New ‘Republicans & Independents for Biden’ Group Led by Same Old GOP Gun-Grabbers

Can the intent be any clearer? This is what “Republican” enemies inside the gates like Christine Todd Whitman are trying to bring down on their countrymen. (Joe Biden/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “It’s Time for ‘Republicans and Independents for Biden’,” former New Jersey Governor Rhino Christine Todd Whitman claims in a Thursday Inside Sources opinion piece.;

“That’s why today, I invite my fellow Republicans and right-leaning Independents to join me and the nearly 100 other current and former Republican elected officials, members of previous Republican administrations, and party leaders in forming a coalition of the decent, to elect a decent man President of the United States.”

Joe Biden is “a decent man”? According to Whitman, he’s more than that.

“Joe Biden wants to be a president for all Americans,” Whitman lies.

Of course, he does not. He does not want to be a president for Americans who oppose new taxes. He does not want to be a president for Americans who believe in the sanctity of the lives of the unborn. He does not want to be a president for Americans who see, and don’t agree with, the inevitable tyrannical cultural shifts enabled by uncontrolled “immigration” with a “Day One pathway to citizenship.” And he does not want to be a president for Americans who believe unbendingly in the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Not only does Joe Biden threaten to eviscerate all those interests, if elected, he will make sure judges are appointed to the Supreme Court and at all levels within the federal court system to reverse gains gun owners have made to date and to uphold new infringements. As far as political and “legal” means of redress go, it will be “Game over” for the Second Amendment, leaving the only options to be “Surrender or resist.”

Not that Whitman minds. Despite hollowly crowing about her “Republican” credentials and connections, she has always been part of the establishment swamp and has been betraying gun owner interests for decades.

“In 1993, gun owners once again presented intense opposition to entrenched Governor Florio, electing Christine Whitman on her promise to legislatively review the 1990 gun ban, and to support the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding firearms owners,” Gun Owners of America noted. “Gun owners contributed massive campaigning efforts on behalf of Whitman, including phone banks, fax networks, donations, and personal sacrifice well beyond any other group.”

How Whitman repaid that loyalty should be all the testament to her character, or lack thereof, anyone needs.

She signed a trigger lock law because she didn’t have the political juice to force through her favored option, “smart guns.”  She “initiated” a “zero-tolerance” bill mandating “gun-free school zones” to further favor psychopaths by law. Her best friend and former campaign manager became a gun-grabber lobbyist. And after the Orlando murders, she clued us in on what she would do if she did have the power:

“From what we know now, the shooter had acquired his automatic weapon legally just days before the shooting. Who, besides law enforcement and the military, really needs a weapon designed for the battlefield [sic]?  Really. It is time we look a hard look at our gun laws. We can protect the Second Amendment, which I wholeheartedly support, and the right to bear arms in a sane and balanced way.”

How many lies can you find? You read that and wonder if this woman is even capable of recognizing the truth, let alone speaking it.

That goes for the other “former Republican governors” joining Whitman in trying to turn the country over to the Democrats.

In an act of political duplicity brazen enough to make heads spin, Michigan’s Rick Snyder managed to swindle out support from both Michael Bloomberg and the NRA! He showed whose side he was really on by denying both due process and concealed carry permits to citizens that have been accused, but not charged nor been convicted of any crime. He joined Everytown in bragging about “vetoing priority legislation” for NRA.

And where do we start with Bill Weld of Massachusetts? “Republican governor” turned “Libertarian vice-presidential candidate” Weld wants to ban semi-autos and their magazines, and deny guns to citizens who appear on secret lists for unknown reasons, again without due process, and without even being charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one. Wholly unsurprisingly, he endorsed Barack Obama and then worked against Donald Trump (and his new LP BFFs) to Hillary Clinton’s advantage in 2016.

With all this deception going on, it’s fair to wonder why Whitman is expanding her anti-Trump role that she currently fills as part of the insufferable William Kristol’s “leadership” team for “Defending Democracy Together.” It’s just another front in a coordinated coalition of useful idiots we’ve seen manifest itself in collective efforts from groups and individuals like The Lincoln Project, John Kasich, and Jeff Flake & Co.

What that does is gives the DSM (Duranty/Streicher Media) fodder to inflate in headlines and further sway the election in favor of the Democrats. Just look at the Google News feed on the “new” Whitman venture and see for yourself how the public is being inundated with parroted talking points.

