi.

Dave in Fairfax

Are you commenting on the article or another commenter?


The article.

This is basically 21st Century Stasi.


Interesting. Spoken like a true conspiracy theorist. You begin by stating the mantra of this group, that, quite frankly, nobody has ever heard of. And then you quite rightly, label it “just some lunatic loser with a website”. If you ended your right-wing rant there, I guess that would be fine and perhaps justified. However, you then erratically (and irrationally) make a right turn and try to claim that this is typical of Democrats! What, wait… How did you possibly make such a wild leap to that conclusion? It’s quite simple, and quite typical of most “leaps” that you make… Read more »


It’s people like Pelosi and the other ass hat democrats that give all democrats a bad name. I realize that a few have a couple of brain cells to rub together to make some decisions that are not tyrannical, but they seem to be getting farther in between. Your rant shows what kind of democrat you must be…one just like David is writing about. KMA.


jj is a spokesman for posing as a neutral observer. People of this ilk aren’t fans of Ammoland or similar. Sometimes a conspiracy is actually a conspiracy. Would you like to debate your position in front of a national audience?


Hmm lets see who has it been advocating for re-education camps for Trump supporters? On camera even. Oh thats right DEMOCRATS.


Send us your name and address JJ. There’s a free bag of dicks in it for you.


Wow that is a generous prize. My dog loves bully sticks but those suckers are expensive.