Super Bowl LVI to Showcase ‘Fundamental Transformation’ with Celebrity Gun-Grabbers

You’d think champions of the disenfranchised would oppose elite establishment infringements.  (NFL/Twitter)

U.S.A. – -( “Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar to perform at Pepsi Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show,” the National Football League announced Thursday. “The first Super Bowl in Los Angeles this century will feature a star-studded halftime show befitting of Hollywood.”

They say that like it’s a good thing.

The question for gun owners is, considering the crapping on of RKBA by everyone involved, right up to sponsor PepsiCo and hosting network NBC, who among us gives a damn enough to watch? Especially since, rather than entertainment, Dr. Dre is calling what they’ll be doing “an unforgettable cultural moment” while halftime show production company Roc Nation’s founder Jay Z asserts “This is history in the making.”

No doubt that’s the plan. Having an inflated sense of their own importance, or at least of its lasting effects, is perhaps understandable for a class of overprivileged celebrity elites who are rewarded like royalty and worshipped like gods by millions of devoted, trivia-prioritizing followers. So of course, the cultural theme the racially and politically non-diverse headliners will beat on is how they are the champions of those who are discriminated against and of the disenfranchised. And no doubt those who can afford $5K nosebleed seats or king’s ransom VIP accommodations will embrace the notion and take such fraudulent “enlightenment” from their betters to heart.

Start with Jay-Z, a former crack dealer and “gun criminal” who shot his brother and stabbed a record producer, that is, a “prohibited person.” So naturally, he was a big Obama/”gun control supporter. And naturally, Citibank, which uses its financial clout (enabled through a $15B taxpayer bailout) to discriminate against the firearms industry, chose his tour to promote its card. Hey. Somebody’s got to pay for all those bodyguards and that junket to communist Cuba.

Proving that football is not just a “conservative” man’s sport anymore, “progressive” women should find a lot to identify with from the inclusion of Dr. Dre, especially those who consider themselves promoters of the Women’s March, proponents of the #MeToo movement’s demand to “Believe women,” and especially those who support “commonsense gun safety laws” because of (what we’re told to believe is) the disproportionate risks of “gun violence” for women.

Fortunately for the NFL and Roc Nation, not too many of those women will be current on allegations that “Dr. Dre’s estranged wife accused him of holding a gun to her head, punching her in the face and grabbing her by the neck in explosive divorce documents.” Otherwise, an uproar might make some “woke” executives worry about pulling him from the lineup.

Speaking of #MeToo, all the usual “women’s groups” have been deliberately indifferent about Snoop Dogg’s out-of-court settlement following allegations of luring underage girls with drugs.

His two previous portrayals of a dead Donald Trump, once getting shot in the head and again on a morgue slab with a toe tag, juxtapose nicely with his criminal past including “illegal possession” and a murder charge after “an alleged gang member … was shot by someone in the vehicle Snoop was riding in.”

What a guy to be the face of the #ImUnloading campaign to urge investors to avoid the gun industry. Everybody in a position to make money off him seems fine with it all.

Then take Eminem – please. It figures a “prohibited person” who pled guilty on a weapons charge and whose ex-bodyguard claims engaged in an “armed standoff” demands laws to disarm you.

For her part, Mary J. Blige sees no disconnect between singing a song about “shootings and police brutality” one-on-one to a confused and uncomfortable-looking Hillary Clinton and then getting gun training so she could make money playing an assassin who ignores all gun laws.

Unlike some of his other halftime program peers, Kendrick Lamar doesn’t share a criminal past, but he does share anti-gun sentiments in his lyrics. Speaking of which, he used those to humiliate a white fangirl he invited on stage to do one of his compositions laden with the “n” word and then proceeded to publicly humiliate her for doing as he instructed.

What better influence to stop the violence and get people thinking about proper priorities for achieving productive lives than rap music?

A prime reason these privileged halftime “artists” are ludicrously overcompensated is that they dutifully use their substantial influence (in “the community” they don’t have to live in) to spread a narrative that results in the continuation of collectivist government policies of hopelessness and dependency. That urban minorities are the most disenfranchised and endangered by the citizen disarmament edicts such all-controlling regimes require, and that those result in good people in the most daily danger being mandated defenseless, hardly matters to those above it all who are surrounded by private security.  Rather than increasing freedom, they stand for increasing dependency and bringing everyone down to the same level of control. And that’s just the way those who reward them with a continued place at the exclusive table want it.

That all, of course, fits in seamlessly with the NFL’s longtime anti-gun positions, from Michael Bloomberg and Thomas Menino’s sanctioned Superbowl  XLVI propaganda to its conduct standards that appear to have no effect on player criminality, to ridiculous and insulting fan “safety enhancements” that do nothing but make sure those walking back to their cars can’t even have umbrellas.

