New York Democrats Once More Prove No Gun Laws Will Ever Be ‘Enough’

New York Democrats announce new controls for everyone but those among their constituents who refuse to control themselves. (Diana C. Richardson/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Democrats in New York are making a new push for stronger gun control laws in the remaining days of this year’s legislative session, including a provision that would allow individuals to sue gun manufacturers in the aftermath of a crime,” New York Now reported Tuesday. Lawmakers rallied in Albany Tuesday to support the package, which aims to restrict gun ownership in certain cases, while adding additional requirements for those seeking a firearm.”

They must want to get that Giffords Law Center “A-“ up to a full “A” (apparently even New York City’s Sullivan Act isn’t “good” enough for that). Not that climbing to the top will satisfy doctrinaire gun-grabbers, as California’s grade didn’t stop Gov. Gavin Newsom from having a citizen disarmament meltdown after Golden State edicts didn’t even slow down that maniac in San Jose. (That no one saw fit to tie in victim disarmament there with Sheriff Laurie Smith’s “alleged” CCW for campaign contributions quid pro quo program is no accident.)

It does make it fair to wonder if Giffords would give the People’s Republic of China an “A+.”

So, what do the New York freedom prohibitionists want now?

  • Mandatory drug and mental health certification prior restraints, despite the observable reality that allowing shifting psychiatric opinions from potentially biased examiners to be the sole determinant for disarmament is a lunatic idea.
  • Mandatory safety course and shooting test prior restraints with 90% accuracy results, while, per Gothamist, NYPD officers “must meet a ‘score’ of at least 78 percent.”
  • Require a hunting license and proving you’ve “bought a safe storage depository” before purchasing a gun. And if you don’t hunt? Or if you go to all that expense and get torpedoed by a hoplophobe shrink or only score 11% better than a Big Apple “Only One”?

And, of course, they want to blame and sue gun manufacturers for the actions of those who, based on results, can’t be trusted to be let out of a cell (which they’re against, by the way, and even want to have erased from civil background checks, putting unsuspecting employers, renters and the like at an 83% recidivism risk per the Bureau of Justice Statistics). It’s also interesting, the way neo Marxists spit out the word “profit” like it’s a bad thing.

“Democrats are also seeking a series of other changes in their gun control package, including a new funding stream to research gun violence, programs geared toward gun violence education in public schools, and a liability insurance requirement for gun owners,” the report adds.

As if any of that will stop the violent sociopaths among their constituents who are incapable of coexisting in society without resorting to predation.

Meanwhile, the best New York Republicans seem to be able to come up with is “Enforce existing Intolerable Acts.”

But let’s say the prohibitionists get everything they’re demanding. The next time the laws don’t stop those who ignore their stupid edicts, they’ll just be out there with a new list of demands.

The buzzword the grabbers like to throw around is “Enough.” For them, it will never be.

Especially if the summer turns out to be as hot as it’s shaping up to be

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Why does anyone live in Mew York?

Either physically remove the treasonous politicians who betray the Constitution, and those officer and court lawyers and judges who enforce illegal laws, or move.

If you remain under tyranny without fighting it, it is your own fault.

Dr. Strangelove

Some people are unable or unwilling to move. Family is an issue for many, I moved to Iowa and drive 110 miles to visit relatives in Illinois.


“… unable or unwilling … Family is an issue …” Dr. S., I appreciate you acknowledging those constraints. Also, I would for others turn the comment around and state: throughout history regardless of place some have had to “leave” (in the extreme think of “Lot” – angels had to physically drag him and his family to safety) most leave to avoid all conflict (even seeking wealth is a form of avoiding conflict – competition for scarce resources). … What if those that did not have to leave throughout history stayed and attempted to improve their circumstances including resisting those that… Read more »


Look in the mirror to find the closest virtue signaler. If one remains in what you admit is an entirely corrupt state like NY or CA and does not fight with all you have to retain and regain your rights, by refusing to comply, by refusing to pay taxes to fund your oppression, by suing them every time they infringe, and proudly committing civil disobedience, then you are funding and assisting in your own demise. Fight like hell, or leave. Get your family to do the same. Besides, families are spread all over the country, you do not need to… Read more »


NAILED IT, I left Ct., in 3004 and only went back to visit once, I have family that I love up there , however I won’t go to a area where my rights are violated because of a unconstitutional law.


If they are unwilling to move then they deserve to suffer! It is their choice to remain slaves, so from such as they I will not stand for any whining! I have relatives in the Communist enclave of California. They choose to live there, so I choose not to visit because I’m not willing to disarm myself just to see family who choose to be slaves. Modern generation Americans have become willing slaves, and we deserve the destruction of our nation, which we ourselves are destroying! I don’t want to hear anymore bovine fecal matter about won’t move or can’t… Read more »


Agreed. My husband and I both have siblings in California whom we will probably never see again. They chose their lives in Cali, and my husband and I chose our lives in Wyoming. We’re happy; they’re not; there’s not much we can do for them except send them our love.


What part of our state did you and your hubby land in? I’m just north of Casper!

I’m trying to get my place cleaned up as best I can, considering I’m in severely ill health and so I’m very limited physically, but I intend to sell my place and move to Alaska; I desire to finish up my life around saltwater. I just hope that my heart and lung issues will allow me to be at sea level again.

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming


Blessings to you and your family.


I have family who are the same, I see them as being comfortable in their capacity and the sad part is they vote for this crap, all skin foke ain’t kin foke.


