Wrangler Gets Wardrobe Credit in Latest Bloomberg Anti-Gun Video

So is there a credible explanation for Wrangler being credited in a Bloomberg video, or will gun owners decide enough is enough? (Everytown/YouTube)

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “Members of the fashion industry are teaming up with Everytown for Gun Safety USA to lend their support to a powerful new music video bringing awareness to gun safety in schools,” Teen Vogue crows to its readers. “This is so powerful.”

They would want those with minds ignorant and weak enough to be influenced by their claptrap to believe that. After all, these are the pretty little liars trying to eviscerate due process by “closing” a so-called, ridiculous “boyfriend loophole.” They also consider it the height of personal courage to “guide” kids (they’re “teens,” right?) on how they can indulge in anal sex, smearing (sorry, I could have probably chosen a different word) anyone who considers that inappropriate as “homophobic,” that is, a hater.

“Set to SIA’s latest release, ‘Enough,’ the clip features 120 students from The National Dance Institute — a public dance program in New York City — dancing send a message about gun violence,” the agenda piece explains. “To do their part, members of the fashion industry stepped up to help outfit the cast: Levi’s donated 250 pieces of denim, and Everlane, State Bags, Banana Republic, Gap, Cynthia Rowley and Rachel Antonoff, all made donations of their own.”

Stupid videos funded by big money interests and produced with New York ad agencies are what we’ve come to expect from gun-grabbing Astroturfers. True, they would rather not get caught in lies, and true, they laugh off children encouraged by adult handlers to play with graphic sex toys (hey, you can’t prepare ‘em too early for Teen Vogue “guides”). But when you consider the only ones that find these efforts “so powerful” are already in the disarmament cult, I say let them waste their money on this nonsense rather than on more effective efforts.

Still, I wouldn’t mind finding out which school this was filmed at, if it is tax-funded, and if the administrators would allow its campus and facilities to be used to produce a “pro-gun” video — and for the same terms they gave the Bloombergians. What did the taxpayers get for this, anyway?

Speaking of money, there’s one “outfitter” credited at the end of the “Enough” video Teen Vogue neglected to mention for some reason: Wrangler. See for yourself at 3:56 into the video:

We’ve known for years Levi is run by gun-grabbers and that they are “proudly” part of the “Enough” campaign and Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown Business Leaders for Gun Safety. But Wrangler? That will surprise readers who made very positive comments about them under my column including:

  • Wranglers are fine, and a lot less expensive!
  • I am a Wrangler guy and have been since [Levi’s] last foray into the anti-gun movement.
  • Left Levi’s years ago due to price. Wranglers for last 20 years.
  • I went to wranglers (cowboy cut pro rodeo FWIW).
  • When I found that out 20+ years ago I switched to Wrangler & have never looked back.
  • Wranglers or Lee’s work for me.
  • Quit wearing levis 30 years ago over the gun issues,Wranglers for me ever since.
  • I bet Wrangler is dancing the HAPPY DANCE !
  • I will stick to Wranglers and LEE jeans, thank you!
  • ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I will find another brand Wranglers, Lee’s, anything but Levi.

So, Wrangler: What’s the deal? Are you donating to Everytown now, or were your products used and your company credited without your knowledge or sanction? Have you earned these accolades?

I messaged them on Facebook and they have not replied at this writing.

I wouldn’t expect them to unless enough of you care to spread the word and—what is it the gun-grabbers do?—”demand action,” or at least some unequivocal answers.

About David Codrea:David Codrea
David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.
In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and a contributor to Firearms News, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Wrangler responded to my email linking to this column and asking if they now supported a gun banner like bloomberg with the following: “Thank you for taking the time to write. On behalf of the entire Wrangler family, thank you for sharing your comments with us. Wrangler is proud to be a part of America’s heritage and remains true to its consumers. Over the years, Wrangler has been able to meet the needs of its loyal consumers by manufacturing fashionable and affordable apparel. Wrangler is first and foremost an apparel manufacturer. We choose not to take a stance on political… Read more »


Thanks for sending them a note and posting their reply.
A well-crafted response.
But does not explain how the credit got on the video, but good to hear they don’t take sides.


I am sending another email back today asking why they appear as a credit on a gun banner video if they do not take sides, and they need to publicly issue a rejection of that video if it is incorrect.


When I asked why they were listed as a credit in a gun banner video if they do not take sides I received another response:

“Thank you. We will forward this information to our leads. We appreciate your feedback. Have a great day.

