NFL Choosing Snoop Dogg for Halftime Show Ignores Settlement with Underage Girls

It’s curious who Americans are being primed to ignore otherwise unacceptable behaviors from and instead exalt to the point of worship. (NFL/Twitter)

U.S.A. – -( “Snoop Dogg performing at Super Bowl halftime show becoming even worse look,” sports columnist Phil Mushnick comments for the New York Post. His reaction was triggered by an ad for Corona beer “starring” the law-breaking rapper and juxtaposing that against the murder of two NYPD officers responding to a domestic violence call.

“And as I watched that Corona ad, I got to thinking about Snoop Dogg’s violently anti-police, pro-crime vile and vulgar ‘artistry,’ mindful that Roger Goodell appointed and anointed Snoop Dogg the headliner at this year’s Super Bowl halftime,” Mushnick related.

AmmoLand covered the complete lineup when it was announced last October. In addition to Snoop, it includes Dr. Dre, accused by his estranged wife of  “holding a gun to her head, punching her in the face and grabbing her by the neck,” and Eminem, who pled guilty on a weapons charge, whose ex-bodyguard claims engaged in an “armed standoff,” and whose spousal abuse is recorded in word and deed.

That’s enough to get most celebrities (deservedly) canceled, but some “cultures,” at least as far as their preponderant ethics go, are more immune than others. The violent degradation of women and rap have always gone together like peas and carrots. For an explanation, think dollar signs. That’s why Pepsi pays the big bucks for halftime show sponsorship rights.

So is it really a surprise that the “woke” anti-gun NFL would place such profits above principles? Besides,  Snoop, whose past includes illegal gun possession and beating the rap on a murder charge after “an alleged gang member … was shot by someone in the vehicle Snoop was riding in,” shares league management’s affinity for #NoGunsAllowed.

Imagine Goodell approving a headliner who advocated symbolically killing Joe Biden. Such a person would never work again, and no corporation would even think about associating their product with a “cancel culture” pariah lest they be bankrupted along with the “progressive” orthodoxy heretic.  Snoop did it twice with Donald Trump, once with a shot to the head and again on a morgue slab with a toe tag.

And the crowd went wild.

The guy seems impervious to the judgments that would result in a mob ready to rip apart anyone deemed by social media to be an infidel, and a good part of that is because he serves a purpose those deciding who and what to promote (still) find lucrative and useful. So instead of being destroyed and forgotten, he gets gig after gig, from Corona beer to The Joker’s Wild, all designed to normalize and expand his influence outside of rap and bring it into homes across the land.

And what more wholesome personality could Middle America welcome into its living rooms than the “star” of Girls Gone Wild: Doggy Style, doing the important work of luring underage girls with drugs to behave like drunken self-shaming exhibitionist sluts for his GGW business partner Joe Francis, convicted of falsely imprisoning and assaulting women, “grabbing one … by the hair and throat and slamm[ing] her head into the floor.”

NFL “values,” right, Mr. Gooddell? Especially with “Women … watching the NFL in record numbers”…

Speaking of that video, no one in media seems interested in the undisclosed settlement to get the underage girls to drop their lawsuit accusing Snoop and the production of acts to “solicit, lure, entice and pressure, through the use of their celebrity status and through offers of illegal narcotics such as marijuana and ‘ecstasy’ … [the two underage women] to disrobe and expose their breasts for the purpose of use in a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ film” (and the TBS money men who gave him the game show gig know about that but don’t care).

That you don’t hear a peep on this outrage from the Women’s March or other “feminist” groups (and every Democrat who tried to torpedo Brett Kavanaugh over “recovered memories” from a party apparatchik) for what you would think would be an issue of great importance for them. That plays on another demonstrable observation: The stated goals of leftist “issue” groups take a back seat to a greater agenda. It’s the same reason why you didn’t see furious demands for heads from the most strident LGBTQ leaders but instead, their silence was deafening when Muslim taxi drivers in Cleveland refused to drive cabs with “Gay Games” advertisements. It’s why “environmental case” groups don’t say a word about ecosystem destruction caused by invading aliens, not to mention the increased pollution, energy and water usage, and demand for infrastructure to accommodate millions of future Democrats. They each have their piece of the action, but ultimately, their individual causes are subordinate to the end goal and their “leaders” know it and steer things accordingly.

Besides, Shannon Watts is out there saying the real women-haters are men who support those buying guns in record numbers. Go figure.

