Nikki Fried, Weed Laws, & Suing the ATF ~ VIDEO

Florida – -( Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner, Nikki Fried, is suing the Biden-Harris administration, the ATF, and Attorney General Merrick Garland in court, over Cannabis prohibition on the Federal 4473 form.

Now we all know Florida is a weird state and the Agriculture Commissioner position is not an exception to that rule. One of the most important things is that the Commissioner oversees the Concealed Weapon and Firearm Licensing program within the “sunshine state.”

Ms. Fried is one of the Democrats vying for the Democrat spot on the ballot for the Governorship to challenge Republican Ron DeSantis. She has tremendous power over firearms in Florida, and she hasn’t been a friend of gun owners in the past, so why is she fighting for gun rights now?

The answer is simple.

She is a former lobbyist for the cannabis industry and a vocal advocate for weed. Florida is one of 37 states with legal medical marijuana, and Ms. Freed has a state medical marijuana card.

The problem is that she also has a Concealed Weapon and Firearm License. The 4473 asks the person buying a gun if they are an unlawful drug user. It says explicitly that “the use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.”

She is claiming the lawsuit is all about the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. But if she wants to protect the Second Amendment and the gun rights of the citizens of Florida, then why does she want to get rid of preemption?

Preemption prevents anti-gun localities pass their own gun laws. It is the bedrock of gun rights in Florida. Yet, Fried, who claims to be a defender of the Second Amendment, wants to scrap it and let gun-grabbers ban guns locally.

Lying on the 4473 is a serious crime and could land someone in prison for up to five years. Since Fried uses weed and has a CWFL, and has admitted to owning a firearm, Fried violated federal law when she purchased her gun. Could she be covering herself by suing the Federal Government over the 4473?

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About Dan Wos, Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and Author of the “GOOD GUN BAD GUY” series. He speaks at events, is a contributing writer for many publications, and can be found on radio stations across the country. Dan has been a guest on the Sean Hannity Show, NRATV, and several others. Speaking on behalf of gun-rights, Dan exposes the strategies of the anti-gun crowd and explains their mission to disarm law-abiding American gun-owners.

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Dogma Factor

Let’s see Nikki Fried is just another recreational pothead with a license to cover her addiction. Florida’s AG should arrest and file charges against her as a self-confessed felon with a gun. Bye bye governors race, enough said. Ron are you reading this, talk to your AG.


Please correct me if I am wrong (With facts and evidence) but I do believe that Fried’s position is ABOVE the Fla State AG’s


Oh, I get it now. She is a proponent for weed. It seems that wherever weed goes on the ballot it wins with the exception of my favorite gal vetoing it in South Dakota Kristi Noem holding it because she thinks how it came about might be unconstitutional. So, if she has all the pot smokers behind her, then there is a large majority to back her, smart girl. Then when she becomes governor, she can say screw the federal government like washington, oreGONE and kommiefornia does with illegal aliens and say you can have your gun and your pot… Read more »


It’s the last thing they’ll get. Months ago the Ds said they wont spend money against DeSantis. Too popular.

Too bad P-grabber Marion Hammer backs Wilton Simpson for the seat Fried is vacating, instead of a conservative. Simpson wrote the red flag law and blocked con carry.


“Florida currently has so many problems the last thing they need is a Fried Governor”
Fixed it for ya.


Definitely NOT a Fried Fan she shut down CCL application processing during the Pandemic shut down stating they were not essential. Liquor stores stay open self defense shut down. WTF?!? As a Libertarian I agree the question shouldn’t be on the 4473, but as an enforcement officer she should be setting the example, not flouting the Law!


she should be in holding cell awaiting transport


Laws for thee but not for me.


typical dumocrat



Deplorable Bill

A little common sense please. No matter what the government says, no matter what they say is legal or illegal, drugs and/or alcohol and guns mixed are and always have been a bad idea. Fried is no second amendment advocate, just look at her past. The atfe is little more than a government funded terrorist group who would disarm the entire American public any way they can. Most of the American government is the same way, at least the demoncraps and rinos. SCRIPTURE, the constitution and common sense remain the reasons for the rights and freedoms America enjoys. GOD, guns… Read more »

