Dealing with Media Double Standards

Clinton Liberal Media
Clinton Liberal Media

United States – -( The recent full-page – well, I don’t want to call it an editorial, because editorials actually make arguments, even if they are bad ones – push for gun control by the Washington Post is something Second Amendment supporters need to take seriously. If for no other reason than to note the double standard that has spread through most of the national media outlets, we should keep that in mind.

We pretty much see it all the time. The most blatant example was the lengthy on-air Second Amendment shaming session CNN held in the wake of the Parkland mass shooting – all the while CNN couldn’t be bothered to mention the massive bumbling and cowardice from Broward County, nor the two times the FBI fumbled warnings about the shooter. Yet CNN allowed then-Sheriff Scott Israel to incite the crowd into a frenzy against Second Amendment supporters.

Similarly, few national media outlets will bother to inform Americans that the person who went on a shooting spree in Odessa, Texas illegally acquired the rifle from someone who was violating 18 USC 922(a), nor will they point out that the Obama Administration did nothing when that shooter was flagged by NICS in 2014. Such facts, you see, are inconvenient to the narrative that hacks like Joe Biden, Beto O’Rourke, and Pete Buttigieg are pushing, and thus won’t be discussed.

The bad news is that these same biased national media outlets, crusading against the Second Amendment, will also highlight the worst behavior among Second Amendment supporters if they get the chance. Failing that, they will instead do everything to convince the Americans they reach that Second Amendment supporters are unreasonable and don’t care about the safety of their fellow Americans. All too often, some Second Amendment supporters help them do that by not thinking about their approach.

The good news is that these double standards can be exposed – or at least pointed out – in pro-Second Amendment news sites, like Ammoland. But the problem we have is the biased media reaches more Americans much faster than the truth can get out. This is a big reason why Second Amendment supporters ought to work hard to make inroads with the local news, and to be mindful of how their Second Amendment advocacy comes across, even in those friendlier venues.

Given the current state of things, exposing the media double standard, and pointing out the facts that they will omit in their push for what amounts to an unjust punishment of law-abiding Americans who simply wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights is one of the best things we can do, if only to diminish the effectiveness of the blanket favorable coverage that anti-Second Amendment extremists receive. Combined with the right techniques, exposing the media’s double standards can not only give Second Amendment supporters the chance to point out the failures of gun control, but to also make arguments that will convince fellow Americans to at the very least NOT make support of gun control a litmus test that secures a vote for a candidate.

The stakes for 2020 are very high. Many Democrats running for president have embraced the Swalwell position on modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms. Some are even supporting packing the Supreme Court with anti-Second Amendment judges, and they are even declaring they will not compromise on certain infringements.

They can be stopped. If pro-Second Amendment supporters manage to keep the White House and Senate in pro-Second Amendment hands, the confirmation of judges will continue apace, and could even see more pro-Second Amendment Supreme Court justices. But to do that, Second Amendment supporters need to get to work, join NRA, support NRA-ILA and NRA-PVF, and get ready for the election battle of a lifetime.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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Will Flatt

The first thing anyone needs to realize and accept is that the MSM are not a ‘free press’. They are the ENEMY PROPAGANDA CORPS! Their job is to bury truth, misdirect public attention, promote ‘fake news’, and proselytize for statist narratives.

There is no truth in ‘the news’, and no news in the truth!

Once you burn that into your brain, then everything else will come easier.

Ansel Hazen

What we need is a conservative based search answer to Gaggle that does to them what they do to us. You can’t win in a poker game against a cheater.

BowserB is your answer. No filtered results. No tracking of your searches. I’ve used that engine for a year or more, since Tom Gresham mentioned it on his radio show. It’s my only search engine.

Will Flatt is another one.


Off topic. Will Flatt, how do you get carriage return/line feeds to stick in your comments? Is there a trick I’ve missed? I try to break up my posts, but they still end up as a single runtogether paragraph. Thanks.

Heed the Call-up

Use the return key on your keyboard or on the touch pad on your smart phone.

It works.

If it isn’t working for you,
then there is something wrong
with your browser settings.
And I am not sure what that would be because there are a number of possibilities, incompatible browser, ad blocker, anti-virus, font, etc.

Will Flatt

I use the Enter key like the old carriage return like a manual typewriter (yeah I’m that old).


Consider the source, truth can’t come from an entity that doesn’t have truth in it.


Before you guys jump on Harold–again–consider that he makes some good points. Far too often, we come across as “gun nuts”, fanatics, or hillbillies. We need to always push facts only and in a calm and deliberate tone. * 2.4 to 3 million times a year, armed citizens prevent crimes in America, and in the overwhelming majority of those preventions, not a single shot had to be fired. * 1939 United States v. Miller. The 2nd Amendment protects the rights of citizens to keep and bear ARMS SUITABLE FOR MILITARY USE. * More people are killed in America with fists… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Bowser, BS, only to Leftist sympathizers. I and no one I know fit those lame stereotypes. If you saw me on the street, being a firearm owner would probably not even be imagined. We don’t need people that are supposedly 2A supporters also stating these lame stereotypes reflect us. If you believe that you are no better than Harold, and you have made it clear that you know what most here believe about Harold “Neville Chamberlain” Hutchinson.

The rest of your post, that cites facts, I agree with.


Problem is, the non-gun owning, unsure-who-to-believe public sees the stereotypes and assumes that’s us. I do know people who fit those lame stereotypes. They brag in social gatherings about having “enough guns for a small army.” And they say things like, “If they come for my guns, they’ll just get the business end.” They park their jacked up pickup trucks outside next to their garbage cans in front of the house. They are where the stereotypes come from. We need to get the truth out, and frankly I don’t know how to get that done either. The local affiliates of… Read more »

jack mac

It is hard not to “jump” on Harold. He needs to start promoting GOA and other like organizations. The NRA needs a different law firm and BOD before asking people to send it money.


Until the press and media are made accountable for their abuses they will continue.


Sites like this are the equivalent of the 1770’s Pamphleteers. Unfortunately, we 2A people, are like
the closed sects that only mate with their own kind. The news media will not allow us to make our points on the 2A! The media’s program is to scare the soccer moms and urbanites that have no knowledge of guns.

The big question is “How do we get our facts out to the people?”


There are few journalists in journalism and it has been that way for many years. We know, because they proved it to us, that the MSM are all in it for just their own good and that includes many of the Fox talking heads. If they sensualize something they can take credit for it regardless if it is accurate or not. Trust the ones that are straight shooters and tell it the way it is. That is why I liked the Fox of several years ago but there are few of them left that tell it the way it is.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, Yes, true. I was extremely disappointed to find out that Walter Cronkite was, secretly, a communist. Have not trusted the media, since.

Henry Bowman

If only we could share facts and voice our views online without being de-plaformed, but you cuckservatives will not lift a figure to conserve/protect anything Harold, not the 1st, not the 2nd, not the border, nothing but losing gracefully and tackling anyone who wants to win.


Indeed. The First, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments are all gone, yet everyone is still squawking about the Second. We might as well just roll over and give up that one too without a fight like we did all the others.


When you control the press, you control the narrative. Democrats know this and the history of Germany, Japan, USSR and the United States during World War II and the Cold War prove this out. Being able to sway large groups of people itself is a weapon capable of changing the face of our Republic. They try to steer uneducated mobs to overthrow long standing Constitutional values. Checks and balances are easily overcome by sentiment and cleverly disguised propaganda. The press isnt interested holding anyone accountable bi-partisan, instead it’s a one sided attack with made up accusations. The press has become… Read more »