Just What Penance Does Warnock Want Gun Owners To Do?

Kelly Loeffler at the Range
Kelly Loeffler at the Range

Georgia – -(AmmoLand.com)- One thing that Second Amendment supporters need to understand: Anti-Second Amendment extremists hate you. There is no compromise to be had with them. In their mind, by defending your rights, you are now an accessory to any horrific crime or act of madness that involves the misuse of firearms, be it Sandy Hook, Parkland, Las Vegas, or Tucson.

For example, take a look at some of the rhetoric from Raphael Warnock, who is trying to unseat Kelly Loeffler in a special election in Georgia that is due to take place on January 5. Second Amendment supporters backed President Trump in his successful 2016 campaign and the unresolved 2020 campaign for very valid reasons:

  • We don’t want to be punished for horrific crimes and acts of madness we did not commit.
  • We think that many gun control laws not only fail to address violent crime, but in a number of cases, actually make the problem worse.
  • We seek to exercise our God-given right to self-defense with the tools we feel will be most effective.
  • We believe that a robust Second Amendment is a key firewall against tyranny.

The list is not exclusive, but the preceding list is arguably a good start. Debate on that, though, can wait for another time. The thing is, Second Amendment issues were one major reason that many loyal Ammoland readers supported President Trump.

Warnock thinks you need to “repent” for that support. In his mind, you’ve committed an act of evil in doing so. In a way, it’s similar to the Ossoff opinion that your defense of the Second Amendment makes you corrupt. They believe that people who resist being punished for crimes and acts of madness they didn’t commit are really accessories to the next horrific crime or act of madness that happens.

So, while Warnock works with Bloomberg’s Everytown and other anti-Second Amendment groups to punish you for crimes you didn’t commit and then proceeds to blame your efforts to defend your rights for the next tragedy, you need to start doing some hard work yourself. Warnock cloaks his unjust attacks on our rights in the guise of religion. The no that we need to do “penance” for our Second Amendment activism, when you get right down to it, is really just another form of Second Amendment shaming.

The thing is, Second Amendment supporters have nothing to be ashamed of. Warnock may call personal responsibility a “lie” in his sermons that call for gun control, but we know that personal responsibility comes hand in hand with our rights. Right now, we have a responsibility to ensure that Warnock doesn’t take his hatred of us to the Senate.

Second Amendment supporters should go to Senator Loeffler’s campaign site to see how they can help her win the special election. In addition, they need to support the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund to be ready for the 2022 midterms, no matter who wins the White House.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

Harold Hutchison

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Can someone please convey a message? Please tell Raphael Warnock to go fuck himself. I will NOT be repenting for ANYTHING covered under the United States Constitution, and that also goes for “my Whiteness.” I’ve noticed, the people who most often run around accusing others of being racists, like democrats CONSTANTLY do, are the same people who can’t seem to have a single conversation without mentioning skin color.

Ansel Hazen

“In their mind, by defending your rights, you are now an accessory to any horrific crime or act of madness that involves the misuse of firearms, be it Sandy Hook, Parkland, Las Vegas, or Tucson.”

So by the same token, any person with a D after their name on the voter list, any household that placed a Biden/Harris sign on their lawn is complicit in the fraud that was the 2020 election. They need to answer for the most treasonous action this country has seen in it’s history.



May I add, “in their MARXIST PROPAGANDA mind… What is driving the mind and it’s intent is the issue.


I agree 100%. Holding the MSM and Big tech CEO’s “accountable” is the key to it all. Make very horrific examples of a handful of them, and the rest will get the message rather quickly that we do not tolerate our MSM and our tech platforms serving as the far left’s propaganda arm. They truly are the key to it all. Imagine if the likes of CNN, MSNBC, the NYTimes, WAPO and ABC news were all doing their jobs like true journalists. NONE of this nonsense would have ever gained a foothold. You’d have never heard the letters AOC next… Read more »


So by the same token, any person with a D after their name is another mass murder because if you check out who did all of these killings you will find that they are not republicans.