Back to Goodell, these are the headliners he intends Americans to invite into their living rooms with his upcoming bread and circuses extravaganza, and based on results, he’s got his market figured out. We’re talking about a guy running an illusion machine that can convince multitudes (“SoFi Stadium’s normal seating capacity is 70,000, although that number can expand to 100,000”) to pay $7K for nosebleed seats, with the threat of eviction if they can’t produce their jab “papers” and/or take their masks down for other than eating and drinking overpriced concession stand garbage. There’s no word on what will happen if anyone decides to take a knee during that other “national anthem.”

Meanwhile, Americans throughout the land will be hosting Super Bowl parties and generally celebrating…what, exactly? No matter, most won’t care who they’re inviting into their homes as they raucously cheer “their” teams with an emotional devotion that, if manifested as opposition to the Democrat/media narrative, would get them condemned by the FBI as “domestic extremists” and worse.

Now, go and worship the new idols:

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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2A Gun Guy

Bravo David!


I really don’t give two Sh*ts what the NFL does. I haven’t watched since 2016 and will continue not watching!!! That goes for all team sports.


Fitting & true. I ponder how many of them actually police they’re own & realize they are living their own lies as well. The hypocrisy is deafening. Morals & Dogma of a system that is rigged & broken yet so many will keep picking up they’re paychecks & never give it a introspective thought about the total insanity of it all. Way past mission creep, off to reservation order followers.

“Only those that have gone over the edge really know where it is.”
Hunter Thompson


Broadus be cool wid it…. as long as he kin git ‘it‘ wet…. while gettin’ paid….. BEEE-otch.
He say dem young ‘unz wuz beggin’ fo it, anyway.
NFL doing a swan dive into a cesspool of shizzz… right where dey belong..


Thank God the rank & file are not the same animal as the Command Staff Douchebags… evidenced by your photo.


Sarcasm noted.

Last edited 3 months ago by Tank

I’ll be switching over to You Tube to watch a previous Lingerie Bowl game during that 1/2 hour….


What is a super bowl?

Wild Bill

Oh, that! That’s granny Clampett’s special mixing bowl for collard greens and possum innards stew !


My family and I will be heading to the range this Sunday.

I Haz A Question

Mrs. Haz and I completely abandoned all-things-NFL a few years ago and started our own tradition of going to the beach for Superbowl Sunday. A nice afternoon/evening on the boardwalk, sand, and local pier, then watching the sunset over drinks in a beachside restaurant. Good conversation, fresh cool air, and hot food. No politics or sports to mess it up.

Wild Bill

That is completely and positively cool!

Wild Bill

That is also, completely and positively cool!


Since when have Americans been able to control with any order of magnitude who gets the corrupt Half Time Show music selections & contracts ? Or for that matter the quality of the MSM programmer’s ? The PTB control the Overton Window playing field, not the people. Only when enough figure that out & revolt does society get a meaningful change. Just like Canada Truckers have done. The morals & value decay happened long ago. Read Morals & Dogma & you will understand it better. How it really works vs. the beLIEf of how it works & erroneous perception of… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Tank

That punk needed to go to the train station years ago


Jesus (PBUH) was judged and faulted for sitting with the prostitutes and the poor and was judged by the Zionist Talmudists of His time. He replied saying it was the sick who needed the doctor. Matthew 7:1 Context 1Judge not, that ye be not judged. 2For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. 3And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Lexicon77

I quit watching football when the NFL supported kappernick and he sported little pigs on his socks. I am not going to sit and watch a game and listen to woke crap for the whole game and be entertained by all black musicians and one white token that is going to sing the same type of crap. Excuse me, talk, because they can’t sing their way out of a wet paper bag. I wonder who the black person is that’s going to sing the national anthem and how many notes they are going to put in the song that aren’t… Read more »


Kappernick has been gone for years & they don’t broadcast the National Anthem during the year on tv except for before the Super Bowl, so no kneeling by the players is ever shown nor are the things you complain of. The National Anthem can be avoided by simply not watching it, then hitting the mute button while you do something else for the 1/2 hour of the Halftime Show…or just watch something else for a 1/2 hour, then tune back in at the start of the 3rd quarter. There’s more than 1 way to skin a cat so all you… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by 3manfan

I like the game, I just can’t stand all. the woke commercials and I hate the league for what they have done and stand for including the racist half time they are going to have and that they have taken a political stance. If I want to see politics, I will turn on Cspan and watch real politics in action. In addition, the people who get busted for beating the shit out of their wives or girlfriends, support dog and chicken fighting and all the bad actors that now reside there are trash. People like that should be fired and… Read more »


I’ll be watching “Life, Liberty and Levin”


would be watching too but it is almost only weekend where boat ramp will be empty so boating


Believe it or not, home culture diva, Martha Stewart, once hooked up with Snoop Dog on a TV commercial project. When it appeared, I was stunned.