Best regards,

VF Jeanswear
Consumer Relations

The other Jim

Codrea, thanks for the informative attachment. Appears pretty firm now that the Executives at Wrangler like their toast buttered on both sides of the bread. Just returned two pairs of Levi’s that I was holding for Fall/Winter (to hot to break in in the Summer). Saw the Wranglers at Walmart, was planning to return and try on in the fitting room; I’ll have to see how Dickies jeans fit.

The other Jim

Good on your follow-up. They haven’t responded to me yet; probably your name…they think you have something to do with the president.


They have responded to me twice now. I actually used the “rusty shackleford” name when emailing. It always seemed to get results for Dale on King of the Hill!

Roy D.

I just want to know when Lou and Heed the Call-up are going on their first date.


Actually “Heed” is my ex-wife.
Never knew when to stop nagging.
The romance is over.

Heed the Call-up

With your attitude, it’s no surprise you have an ex. More surprising is that you were married. It helps explain your bitterness.

I have been happily married for 30 years to a wonderful woman.

Heed the Call-up

LOL. I much prefer my wife, thank you.

Lou Bethel

The romance is over.
All for the best.
My guess is we both “married up”


What seems to have become a pissing match between individuals here strikes me as sad, unfortunate or however one might choose to describe it, especially given that this discussion originally revolved about comment/criticism of an old line, long estblishd clothing maker, unfortunately having chosen to enter into politics. Argument/discussion between individuals is fine, and most definately has it’s place, but, and BUT is writ large, it that place here? Strikes me that the answer would be no, but I’ve been wrong before before and might be wrong here too.


Having an opinion on one of David’s columns should not be an invitation to be attacked.
The topic is whether large consumer brands are supporting an anti-2A agenda, and what can we as consumersdo about it.
Vote with our dollars.

Heed the Call-up

Alan, you are correct, and the other one that replied to you, began by attacking those of us that believe in our rights, then feigned being “insulted” and whined and cried. He now, licking his wounds, claims to with you – pathetic.

Heed the Call-up

*claims to agree with you*


And you don’t see the irony in your comment?

Heed the Call-up

Lou, no, that is not irony. Irony would be humorous, you are not. You keep crying and it is pathetic.


Great opportunity for some less well-known Jean firms to gain some loyal market share! Maybe even start a new firm like, “Patriot Jeans” with an American Flag for the waistband patch or pocket tab. There you go… free idea!

Conservative VOTER

Take a Teen to a shooting range and teach them safe gun use and the fun of the target shooting sport. Without guns you become subjects just like the UK.

Fred G

you can buy directly from Texas Jeans at their web site:


The other Jim

thanks for the link. Just sent Wrangler some questions.

Philly Joe

I stopped buying Wranglers when they stopped making them in the US.
I have been buying all my jeans and most of my other clothing from Schaeffer Ranchwear and All American clothing.
Their prices are competitive and the clothing durable. I have jeans shirts and jackets that I have been wearing for a decade or more. Their customer service is excellent. Best of all they are made in the USA.

John Dunlap

It’s very easy to ask them. https://www.wrangler.com/help/contact-us.html I just sent a message, waiting for an answer. Deliberate or not, a flood of short, polite messages making it clear that our future purchases will be determined by their answer, may have a positive impact on their behavior going forward. If not, well, there are other brands. We have to do our research, though, frequently. These brands change hands more often than Joe Biden cops a feel.


I just sent an email, too. Levi’s never responded when I emailed them after a codrea article.


Did you seriously expect a reply, reply being defined as something other than a form letter? Did you ven get one of those? The only communications that might get any attention would be communications indicating lost customers, such letters followed by a significant drop in sales.

John Dunlap

Wrangler hasn’t replied to me either, and I know they won’t, but that wasn’t the goal. The goal is to flood their inbox and clog their phones with our displeasure. If we do so then they, their current owners, and their potential buyers will be watching their revenue trend very closely. Our actions do impact these companies’ behavior. Of course, the small number of people at the top of the food chain, banksters, deep state, the eiite, whatever you want to call them, simply move their money to the next corporate platform to continue their social engineering, but the politicians… Read more »


Wrangler, Levi’s, and all the rest can go to Hell. Boycott!


I purchase nothing offered under those brands, and most certainly will not now provide any support to or for them.


BassPro RedHead jeans. Fit better too.

Mike Ross

To be fair, Wrangler might not have known anything about this. Their parent company, VF Corp, who also owns Lee, might be responsible. VF plans to be rid of both companies by the first half of next year. They’ll be having a hard time on their own, so we should be sure they deserve it before we condemn Wrangler.