That’s nothing but beneficial to those intent on advancing an agenda. Does anyone think that’s coincidental?

The deliberately unstated truth in all of this is that it’s not so much about defeating Donald Trump, who in many ways is an avatar. It is about defeating the citizens he has rallied who support the platform and promises he campaigned on – and rubbing their faces in it.

With “Republicans” like these, who needs Democrats?

About David Codrea:David Codrea
David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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There are more “rhino’s ” than republicans! That’s one of the biggest challenges Trump has had to deal with in the last 4 years. He can’t find enough of the “GOP” to back his (the American) agenda. Doesn’t seem to matter how many of the slimy swamp creatures show their ugly heads, not one has paid the price! And the price is…the firing squad for treason. At this point I would settle for a little prison time for these swamp rats. Maybe next term??? Better yet, the government is on the shoulders of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. He’s in control,… Read more »


And the list continues to grow. I thank them for saving me valuable time! By outing themselves, it certainly saves me a lot of research time!


Putting an R next to the candidates name means nothing in today’s politics. We are so used to “old time” Rs being pro gun and pro constitution, my how times have changed. In todays two party system an aspiring pol has to identify with one of the two parties just to get rich er elected. Adherence to the standard doctrine is no longer required or even expected (except by we the people). Truth is there is no standard doctrine. Imagine if we can now identify with any gender we want, whenever we want, then party ideology is nothing. I’ve said… Read more »


RINO’s are members of the deceptocrat party. Formally known as the democrat party. Many people I know were, up until 5 years ago, formally Democrats. I use the capitol on the word for people I know who are real Americans who were once from the now deceptive party and small d for the party now. It is no longer worthy of a capitol d.

Ryben Flynn

Ban Assault Democrats.


Republicans or democrats, anti-Constitutional vipers have no business in any form of government position.


The bitch is a true Rockefeller.


The last sentence sums up the article very nicely. There have been traitors
in every era and place. “Republican, indeed”. Disgraceful.


Everything you need to know in one paragraph: “Whitman was born Christine Temple Todd in New York City, the daughter of Eleanor Prentice Todd (née Schley) and businessman Webster B. Todd. Her parents were involved in Republican politics,[2] and both the Todds and the Schleys were wealthy and prominent New Jersey political families.[3] Her mother’s family were among the first New Yorkers to move to what became Far Hills, New Jersey, which became a popular suburb for wealthy, moderate Republicans.[3] Her maternal grandfather, Reeve Schley, was a member of Wolf’s Head Society at Yale and the vice president of Chase Bank. He was also a longtime president of the… Read more »


If you want to do a deep dive on her ancestry (it goes way back) there is this:

uncle dudley

These people should not be considered republicans anymore, the more accurate name is traitors and many are former swamp monsters who got our country in the screwed up mess that Trump has been trying to straighten out.
Vote Trump for 2020!


Rhino’s to say the least, do not deserve to be in any official government office, they deserve to be classed as LOW-LIFE SCUM of the DEMO-RAT PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they are in that way as traitors to OUR REPUBLIC and placed on DEATH ROW and removed from all contact to the general public!!

Ryben Flynn

Please. It’s RINO. Republican In Name Only.
Rhino is short for Rhinoceros, a large horned mammal in Africa.





These are people without integrity.



commies they just want to take control. they can come take it from me

Capn Dad

Lawyers are liars.

Last edited 1 year ago by Capn Dad

Do you know that when lawyers die, they are not buried, they all have a notch in their heads, and there is a machine that is used to SCREW THEM IN THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


there is not really much deception going on with people like this. they lie/contradict themselves constantly, depending on whom they are talking to at the time. they say one thing to get into office and then push for limitations of civil rights and push progressive/leftist agenda when in office. you can’t change the stink of a piece of sh1t.


I want to know where I can get Automatic weapons. Sounds like there is someplace in Florida.where one can get Automatic weapons.
As for designed for the battle field that is BS again the idiot struck out.
I don’t know one veteran that would want an AR-15 on the battle field.


He voted for obummer, need I say more.
Congrats to President Trump for nomination of the Nobel Peace Prize after actually doing something to deserve it. In the words of obiden, this is a big Fing deal..


Hey, Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for only breathing.


It’s sad to see, always, people who fall for these liars words just because those words Express something they want.


People who fall for these peoples words don’t have the capacity to know what they really want, all it has to do is, “sound good.”


Thanks… that vid just made my day and maybe week.