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Shooting Practice

Thoughts on Shooting Practice

The foundation to practice is dry work. You must do the dry work to condition the eyes, hands, and brain to work together with out the distraction of the gun during firing…

NRA Firearms Training

NRA Firearms Training Courses

With the dawn of a new year it is the perfect time to take up a resolution to make sure that you, your loved ones and others are properly trained in the safe and efficient use of firearms…

Firearms Instructor Course at the ISRA Range

Firearms Instructor Course at the ISRA Range Illinois –-( Next Week at the ISRA Range near Kankakee, Dec 13-17, 2010: TCTI Semi-Auto Firearms Instructor Course This is a 5-day Firearms Instructor Course designed to educate attendees as instructors in training with the semi-automatic pistol. Classroom time, lectures and range training will be included in the […]

Firearms Training

For 25 years Action Target has been actively supporting law enforcement, military, and commercial customers with innovative shooting range and firearms training solutions…