Dry gulched

I remember a few years ago they trotted out snoop dog on the country music awards show. The place was stunned into silence. It was a “what the f is he doing here?” moment. There he stood for about 15 seconds, wearing leather everything and not uttering a wood. Off he went and that was it. Truly wtf.


By contrast, imagine if the NRA trotted out Bernhardt Goetz at a convention. All media would have a stroke.


Between teams throwing games for better draft picks and hearing of the grossly overpaid players dastardly deeds off the field that only warrant slap on the wrist I don’t know why anyone would still I have conservative friends who wailed on social media about woke culture yet every Sunday there they sit. I personally won’t be contributing to that cesspool.

I’d rather be out fishing with Montana454casull anyway….


I am part of the statistic why the olympics have the worst viewing record in history and I am dam proud of it.

Happy Everafter

We got snow, I’m going skiing. Certainly not wasting an afternoon watching that krappy NFL BS.


I don’t watch the NFL anymore and so the halftime show don’t mean anything to me . I bought a Eskimo 3 ice tent and I will be icefishing Sunday . The WOKE NFL has been canceled at my house permanantly !


I wish all of my family would follow suit. It’s a shame people don’t realize when they watch the game they are feeding the monster. We need to have stats come out that this viewing was one of the worst in history. Once it hits their pocketbooks they always wake up.


Why is this relevant?

Also, the article seems to opine that some unproven allegations should be treated as guilt in the court of public opinion.


Have to agree – why is it relevant. I don’t know when the game is, nor do I care – beyond fact that during the game is a great time to get shopping done while roads and stores are less crowded.


Who’s playing ? lol


I don’t know.


The faggy whiners of the gay bay are out. One more west coast piece of crap team to go and then a team, any team not on either coast will win and we can celebrate a victory by a fly over state.



do as I say not as I do ??? LETS GO BRANDON


These “people” are not artists, they are thugs and amoral criminals, their recordings are not music and anyone believing that they are to be admired or should be role models for kids are sicker than they are and should not be parents.

Last edited 3 months ago by JPM

Amen, truth said, drop the mike.


this is why i stopped watching tv. it has become so low anyone with an iq above 30 turns it off, three stooges has more value than anything produced today


Up has become down, right is left, evil is good, criminality is now virtuous, on & on & on ……& on.
The country’s in the toilet & gets worse by the day.
At least my parents & grand parents aren’t alive any longer to witness it, it’d break their hearts.


It breaks my heart on a daily basis but I won’t let them break my spirit.


For many years now, the Super Bowl halftime shows are nothing more than an Illuminati/New World Order shit show of symbolism.

Wild Bill

Janet Jackson … the Illuminati !!?? Stop pulling my leg, it is long enough, already!

Last edited 3 months ago by Wild Bill

wrong leg not the third one


Most of these really big celebrities like Madonna, Cher, and others are where they are because of NWO/Illuminati influence. Jay-Z and Beyonce are likely near the top of that list


Seems we can’t get through an AMMOLAND SHOOTING SPORTS ARTICLE without interjecting a bit of conspiracy theory. I swear if we could get through a day without some piece of this Alex Jones-type horses#t I’d pass out from joy. Even if these guys are right I don’t need to see this crap 50 times a day.


That is one of the reasons I do not comment much and do not follow the replies here.


It’s a sad testament to our once great country when you see so many conspiracy posts spammed, and other blatantly mentally disturbed posters spewing their diatribes. Several obvious people on the Ammoland forums would have been remanded to asylums in days past.


That was the last best halftime show and they made every excuse in the book for the failure!!!!!!!!!


US population 326.7 in 2021. Assuming 50% female – I think I could find a better pair than Janet Jackson’s!


Thanks David, for exposing them for what they really are, THUGS!


Good of you to write this, David.

But isn’t it sad that it has come to this?

The NFL is permanently destroyed.


Also NASCAR and all other major sports outlets. When you pay these assclowns millions of dollars for running around in a Superman costume and acting like their opinions matter worth a gnat’s ass this is what you get. “Professional” sports are the farthest thing from “Professional” you can get. The same with Hollywood and Music “Professionals”. People just don’t get it. They’re not real. If they have an opinion it was given to them.