Arizona. The problem is. They move to other States like my State of Florida and the first thing they want to do is bring their anti everything Sh*t here!


hippyb, You deserve NY’s dregs and the “Sh*t” they’re bringing. See my comment to Dr. S. above – you are a “virtue signaler”; I guess it goes with the “hippy” moniker.

uncle dudley

When you elect these type of people you get what you voted for.
It’s hard too feel sorry for states who keep voting these assholes into office.


Unfortunately, it’s those who didn’t vote for these assholes who have to suffer under their dictatorship!


There are these things called feet: most people use them to move about, and point of fact to actually move permanently from one place to another.

If you’re broke, it’s even easier hop a freight out of the state and start over.

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming


or maybe its those who COUNT the votes, which inlcudes they who meddle with the Dominion Software to “assure” the “proper” results.

There has not been a fair and honest election in the State of New York since long before Tim Sulllivan crowned himself King of New York City. Remember, he is the guy who got the first gun control laws passed in his kingdom. Of COURSE< SUllivan also oversaw the “enforcement” of those laws. Yeah right.


Stalin said it the best when asked about allowing undesirable people to vote in elections:

“It does not matter who votes. What matters is who counts the votes.”

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming


When these traitors are charged, they should be brought to trial, and exterminated so they are no longer a threat to our Constitution, all forms of any part of government that turns on the Constitution should be tried, and removed from that office!!!!!!!!!!!!! But all Demo-Rats always get a FREE PASS to do as they please and screw over G/Q public to gain true control!!!!

Dr. Strangelove

Tyranny, plain and simple. They’re afraid that honest people with firearms are in the way of total power.


That suggests that as the “liberals” leave to chase their incomes and avoid conflict, NYS will continue to reposition itself for a brighter future, because at some point only “honest people with firearms” will remain. … Then of course all that currently disparage NYS will want to live there. “Group think”, “herd mentality”, … people haven’t changed over the last 500 + years:


Does it trouble anyone that everything they are proposing is blatantly unconstitutional?


Not at all. You see, this has been going on for so long it has become expected. This has moved me far beyong being “troubled” any more. The “troubling” has led to “I’m mad and I ain’t gonna TAKE this anymore”. Let’s see now, what ARE those four boxes the Colonists kept referring to? Hmm.. ballot, maybe? Uhm, I think I remember something about the letter one. Oh, and there was also ths soapbox, I think. Now, I cna’t remember what that last one was,, it somehow seems to have escaped the steell trap door of my mind…… oh well,… Read more »


Anti-gun people don’t believe in the constitution. They never pass their thoughts through that lens.


They are just getting used to the color. When it all catches up to them, that will be the color that they wear the rest of their lives. This government is more corrupt than the mob and a lot less liked.


Useless creatures.


Mandatory drug and mental health certification prior to holding political office, and random checks during the term.

The other Jim

Is this a picture of those who were hired under Affirmative Action Quota’s? Is this a picture of those that were elected to Democrat Office by those who failed, dropped out then were hired under Affirmative Action Quota’s? Very depressing. It pleases me when I see pictures of WW 2, Korean War Veterans, etc…the people who loved and built this country. These free-loader, destroyers are the reverse of all of the prior productive builders of this country.




I used to really like the color orange. Those communist assholes have officially ruined it now.


I used to go to New York to ski; now PA gets my recreation dollars. As far as I’m concerned, NY is a hostile, unsafe country, like Mexico, where I would not travel to or spend money to support. Same goes for the rest of the New England Communist Block of States. NJ, Ct, Ms Ma. I also refuse to travel through those States to get to the ski areas in NH and Vt. They loose out also .


You been to ski Liberty ? I can spit on it.


New York is dead to me. Let the dead bury their own dead.


Anti-Constitutionalist’s=Anti-Americans=Enemies of the United States…


They are not sheep: sheep are useful, they provide wool, they provide leather, they provide wonderful wonderful lamb dishes which are quite tasty!

The term you are looking for is lemmings, little rodents who destroy the landscape, turning it into something that more closely resembles the Moon and once every several years head for a cliff, from which they will leap into the dark Waters below!

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming

wake the--ll-up-people

now That,,– is funnie.. and just a bit to true..


Nothing less than total control over every part of our lives is what the CRBs desire, and the only way they will get their wish is to disarm all but those who swear allegiance to the communist way of life.
Ain’t it funny you hear about the Marxist agenda, which is straight up Communism, but very few are unafraid to say it.



If not me, who?

wake the--ll-up-people

I know how to fix it….. “We the People”,, and self governance.


Regarding the psychological clearance – no mental health professional will ever endorse anyone as safe. Not in this litiginous society. They know it is a total non-started and will effectively prohibit firearms posession.

wake the--ll-up-people

About your second amendment rights,, The Govt has converted them from rights to a privlege ! Listen up people this is LAW and you can go prove it to YOURSELF,,, FIRST: There are 3 kinds of Citizens in America. SECOND: They are,, American Nationals,,(approx 315 million) United States citizens,, and Citizens of The United States of America,,(approx 32-34 Million).. THIRD: Only the Americans, have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms,,,.. the other 32+million have been “granted the privledge” of having firearms IF they get a License and REGISTER the weapon..” FOURTH: the government,, Which “grants the privledge–to their EMPLOYEES… Read more »


Small correction: the Sullivan Act is STATE not City.



Thank you for the correction! This might seem like a small thing to most people, but in reality it is not; these days writers/authors rarely seem to bother with corrections and they never address them personally!

Accuracy has fallen by the wayside amongst the DSM!

However, I must point out that in this day and age of the DSM reign, Leni Riefenstall would feel right at home!

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming


CA has too many sheriff’s that oppose issuing permits. Smith runs a corrupt operation where she takes huge bribes in order to issue a permit.