Long Island Firearms Reply To Mr. Bloomberg’s Online Busts Of Gun Sales


Ronkonkoma, NY –-(Ammoland.com)- On December 14, 2011, the City of New York announced a first-of-its-kind undercover investigation of illegal online gun sales. The investigation covered 125 sellers from 14 states advertising on 10 websites.

None of these videos/websites listed LongIslandFirearms.com, which adds to the fact that we are a community of law abiding citizens.

Additionally, our registration agreement states the following:

[i]You agree that you are legally allowed to possess a firearm in NY State and can pass a federal NICS check. Long Island Firearms LLC makes no representations about the condition, legality, or safety, of any merchandise for sale by it’s members. All merchandise should be checked out by a competent gunsmith before firing. Further, we require that all transactions be handled according to the letter of the law. No items that are restricted or banned should ever be listed for sale on this forum. Any member listing, selling or knowingly purchasing any item that is illegal will be banned permanently from this forum. We do not sell firearms. You also agree to not pose or portray yourself as someone else.[/i]

This is a true testament regarding the community we have here at Long Island Firearms. Throughout the months prior, members of our community have alerted moderators and administrators of potential sales between buyers with a questionable history. Members immediately alerted us at which we banned the questionable member as well as alerted local authorities. Please continue this trend by alerting staff and local authorities if you suspect wrong doing.

Sales like the one Mayor Bloomberg’s office are investigating are not only illegal within NY, but face jail time (for both the buyers and sellers). We at Long Island Firearms do not entertain any of these type of transactions.

Let’s continue on our path to ensure today’s and tomorrow’s generations are provided a safe, family friendly online community to enjoy.

Remember to stop by www.KeepLongIslandClean.org for a complete listing of community events Long Island Firearms have become a part of.

Long Island Firearms is a web based community founded in 2009 to promote a sense of community within firearms enthusiasts on Long Island. You can find us online at www.LongIslandFirearms.com Long Island Freedom Fund is a not-for-profit filed under the laws governing US 501(c)(3). Please visit http://www.liffreedomfund.org/ for more information.

Community activities performed by Long Island Firearms members can be found by visiting: http://www.KeepLongIslandClean.org Club LIF is duly chartered by the National Rifle Association, and is an affiliate club of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.

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9 years ago

No comment about our Constitutional right to buy and sell firearms to one another in a private party transaction?

I'm disappointed that LIF seems to be quite in favor of NYS and NYC's ludicrously strict gun control regime.