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Dan Wos.

USA – -( Why does it seem that Democrat Politicians fuel violence in our society and perpetuate illegal behavior? We ask ourselves why they would do such a thing. Why would people like “placeholder” Governor Hochul let prisoners out of jail knowing that thousands of crimes will be committed as a direct result? Why would Governors and Mayors in Democrat-run cities across the Country support left-wing violence by groups like Antifa and BLM only to see their own cities get destroyed? Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey took to the streets and joined protestors in the hopes of appearing to be on their side as they rallied to defund the Police. Kamala Harris even backed a “bail fund” that helped free six men accused of domestic violence. Why don’t Democrats condemn this behavior?

Often times, the benefit to Politicians is the ability to blame guns for the crime rate while excusing themselves for putting criminals back onto the streets and perpetuating the mayhem. An increase of violence in our communities helps the Politician who runs on a platform of keeping the people safe. If the danger and violence didn’t exist, they would have nothing to pretend to fight against. They seem to welcome the violence but avoid the responsibility they have in creating it. Makes you wonder who the real “bad guys” are.

According to The Bureau of Justice and Statistics, Criminal Victimization Report there were 5,813,410 incidents of violent crime in America in 2019. In the following year of 2020 there were 4,558,150 incidents of violent crime. Although we’re supposed to believe that the violence is caused by an increase in gun sales, we can’t help but recognize that it’s corrupt Politicians who are actually encouraging the violence.

On June 11th, during the height of the 2020 violence, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced that in “police-free zones” we could have a “summer of love.” Around that same time, non-gun-owning citizens started taking the personal safety of themselves and their families into their own hands. In 2020 firearm background checks increased at an astonishing rate. People were watching cities across America burn to the ground while people like Jenny Durkin joked about it and Kamala Harris worked to bail out the perpetrators. It would seem that Americans recognized just how irresponsible Durkan, Harris and others really are. Despite the perpetuated violence created by bad policies and irresponsible Politicians, a pushback on crime by American citizens started to occur.

Although Democrats want to blame the violence on guns, while at the same time defunding their own police departments and releasing prisoners back into society, gun related crime has actually dropped by 30% because the number of guns in the hands of good people has increased. We’ve seen this correlation between the reduction of crime and the increase of gun-ownership for decades. Where there are more good guns in the belts and purses of lawful American citizens, there is less violence. Good guns keep the bad guys on their best behavior.

According to The National Shooting Sports Foundation, 17.2 million background checks were completed in 2020, versus 15.7 million in 2016, which was the previous high-water mark for gun sales.

As a direct result of left-wing violence across America, October, 2020 showed a 60% increase in background checks over the same time during the previous year. Good people were forced to take their safety seriously. In 2020, approximately 6.9 million people purchased a gun for the first time. This tells us that even non-gun-owners began to realize how important it is to protect themselves. They started turning to gun-ownership to achieve that level of safety.

Gun sales increased from 2019 to 2020 at a rate of almost 5 times more than the rate of increase from 2018 to 2019.

• Democrats increased violence by supporting domestic terrorists, defunding police departments and releasing prisoners from jail during 2019 and 2020.
• By the summer of 2020 people started to catch on and gun sales skyrocketed.
• As a direct result, violent crime started to go back down and gun-related violent crime decreased by over 30% by the end of 2020.

As politicians perpetuate violence, good people push back. The violence in America is not a gun problem, it’s a political problem and although, in the pursuit of votes, Politicians may hope the people look to them for protection; the truth is, people are starting to recognize that it is the Politicians who are causing the problems.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege. It’s your right.
Dan Wos
Author – Good Gun Bad Guy
Host of The Loaded Mic Show

About Dan Wos, Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

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Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and Author of the “GOOD GUN BAD GUY” series. He speaks at events, is a contributing writer for many publications, and can be found on radio stations across the country. Dan has been a guest on the Sean Hannity Show, NRATV, and several others. Speaking on behalf of gun-rights, Dan exposes the strategies of the anti-gun crowd and explains their mission to disarm law-abiding American gun-owners.

Dan Wos
Dan Wos
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the simple answer to your question is, because it helps further their agenda in assuming total control over the citizens of America. coup d’état. they wish to balkanize Americas, otherwise they would have no chance to take over. the old saying “a house divided”. they vilify the law-abiding and glamorize the criminals and deviants to facilitate this, pitting one group against another, i.e. hetro v homo or trans, bipoc v white, rich v poor, men v women, patriot v terrorist, and by changing the standard definition of words. it is our duty to counter this by speaking the truth, no… Read more »

Wild Bill

If one speaks the truth, no matter the cost or who it offends, might that not divide the house of patriots even further?
There were more than a handful of men in the First and Second Continental Congresses that really disliked each other personally, but they managed to control themselves so as to accomplish the goal of winning the revolution against King George (and avoiding being hanged!)


they have been vilifying children, your parents are white you are bad. most coal miners were white, and they were the last legal slaves in this country I owe my sole to the company store

Wild Bill

Sing it again Tennessee Ernie Ford!


Listen, the problem is the dystopian dimocRAT party and their evil supporters. ANYBODY who still votes dimocRAT is the problem.

Friends don’t let friends vote dimocRAT. ‘Nuff said? Gotta watch out for the denizens from the eGOP fraternity of assistant dimocRATs, they are all Judas’ in need of punishment.