American Cynic

Let me see if I understand this… Nikki Fried, the secretary of the Department of Agriculture, also is the purveyor of CCW permits in the State of Florida, and is looking to run for governor. All the while, she is a card carrying member of the mile high club, and therefore it is safe to say that she smokes marijuana, which is illegal federally. Nikki wants to be our gun toting, pot smoking, Democrat governor. Well, I’ll be damned, she has a little something for everyone. LET’S NOT KID OURSELVES… Nikki Fried is a dyed in the wool Democrat. Like… Read more »

Roland T. Gunner

I would not mind spending a long weekend partying with her on South Padre.

Desert Guy

The question about weed on the 4473 form is a good introduction to the average citizen on the evils of unelected and unaccountable government bureaucrats along with the infrequency of elections.


Not just the weed question, but it is the most prominent. In this case the liberal Fried is right to sue ATF. Weird how that works out. .


Point is that it is an invalid federal law she broke. The Constitution has no provision for a governmental ban on any substance, Prohibition provides the proof of that statement.


I would be more concerned about the Hunter Biden example of crackheads buying guns and falsifying the 4473 form . Rather than a weed smokers buying a gun and falsifying the 4473 form . Crackheads tend to be more violent than pot heads !


crack and meth both bad deal


Anything that inhibits your normal brain activity is not something that should be enjoyed or used when carrying a firearm including booze. Even straight thinkers have enough problems determining if it is a draw and fire situation in some cases when they are, or someone else is, being threatened.

OreGONEISTAN where your out of state carry permit isn’t worth squat!!!!

Last edited 9 months ago by musicman44mag

I offer this thought as a former Florida resident. Nikki Fried is no friend of the 2A. And she is certainly no friend of conservatives. Any time you see her name attached to anything political, you can be comfortable taking the opposite side.


No, she is not our friend. I don’t doubt that she has a marijuana card and a firearm, but democrats like her often feel like THEY are the exception. She is only doing this now for publicity before the Governor’s race cranks up.


Since she is currenly in violation of Federal Firearms Law I want to know why her guns have not bern siezed and she is not in prison.


Rhetorical Answer to Rhetorical Question: Biden-Harris.


I am in fear for her safety as well as the safety of others. Doesn’t Florida have a red flag law? If it does, time to put it to the test.


That may be possible since its author is term-limited this year: Marion’s “pro-gun” Sen Pres Wilton Simpson.

“Groups attacking Wilton Simpson should stand in line to thank him. Sabatini’s Constitutional Carry bill wasn’t heard because he never requested it.” ~Marion Hammer


Is there NOT a federal prosecutor in Florida? One who is confident in his/her own abilities, with a clean background (no skeletons ready to fall out of the closet), who can get an indictment on this privileged princess for an obvious violation of federal law? Or are they all “just following orders”?? I hear so much [email protected] about prosecutorial discretion as the reason someone is or is not prosecuted and the majority of the time it appears to be someone of “power & privilege” who is not prosecuted, but the “regular joe” gets the slammer. Why don’t one of these… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by GmanNM

Sure there is: Biden’s federal prosecutor.


I live in Florida and have a CWL. Nicky “Fried Brain” is an hypocritical, Cant Understand Normal Thinker!


she is normal abby normal…..or fresh coat of paint moron the ground than where it goes

Last edited 9 months ago by swmft

How this person EVER got into this position of such authority evades me. It’s also ridiculous that the Commissioner of Agriculture is in charge of the CWP program in Florida. Ms.Fried is totally unsuited to the position, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Reminds me of David Chipman and Steven Dettelbach. The authority over the CWP program should come under the auspices of FDLE, not some crazy stoner broad in the state agriculture department. Governor DeSantis should remove her from the position. He is supposed to be a friend to gun owners, but his inaction on this matter, and that of… Read more »


In Florida, Agriculture Commisioners are chosen by the voters. Consumer Affairs is als an Ag function in Florida.


