Did You Think Cuomo And James Only Wanted The NRA Destroyed?

Survival of the Republic & Sovereign People: Armed Citizenry - Part Three
Did You Think Cuomo And James Only Wanted The NRA Destroyed?

New York/United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- One refrain often heard in relation to the assaults on the National Rifle Association launched by former New York governor Andrew Cuomo and New York attorney general Letitia James is that this fight has no implications for other pro-Second Amendment groups. They think it’s just because the NRA is a mess. Some even look forward to the demise of “Negotiating Rights Away.”

No doubt, the NRA has been lax and messed up, particularly with Ackerman-McQueen (it should be noted that the NRA and LaPierre have scored some wins in that litigation). Certainly, its leadership didn’t heed warnings about the potential for abuse of power years before Cuomo launched his attacks after the Parkland shooting. But anyone who thinks other pro-Second Amendment groups are safe never read the original letters from New York’s Department of Financial Services to banks and insurers.

Here’s what Maria Vullo wrote in her letter, titled “Guidance on Risk Management Relating to the NRA and Similar Gun Promotion Organizations” to insurance companies: “The Department encourages regulated institutions to review any relationships they have with the NRA or similar gun promotion organizations, and to take prompt actions to managing these risks and promote public health and safety.” [Emphasis added]

Let’s also look at what she wrote in her letter to banks, also titled “Guidance on Risk Management Relating to the NRA and Similar Gun Promotion Organizations,” just to be sure: “The Department encourages regulated institutions to review any relationships they have with the NRA or similar gun promotion organizations, and to take prompt actions to managing these risks and promote public health and safety.” [Emphasis added]

What do you all think the phrase “similar gun promotion organizations” might mean? I can think of a few off the top of my head:

  • Gun Owners of America
  • Second Amendment Foundation
  • Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep and Bear Arms
  • National Shooting Sports Foundation
  • Firearms Policy Coalition

Those are just the national groups. What do you think happens to the state-level groups? Again, the Cuomo regime (which is continued under Kathy Hochul) didn’t just target the NRA – the letters specifically mentioned “similar gun promotion organizations.”

They’re not after the NRA, they’re after every Second Amendment supporter and every pro-Second Amendment organization. The NRA is just first on their to-do list. Just the Letitia James-style fishing expeditions and the coerced financial blacklisting would wreak havoc on those groups, which have a fraction of the resources of the NRA. This is not the first time anti-Second Amendment extremists targeted organizations that sought to defend the Second Amendment.

Recall, back when big cities were suing gun manufacturers, they also included trade groups as defendants, including the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) – as this lengthy piece from a lawyer with the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence admitted in a footnote.

Back then, the goal was to use the threat of legal costs to force gun manufacturers into settlements that would achieve the goals that anti-Second Amendment extremists were failing to get via the legislative and political processes. But they also wanted to silence pro-Second Amendment voices – and so-called “moderates” like Dan Gross do nothing to stop it. That is what is behind financial blacklisting, corporate gun control, campaign finance “reform” schemes, social stigmatization, and Silicon Valley censorship.

Now, the goals are simple: Deny any nascent pro-Second Amendment group access to financial services. Render others ineffective in a sea of legal fees. Over the long term, it would eventually silence pro-Second Amendment activism.

Second Amendment supporters need to act. You don’t have to join the NRA or donate, but you do need to write your elected officials, and among other things, urge passage of a state-law equivalent to the Freedom Financing Act. There is also a need to work to defeat anti-Second Amendment level extremists at the federal, state, and local levels via the ballot box as soon as possible. But ultimately, Second Amendment supports need to resolve that an attack on one pro-Second Amendment organization is an attack on all pro-Second Amendment organizations.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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AZ Lefty

Be Real; it is LaPierre and his Cabal wanting to destroy the NRA; thier actions gave NY the opportunity to do this

Henry Bowman

Both NRA leadership and the NY gun prohibitionists share in the blame. Mostly Radioactive Wayne’s fault with his grifting and subverting the NRA. Believe me, Wayne will ride the NRA all the way down to ground zero like Major Kong from ‘Dr. Strangelove’!