I usually like to get my information straight from the horses mouth. To that end I just (10/26/18 – 9:00am PT) contacted Wrangler customer service by phone, they expressed they don’t know anything about this subject and had nothing to say. Later in the conversation I was told the matter had been “passed up the line” but they didn’t have any statement and didn’t know when any information or statement might be released. Further they had no other person, nor office for me to contact with my questions. I immediately followed this call by contacting VF corporate and all I… Read more »


Here’s what the goal of the “progressive left” is: Design and promote a clothing line for men that hides our “toxic masculinity” in the form of skirts, dresses, heels, etc. It shall be called the “Rupaul” collection.


Can you say Carhartt. i cannot speak of their newer items but all my older pieces are American made.


Note that the pockets of Carhartt trousers and shorts are generous enough to accommodate a Tokarev TTC, and by extension other useful items of like size.


I switched to Redhead brand jeans from Basspro-Cabelas. If I find they support this madness I’ll be wearing…

Jim Sidebottom

You realize that Lee and Wrangler are both brands of VF.

Mike Ross

VF is getting rid of both.


I hadn’t bought Levi’s in many years. Guess Wrangler is off the list now too.


At this rate,we’ll all be walking around naked. (2nd A people) A lot of these company’s have ya by the jugotchies.
Gotta look for alternatives….somewhere.

Robey Alan Gulledge

Wardrobe choices are getting thinner.
First, Levi’s, then Duluth Trading Company, until I learned their pants were made in Vietnam ( I’m a Nam vet ) and now Wrangler!
How about a list of companys that are “ made in America “ and are Patriots ?


Check out LC King’s Pointer Brand jeans. Made in the USA in Bristol, TN

James Andrews

I stopped buying their jeans years ago…Lee’s are better made, fit better anyway!

Missouri Born

I guess Teen Vogue has forgotten about aids and how it has killed thousands, not all from sharing dirty needles but quite a few from homosexual anal sex.
Levis started out as a tough pair of work pants and was based out of San Francisco and we know what has happened to San Francisco over the years.
Liberals and their lifestyle are as bad as teachers and college professors who are brain washing today’s young people.


David, Here is the problem. Most readers and “gun people”are fake or lazy. Sure, they will bitch and complain about 2A rights being stripped. As long as it does not inconvenience them. The hypocrites will bitch about gun rights, show off their guns to friends, all while wearing Wranglers or Levi’s. Then they will complain about their area that might be depressed and go buy crap from WalMart. They probably bank at Wells fargo. All because this is convenient. As long as people behave this way, we will lose 2A as it gets slowly stripped away. And we will deserve… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Lou, you are painting with a very large brush over people of which you clearly have no knowledge. If you care to read the comments here, many posting here are active in promoting and defending our rights.

As personal example, I just sent another letter to my anti-rights Senator in regard to another ignorant, anti-rights missive of his. As far as my purchase habits, I do my best not to do business with those I know are anti-rights and I buy American as much as possible, and local when available. I put my money where my mouth is.


And you think that the sample that follows Ammoland represent the typical person?
I put my money where my mouth is as well.
I don’t shop at Wal-Mart or others that are anti 2A.
I won’t own a foreign brand firearm.
I am active in local politics to support pro-2A candidates.

My guess is we would get along fine.
My issue is the people that pretend to be pro-2A as long as it is convenient for them.

Heed the Call-up

Lou, you stated “[m]ost readers”. One would assume you meant most readers at this site. Again, as I stated, if you read the posts, most assuredly, we are not the “typical” firearm owners and we are more active than most people, including your venerated anti-rights, Bloomberg minions. We don’t do what’s “convenient”, we do what’s right.

You will not find your “pretend pro-2A” straw men here. If you wish to rail against your straw men, you need to find another site where the anti-rights, Bloomberg minions will agree with you.


The blessing of America.
We agree to disagree.

Heed the Call-up

Lou, your childish rebuttal shows that you are wrong and can’t issue a reasoned, mature reply.


Your insulting others is “reasoned” and not “childish”?
We disagree on something.
Grow up and move on.

Heed the Call-up

Lou, their was no “insult”. I only stated that your comment, “[w]e agree to disagree”, “shows that you are wrong and can’t issue a reasoned, mature reply.” You have not added anything further to the debate and now cry that I “insulted” you. Mature adults aren’t noted for whining and crying about debate topics. You appear to be the one that needs to “grow up {sic) and move on”, and as a man you need a thicker skin.

Heed the Call-up

There are other sites for men like you where your antics would be more appreciated.


My dear childish “Heed the Call”,
My comment was intended to allow the conversation end.
I don’t feel the need to engage in debate with someone that hurls insults and then challenges my right to an opinion.
Please don’t take this wrong, but you bore me with your sophomoric debate capacity.
Perhaps we could meet at the NRA or Shot Show and have a one on one conversation.