Ah ha, so the weed people voted her in. If that is the case, it is going to be a rough ride for the governorship because I find that WEED WINS when voted on. The pot lobbyists have a big firm and heavy backing from all the pot farmers. The pot farmers that were illegal in OreGONE became rich when they made it legal and we all know that law breakers deserve to become rich, right?


better to see her atf arrest her but they wont she is a democrap




You and I would have been frog-marched AND perp-walked on the same day for the exact same thing. It has to stop. Roadapples!


This is the person, who has been responsible, for much of
Florida’s 2A inconsistencies. Now she is trying to engage stoners
as a zombie voting block. Bureaucrats of the Marxocracy, know how
to keep their office.


Nikki Fried is a liberal, anti-gun politician, involved in the legal marijuana industry, with intent on occupying the Governor’s mansion in Tallahassee. She knows that, first, this action will not reach a final decision until well after the election. Second, and most importantly to us, she knows that it will not prevail…the ATFdid not make the federal law, they enforce it…and the 4473 merely parrots the federal law that states users of illegal drugs may not purchase firearms. This is federal law…and which in turn is over state law. But…by making this wholly fallacious stance, she seeks to obtain votes… Read more »


It is an invalid and unconstitutional federal “law”, in that she is right. on the other hand state laws prohibiting cannabis can most certainly be valid. State or federal law prohibiting firearms ownership because of a substance are not constitutional.


Question; Why has the BATFE not busted her for this federal violation yet?


It’s a good question & growing problem that needs to be addressed & dealt with. While I have yet to see any conclusive comprehensive study that specially connects Marijuana USE to the propensity to commit violent crime it’s the surrounding elements that aggregate to the likely hood of violent crime that are attached to Marijuana. The dope slingers – dealers who rip off other dealers, use guns in crimes against persons who are dealing, carrying drug money in large sums etc. That lifestyle attacks the wrong elements & lifestyles that promote acts of violence because of that lifestyle, sums of… Read more »


I have been a pain management patient for over 20 years and the primary drugs are hydrocodone and gabapentin, neither of which has anything to do with my driving, carrying or shooting and hitting my target(s) on the first rounds. Now perhaps people that illegally use these drugs get some sort of high or psychological imbalance but I have never experienced it. Nor has any state or federal agency where I applied for any type of permits or certification had any issue with these prescriptions Now as far as pot and alcohol? I can see where these would have an… Read more »


Hydrocodone, bad for sleep, constipating, mildly euphoric, may be habit-forming. Gabapentin, good for sleep – for some people – non-euphoric; change in dreams though. Neither should have any affect on gun or any other rights.

Roland T. Gunner

I have to admit, wandering around on a hillside covered in prickly pear and mesquite, with my pockets full of cartridges, a revolver in one hand, and a bottle of bourbon or tequila in the other, has always been one of my true pleasures in life.


Same here. I’ve been prescribed MS Contin for 12 years due to the chronic pain from Degenerative Joint Disease. Yet, I can pass any field sobriety test you toss at me. At the range,, my groups are still good.. I’m a little slower than I’d like, but how much is related to the medication or my aging and disease is a guess. Does it keep me pain free? No, but with it I can manage to function within the limitations of the disease. I live in rural Commierado (Colorado), and Pot’s been legal here for years. I don’t use it,… Read more »


Let’s keep this on the legal implications as it relates to Federal Law. The simple fact is that until Congress removes Marijuana and its chemical components from the Federal Registry as a Schedule I Substance, it will remain illegal at the Federal level. It doesn’t matter if your State legalizes it, Tetrahydrocannabinol remains illegal Federally, even if your doctor prescibes it. The biggest problem Marijuana faces, is there’s not an accepted level of intoxication. At what point, say with amount in the blood, is the person legally intoxicated? This has been an ongoing issue ever since the first States began… Read more »


Too bad Wilton “Red Flag” Simpson’s running for her seat.