Wild Bill

“assistant dimoRATs” most humorous. I’m stealing it!

Henry Bowman

Yes, steal that meme or label! It’s the only form of communism that actually works, LOL

Wild Bill

Here is to stealing!!! Confusion to the enemy!


The left, whether they be socialist, communist, National Socialist or progressive, all of them deny original sin and deny the evil natural impulse of man. They love to blame the material whether it be drugs, guns, alcohol or what ever for what ails human society. They know they cannot cure the ills of society because they do not speak to the intent behind evil, they do not see nor can they cure original sin. So they focus on the material world and establish prohibitions against this and that until they run out of things to ban. Then they resort to… Read more »


I’m none of those and have no belief in Original Sin. Most Christians (I’m not one) I know don’t accept it.


Mr. Wos, A very well written and true article. Sadly with the death of two New York City Police officers last week by a convicted felon raises many questions. Yes criminals don’t abide by any laws that are in place. Now there is a big push by NY State Governor Hochul and governors of other states to battle the Pipleline of Illegal Guns that come into the northeast. I wonder if anything that will be proposed and enacted is going to affect law abiding citizens and not the criminals. My own opinion is that since the perpetrator that killed these… Read more »


Did the student say he brought it to NY for sale? Did he buy it for a friend who could not buy in NY, needed a gun and was not traveling out of state?
Should it be illegal to arm your friends and family?

WTF is it a crime to bring a gun into NY?

Thou shall not kill, thou shall not rob, steal, or perpetrate unjustified violence. Don’t need any more than that do we?


The 10 Commandments should just about cover everything we need!


the simple sale of a gun across state lines should NOT be a crime. WHY is it? What harm, when done between honest citizens? This is an unjust law that makes its own criminals. Now thuis chap will be a convicted felon debarred the use of arms for life. Now IF he were selling to those sho, by their history cannot be trusted wuth guns, THEN he is perpetrating evil by enabling an evil man to do evil to others. But the probel is STILL not he gun itself. It is neutral, just like a rock at the side of… Read more »


Did the Philistines outlaw rocks after David rocked Goliath’s world?

Wild Bill

Or more properly slings or projectile weapons.

Wild Bill

You are aware that purchasing and carrying with you are part and parcel of the Right to keep and bear arms, correct. So there is no illegal buying (selling is the other half of buying) or illegal taking with you.


Replying to loveaduck,

That is very possible the 1st and 4th as you mentioned here. let’s hope not.


Replying to Finnky, I am replying to your post about the student who was arrested in NYC selling illegal guns. According to the news report the guns were transported in an atheltic style bag. I’m sure you are aware of the laws pertaining to the sale of guns legally. The student wasn’t selling them legally. I’m pro 2A as others are also believe in law and order, enforcement of existing laws, repealing many of the non sensical gun laws already on the books especially in blue states. This student had to have an idea of what they were doing was… Read more »

Wild Bill

All of those statutes that you allude to are unconstitutional, and thus null and void. Marbury v. Madisen.
If someone kills someone else, catch them and try them.


Replying to Tionico, If legal there shouldn’t be a problem. I have posted in my original message that the student was caught in NYC to sell the gun in NYC on the street illegally and was caught. That was according to the news clip about it. The student wasn’t identified. The student had to have idea of what they were doing and whom they were dealing with and how the guns were being transported was illegal and was caught in NYC upon arriving there, no date mentioned. My reading of your post to me on this seemed like you were… Read more »


Probably the 4th and then the 1st.

Wild Bill

They are statutes, not law because they are contrary to our Rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution. What is an illegal gun?


Replying to Wild Bill, You are correct about the statutes which they are for firearms used legally or illegally. Rights are different. In the context of this mess on the 2A, illegal gun purchases, straw purchases etc, only further the anti gunners attempts to eradicate the 2A, (groups and politicians) I know they don’t want us own guns. You posted a good question as to what is an illegal gun? I don’t know what actually constitutes an illegal gun? The politicians , and those that draft, propose laws to define what an illegal gun according to the statutes of any… Read more »


The human condition will most likely never be plumbed. Why ? b/c personal responsibility can’t be wrangled when there are GubMINT special interest’s groups – freeloaders exploiting that system & politicians that promulgate it. People
Vote according

“An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.“
Robert Heinlein


The human condition will most likely never be plumbed. Why ? b/c personal responsibility can’t be wrangled when there are GubMINT special interest’s groups – freeloaders exploiting that system’s, Welfare State, Immigration & War refugees, Syncretism, (Cloward, Alinsky, Piven, Kalergi Plan et alia) that system & politicians & ideologies that promulgate it. People vote according to they’re individual needs not the greater good of a National concept. Special interest groups have slowly eroded the backbone of America’s best dogma God, County, Family & Self gestalt paradigm that was the bedrock of American exceptionalism. Immigrants are typically not educated & looking… Read more »

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Even this site is prone to far, far far too much censorship. “Comment waiting for approval” approval of what the truth ? Not one pejorative or racist word in a post & it’s waiting for approval. Seriously ?

Not too mention the trolls, shills & negative posting PayOps.

Thought Police can say you have had too much too think.

Any digital censorship is digital mutilation of the tongue for speaking truth to power.

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