“…one $40,000 Rodeo Drive suit, one drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleepin’ pills, tranquilizer pills; viagra pills; one miniature combination Russian phrase book & Bible; $100 in rubles; $100 in gold; 9 packs of chewin’ gum; one issue o’ prophylactics; 3 lipsticks; 3 pair o’ nylon stockin’s. Shoot, a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Frisco with all that stuff!”
-Major LaPew


Have some dignity and stop kissing up. It’s sad.

Henry Bowman


Charlie Foxtrot

The NRA is pretty much done, as it dug its own grave!

Harold, I have a newsflash for you. Insurance companies are in the business of managing risk! They are also in the business of making money.

How Maria Vullo’s letter impacts the organizations you mentioned is unclear. Are you saying these organizations are selling sham insurance products, like NRA Carry Guard?

USCCA and similar companies have had to deal with the NRA Carry Guard fallout for years now. I am glad that you are finally catching up to the damage the NRA has done.


The NRA might be done but so is Andrew Cuomo, they are both turds that flushed themselves ! LMFAO


And on another note: I got a notice last January from Lockton that my renewal was for 2021 and they would not offer a similar product for 2022. Has NRA bothered to talk with its corps of Instructors, Coaches and Training Counselors on this issue? We assume great liability when we teach and run matches. Does anyone at NRA have our backs?

Henry Bowman

Short answer: NOPE!


Nope, but Lucky (La)Pierre & Co has your backside.

The Weirdness of Wayne LaPierre

Synonym for Weirdness: Q-ness.


Step one: incorporate and relocate to liberty loving states. I saw this question raised to Wayne the magnificent 25 years ago just to get scorned. Look at us now. Don’t walk down a hostile street with a ‘kick me’ sign on your back. That is the lesson learned. Get out of progressive utopias like NY and Bellvue Washington. You are a target.


Gun promotion organization? Just as liquor advertisements do not promote drinking alcohol. coffee ads do not promote coffee drinking, (they do however urge you to buy particular brands), no gun rights organization pushes gun ownership on the anti-gunners or the uninterested, This new accusation should be easy to squelch.

Last edited 10 months ago by Wass

NRA’s been run by corrupt stupid grifters who took $Bs that should’ve gone to elections. So dumb they ignored board-atty advice in 1990 to GTFOO NY to a pro-gun state. Unless other groups are super corrupt & stupid they’ll be fine.

I’ve doubts about SAF since Workman put LaPewCo in power & Gottlube abused SAF resources to keep faux-gun ‘Libertarian’ Bloomberg-collaborator al Nor’qu’ist on NRA’s board. Also doubt FPC, run by a Norquisling toady.

LaPew had real victories vs fellow vamp AcMc? In what uverse?

Can’t a day go by w/o you giving Lucky (La)Pierre a lick job?

Last edited 10 months ago by Russn8r

Nastiness and filth really help you make your point.

Wild Bill

He is practicing for his next book, “How to Win Enemies and Disgust People”

Last edited 10 months ago by Wild Bill

There you go again with the prissy bubble boy act. Did you cry when Trump said the P word? You love “genuine” S-posting by your pet chimp WillTEX.

Last edited 10 months ago by Russn8r
Wild Bill

I can not understand you because you use baby talk phrases. Please, please write like an adult.


Translation: “What’s a P word? Can you spell it out? What’s the S in S-posting mean?”


You cry about innuendo, but you & WB love it when your Enforcer pal WillTEX does actual nastiness and filth.

Keep On Suckin’!


Don’t go away mad Superboy; JUST go away!


Sure, Agent. Sure.

Wild Bill

The way he responds to people, you’d think that he was raised in the Gambino family.


But you’re fine with your foul mouth pet chimp WillTex.


He was actually raised by a family of chimpanzees, who ultimately threw him out because he would eat his own feces and then try to kiss mom.