Democrat Candidates’ “Get Out of Jail Free” Card is Fading

Democrat Candidates' "Get Out of Jail Free" Card is Fading
Democrat Candidates’ “Get Out of Jail Free” Card is Fading

Arizona -( In an obviously uninformed and politically correct stunt, a Democrat candidate in a Democrat primary broke the law. She will not be prosecuted. There is nothing new in that. It only proves the rule. From

“At a minimum, she broke at least two federal laws, both of which are felonies, and at least one felony at the state level,” said Virginia Beach attorney Robert Herron III, an expert in firearms law.

Herron says the federal law dates back to the 1930s and involves what’s known as short barreled rifles, or SBRs. He says Mallard broke the law twice: for making an SBR when she cut the barrel — and then for having one in her possession.

But Herron doubts she’ll get prosecuted because she’s running for Congress.

Herron only gets half of the equation. She won’t get prosecuted because she is a reliable Progressive and a Democrat running for office. Progressives break the law with impunity. All they have to claim is they had good intentions. Reliable Progressives of both parties (mostly Democrats) have had a “get out of jail free” card for decades. The old dominant Progressive media protects them. Selective and biased media coverage amounts to a “get out of jail free” card.

Hillary Clinton broke the law numerous if not hundreds times with unsecured top secret classified information on her private email server. FBI Director Comey, who was also illegally conducting official business on gmail, (away from congressional and FOIA oversight) said it did not matter because she did not have criminal intent. But intent was not part of the law. Comey altered the meaning of the law to fit his, and Progressives’, desires.

The reliably Progressive host of Meet the Press, David Gregory, was not charged when he scoffed at the law and brandished a magazine that was illegal to possess in the District of Columbia.

Progressives no longer control the narrative by controlling nearly all media.  There were consequences to Karen Mallard’s action.

She was investigated by the ATF, because of the social media outcry.  She lost the primary, probably because being an anti-Second Amendment extremist does not work well in a red district. From

Elaine Luria’s victory on Tuesday likely pits her against Republican Congressman Scott Taylor, a former Navy SEAL, in November.

Luria defeated school teacher Karen Mallard in Virginia’s 2nd District.

National Democrats are backing Luria in their quest to flip the district and recapture the U.S. House. The 2nd District is considered competitive, although political observers say it leans Republican.

Mallard lost by a large margin, 38 to 62 percent to her retired DOD opponent. Her opponent was favored by the Democrat National Committee.

The intent is not considered when the media and their law enforcement allies go after President Trump. Neither is the law.

Donald Trump briefly had people on his campaign, who years ago had contacts with Russian citizens. That is enough for an “investigation” obviously aimed at discrediting him and harming him politically.  “Collusion” is not even a criminal act.

President Donald Trump, who might have had a consensual sexual encounter years before he ever decided to run for office, has his personal lawyer raided and all files, in spite of attorney-client privilege, confiscated by federal prosecutors. The ACLU is still completely silent!?

Texas congressman DeLay was run out of office for non-existent crimes. His major “crime” appears to be that he was a very effective Republican leader.

These events illustrate the enormous power of a partisan media.  The media has been a major part of the Progressive power structure for decades.

With the 2016 election, the old, dominant, Progressive media’s ability to shape and control the national narrative has been successfully challenged. It may be broken beyond recovery. Social media forces, outside the control of Progressives, have the ability to force an investigation of candidates who blatantly break the law.

Progressives are not happy about it, but their ability to pick and choose what candidates are immune from investigation and prosecution is ending.

©2018 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.

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About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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So if Mallard can cut the barrel off her husbands rifle to make a short barrel rifle with him not going to jail for possession of a sbr and her not going to jail for making a sbr, does that mean I can cut my rifle barrel and make a sbr too, without going to jail? NO! I would be in jail the very day I posted it on YouTube! And because it’s against the law, that is why I would never do such a thing! How this woman could be running for senate and break her own state and… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

That is when the ATF comes breaking down your door you raise your hands and say, “STOP! I am now a Democrat!”


She probably wrote the cost+ of the rifle, vedio etc. off in her campaign expense report. It is not required to itemize all purchases or suppliers.
I guess nobody checked and read the section of the constitution that reads “DEMOCRATS can not be prosecuted for crimes if it fits their agenda”. Yeah I could not find that clause in the constitution either. Remember, When crooks make the laws we can be sure that crooks won’t be prosecuted.