Heed the Call-up

Lou, you can’t talk. Re-read your initial post and every other post of yours. You wanted to have the “last word” like a whiny child and brought nothing to the debate. Then cry that I “insulted” you – pathetic. Now you want to “talk” to me like schoolyard bully – more pathetic – and claim I am the one that is being “sophomoric” – most pathetic.


You really are a child.
Let me explain sarcasm to you.
I have no interest in doing anything you.
I find you dreadfully boring and predictable.
Frankly, your troll behavior and outbursts lead me to believe you are young, immature and incapable of intelligent conversation.
All you can do is attack others.
Go get a milk from your Mommy and go to bed.
It’s a school day tomorrow.

Or better yet, prove me right and keep responding.
Now that I am in your head.

Heed the Call-up

Lou, your projection is that of a juvenile. You claim you are “above” me, but your childish trolling tells us otherwise – not only sad, but as I stated previously, pathetic.

You have yet to add anything to the debate – predicable and not surprising from someone like you.


You are predictable!
And still hurling insults.
Point is made.
Thank you.

Heed the Call-up

Lou, you are right that I have made my point and you keep adding exclamation points to it.

Where Is your rational rebuttal to my initial post. Other than your idiotic reply about “agreeing to disagree”, you brought nothing, but further stupidity. You are nothing, but an ignorant troll. I am willing to call it as I see it.

Rebut my initial post, be a man, or go back to metrosexual CNN and lick your wounds. At least there they believe emotions mean more than facts, truth and reality, unlike in the real world.


You win. You have me pegged.
My dedication to Don Lemon and CNN has finally caught up with me.
I bow to your vast intelligence and debate capacity.

Heed the Call-up

Lou, okay, troll, thanks for playing.

Heed the Call-up

Lou, P.S., I don’t shop at Wal-Mart.

Wild Bill

@Lou, Talk about lazy. You give us not one direct suggestion concerning what to do, just implied boycotts. No examples of letters to write, no “How to make getting people to the polls fun.” suggestions. No how to get involved with the local pro-Second Amendment Civil Rights groups suggestions. Ok, I’ll start. There is a company called Zazzle, on the internet, that prints a post card, that reads: “Politicians prefer unarmed peasants.” You can buy a bushel basket of them and send one to every state and federal legislator, judge, and bureaucrat that you can get an address for. You… Read more »


Wild Bill – I provided my opinio, but did not realize that you need direction. Let me “broad stroke” it for you. Vote with your dollars. – dont’t shop at stores or use banks that are anti-2A. – quit buying foreign-based firearms. There are alot of great American brands out there. If I thought a postcard would get a Democrat to change their mind, I would gladly do it. But frankly I fear the enemy within. I’ll give Dems credit, they have stated their beliefs. I have disdain for the folks that claim to be pro-2A, but their shopping behavior… Read more »


Wild Bill – did not realize you need direction.
Lets start with basics:
1. Vote with your dollars.
– don’t frequent retailers that are anti-2A.
– don’t bank with anti-2A banks
2. Support local candidates that support 2A.
– States laws are as important as federal laws.
3. Buy American products whether it is firearms or not.
– Some American firearms companies have a great product and they use USA materials.

Thank you for doing your zazzle thing. Perhaps between all combined efforts, we can improve the situation.


I suggest that instead of attacking one another, we all do what feel is best.
Lou says he votes with his wallet and you send potcards with Zazzle.
Hopefully between all our efforts, we can enact some change for the better.

Conservatives need to band together and avoid attacking one another.

Wild Bill

, Yes, a wise policy so I will hold my tongue … ah pen … ahh thoughts.

Frank Lanier

Wrangler should clarify immediately their intentions. As for my entire family including extended families we have all left dicks sporting goods , yeti,Levi’s,Starbucks all in the ditch and we’re not looking back. We have no interest in doing business with anti Gun companies such as these.Thanks Ammo land for putting this information out there. I have worn wrangler jeans all my life but it’s looking like it may be time to leave another company in the Antigun anti free society ditch

James Kinney

Buy Texas jeans. Made in the USA , they have flannel-lined also. Many styles for the whole family. I found them on madeintheUSAforever.com about 6-7 years ago.

Wild Bill

@JK, i like the sound of that! I going to that site, right now!


how did it work out for you? I got “Domain Name is for Sale”

Wild Bill

, It worked perfectly. Here is the result:

MadeinUSA Forever – Official Site
The big chain stores have made it hard to find American-made products, …