What’s happening at halftime is actually a continuation of what Barack Obama called the “fundamental transformation” of the United States, something abetted by the NFL when it showed its trademark gutlessness over the national anthem. We’ll see that again when they include the so-called “Black National Anthem” at the start of Superbowl LVI.

So much for one nation. So much for unity. The real power is in dividing and conquering.

It is fair to wonder what will happen if Americans who reject the forced injection of racial grievances into every aspect of life, especially those who resent being lectured to by overprivileged multimillionaires — choose not to stand when it is played. Hell, imagine if anyone followed his conscience and took a knee in protest.

Don’t expect that dilemma to surface for anyone who puts his bread and circuses above all else. But on the off chance anyone in attendance gets any ideas, be warned Attorney General Merrick Garland has already gone on record identifying the “biggest domestic terror threat” and has the FBI on high alert for Critical Race Theory critics.

Such anger-fueled divisions along racial lines are being inflamed for a reason, and the useful idiots at the NFL are happy to do their part. The best way to defuse that may be to have nothing to do with them, to reject the ginned-up hatreds, and to continue advocating for the unalienable rights of all peaceable people.

Start by not watching. Maybe that will result in even lower ratings than last year’s embarrassment.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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I don’t waste my valuable time watching disgusting filth like that. That is performed by mouth breeding degenerates!

Dry gulched

These “headliners” are the sort of trash that are offered up as “heroes” today, just like the bust of saint george floyd, a drug user and woman abuser and felon, that was recently defaced with paint. I’m sure they’ll have a moment of silence for him, too. It’s all utter garbage.


Not that it’s needed but, yet another reason to avoid anything NFL related. I haven’t supported the NFL since they refused to prevent the attention seeking anti-American Kaepernick from kneeling during our National Anthem. In fact I’m surprised I even clicked on this link and read this article because I usually just ignore anything that involves the NFL. That said, even back when I watched & followed the NFL every season, I rarely watched any part of their half-time shows; never found them all that entertaining… yes – I missed the infamous Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction”. Watching (a little) college… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by CinciJim

I think I am going to say what others are afraid to say and basically, Charlotte, I don’t give a damn. I totally agree and I am just like you. After they promoted Kaperdink’s actions and he wore little pigs on his socks, I quit watching and really have not had anything to do with the NFL since and I heard about Janet’s malfunction and I could care less. Then, Nascar jumped on the same band wagon with bubba and the pull rope hanging from the garage door after Larson said something worse than the F bomb. They kicked him… Read more »


So all these thugs are gonna lecture decent people ?
Screw Pepsi and the NFL trash


Ditto with all major sports – even Nascar got their asses “woke”!

Country Boy

good news is that eventually it’ll be to their own demise IMO. Then and only then will they truly wake up from being “woke”.

Last edited 1 year ago by Country Boy

Even Dolly Parton is totally “woke”, now. Not sure if senility plays into it or not, but I have no use for her anymore.


Can’t wait until they create, THE FELONS OF FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME.


It’s easy to be a high price whore for gun control when you’re a prohibited felon.

“don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining”

I hope the stadium collapses

Happy Everafter

NFL, ‘celebrities’, who cares what these morons say or do? Oh, darn, you made me insult morons… Sorry…


It is amazing what kind of crap is supposed to pass for music and entertainment these days. I’d rather watch paint dry than watch, listen to or read about any of the sick trash trying to passing for humans playing in the NFL or appearing at halftime during the Super-Toilet-Bowl.


The NFL sold its soul, it is only about the money.


Looks like a racially diverse group of entertainers.


Yeah . . . fuck the NFL.

Shame . . . used to like football.

This is war.

GOD bless American Constitutional Freedoms.
Fight communist “transformation”.

Autsin Miller III

Trash. Every one of them. Really well said sir. The 2A folk are finally beginning to realize they have to stop supporting these fools and it’s thanks to informative articles such as this that makes the difference.


I know CitiBank is antigun. That’s why it gives me GREAT pleasure to use my citi card to buy guns and ammo, and even a new safe. Then I pay the bill in full when it comes due so they make zero money off me. As an added bonus, I get cash back on every purchase, so THEY are giving ME money to do this. LMAO!!


Woke is clearly a social disease that’s spread rapidly mostly among the elite and well heeled which will prove more deleterious and harmful in the long run than the terribly over hyped China virus; the mask hysteria we’ve all refused to let hobble and isolate US.

Last edited 1 year ago by bondmen

AmmoLand censored my comments. You clowns are afraid of what I may say?? Y’all are jokes and try to feed your “targeted” audience!! Well I was once an audience of yours but you guys are full of BS with BS writers!! Your audience are some of the the most unintelligent folks on the web and your writing and stories feed the uneducated!!