Same for the News Anchor who had a standard capacity magazine in DC news room.


The most recent is the attack on Jim Jordan of Ohio. He is one of our most conscientious congress critters when it comes to the swamp and swamp rats. They have dug something up about him knowing of sex abuse on a wrestling team and not doing anything about it. How long ago did this happen, I don’t know but are you guilty if you see someone robbing a bank? They are out to get him because he is against them. If they win this one it just puts another nail in our coffin. We need to support him even… Read more »


Well of that was her hisbands gun her ass is headed to divorce court.


She’s a democratic which means her husband is cuckold.


I always thought you needed three things to be guilty of breaking the law. Motive, opportunity, and intent. Just because some retard is grandstanding by cutting up a gun, does not mean she has criminal intent. She probably had to be told several times where the barrel was to begin with anyway. Let’s save our prosecutions for those with criminal intent. Yes, stupid Democrats who know nothing about guns are a pain to all people with common sense, but we have to be tolerant of them just like we are of our 5 year old children. Though the parallel is… Read more »


Until your “Five year kids” start trampling and destroying your God given, unalienable rights. Then it’s not funny- it’s treason.


I’ve always heard that ignorance of the law is no excuse… breaking the law without knowing it, nor intending to is still breaking the law…


Funny how some see the law as “Black and White” until it dosn’t fit their needs. She should be charged with both I know I would be!

Gregory Romeu

“The ability of Governments to overpower and destroy those that are governed is directly proportionate to the amount of effort
the governed put into maintaining their government.” – Gregory Romeu

Bob Koceja

Solve the problem, just get rid of that law. It’s obvious it’s useless anyway.

Gregory Romeu

To do this will take the dead-beat CITIZENRY to get off their collective complacent asses and DEMAND such, as well as USE THIER STATE CONSTITUTIONS and the POWERS WITHIN granted to THE CITIZENS to promptly, expeditiously and with DUE REGARD FOR THE LAW and place what is called a NOTICE and DEMAND against the predatory “official” and then follow-up with a charge of WILLFUL NEGLECT OF STATUTORY DUTY AS PER THIER OATH OF OFFICE! If you wait to vote them out of office” only shows you are the ignorant lemmings that you oppose. YOU DO NOT WAIT! YOU (Joe or… Read more »

1776 Patriot

As long as progressives and communists have the MSM and corrupt deep state bureaucrats to protect them, the statists win! Trump showed they can be defeated but not until we put a political stake through ALL their vile hearts in ALL future elections will our country and fellow freedom-loving citizens be safe from their depredations.


Yeah, same old stuff. I am a democrat and because I am running for an office that most likely I am not “Qualified” for. I can not get into trouble for something that if anyone else did it (Private Citizen) they would be looking down the paperwork for an arrest, fines, and or both. Some how we (Law Abiding citizens) need to push for this to not get over looked and she would be in just as much trouble and anyone else that did that. We do not believe it, we just know it is going to be the way… Read more »

Missouri Born

I thought she was working for Dicks sporting goods getting rid of inventory.


All one would have to do is replace the barrel. The action was not damaged. Dumb DEMOCOMMUNIST trying yet again to “make a point” ( Illegally) and show how STUPID they are. Just the kind of MORON we need in “government” (SARC)
If I were her husband, I would divorce her butt for cutting on my gun, because it sure as HELL wasn’r HERS.


In VA, both (husband/wife, husband/husband, wife/wife or in this case WIFE/husband) own property equally. I believe hearing on the news he supported her actions handed over the rifle to be cut up, right before he had something couple of things removed. My guess he was hoping to tag along behind her on her apron strings for the congressional gravy train of benefits. Or maybe to get her out of the house and she would move to DC. Va Beach PD, VA State Police or feds should have dealt with her actions.

Gregory Romeu

I would just clean and,thread where she,cut and,make,it into an AR-15 pistol length barrel…

As for the dumb bitch? I would file a motion to have her REMOVED from the election rolls based on her ignorance,of law, lack of public safety and e 93rd give violations to start with.

“The ability of Governments to overpower and destroy those that are governed is directly proportionate to the amount of effort
the governed put into maintaining their government officials.” – Gregory Romeu

Matt in Oklahoma

ATF didn’t bust a dem. politician shocker. So the world is normal today too.
I dunno why y’all keep believing it’s going to happen