Does this mean I am responsible for every car accident as well, since I too own a car? Guess I’m responsible for every malnourished, starved or poisoned person as I eat food. Best of all – I must be responsible for every idiot and each of their idiotic thoughts because I went to school and learned that which they did not. Yes we each should lead by example, and help and guide those around us – but in the end everyone is responsible for themselves. Continuing Warnok’s “logic” – he is responsible fo4 ALL violence anywhere near any member of… Read more »

Ryben Flynn

He needs to go read the Bible where Jesus speaks about self defense.


I don’t think that’s on his reading list.


It would probably start on fire the minute he touched it so it could cleanse its self.


and in many other places. Such laws have been around since Moses brought the two stone tablets down the mountain. The activity the anti-gun zealots decry, then blame on the tools used to accomplish it, has been prohibited since Cain murdered his brother Abel. Note well: in that incident, God did not ban the rock, or club, or knife, or othe rtool he used. Fact is, the “tool of chioce” Cain used is not even mentioned. It was only the ACTION of jurder that was condemned. SUch insanity is simply one omre attempt of government poohbahs to control and dominate… Read more »


Even before Jesus, the Old Testament made it clear that any man who was unwilling/refused to protect his family/clan, his community (town, village, etc), or his tribe (his country) was permanently removed from the Jewish community altogether… the Jewish equivalent of Catholics’ process of excommunication. Jesus did/said nothing – nothing – to negate that aspect of the Jewish society or remove it from the first [Old Testament] Covenant, OR to prevent that from being a part of His [New Testament] Covenant with Gentiles. In fact, knowing that His disciples would face violence when proselytizing, He specifically told them to get… Read more »

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Green Mtn. Boy

Raphael Warnock is a Communist thus antithetical to a Constitutional
republic, next would be petty tyrant.


I agree.

Also, it is advisable to research your local Republican politicians. It’s easy to see which bills they vote for and which ones they don’t. Also, are they passive (vote properly, but don’t sponsor bills that are Pro 2nd Amendment)? If so, they might need a reminder to get in the game.


Conservative Review publishes a great rating system on exactly that issue. See where your locals and federals stand on specific issues relating to your liberty. you may be shocked to find that the “republicans” are more progressive than many progressives. Remember this one clear truth: the Republican Party is not a conservative party. Te Republican party can only survive by soaking up conservative votes and money. The Republican Party is a progressive party to its core. It only tolerates conservatives come election time. This is a case in point.


Yes, there are numerous organizations that publish ratings. They are good for a quick read on politicians’ views.

It’s even better to do your own research – you can see who voted for something (their real belief) before they voted against it (when they saw it wasn’t going to pass anyhow and they did not want their name associated with a gun law for no reason).

“They” sound great right before election, don’t they?

Ronna McDaniel is the Chairperson of the National Republican Party. She is the niece of Mitt Romney – that should be a clue to everyone.


Warnock is one of those Ministers the Bible warns us to be vigilant against. Cloaking their messages of hate and biblically false narrative in a thin facade of Christianity, but the message is contradictory to Christ’s teachings.
He’s a False Prophet.


Harold, ask the cat lady what she thinks about Red Flag laws, bump stocks, pistol braces, and the BATFE implementing gun control through administrative action without legislative involvement.

I’d really like to hear her view. Unfortunately, they don’t communicate with members. It’s always “shut up and send me money.”

Please explain why you think they should have our financial support.

Last edited 2 years ago by JSNMGC

So, Harold, were you drunk or just higher than a kite when you hit the enter button.

As far as Raphael Warnock is concerned, every time I see him or hear his name I am reminded that in his spare time he is most likely on his knees servicing the male member of any number of his tranny associates. But then who am I to discredit a man’s source of pleasure.

Last edited 2 years ago by RoyD

Pastor Warnock doesn’t know the Bible as much as he knows the Communist Manifesto. Moses in the Old Testament teaches that self defense is within the law of God. It is the responsibly of the citizen to protect others from violence. Someone needs to post this on Senators Perdue’s and Loeffler’s web sites and also on Warnick’s from which it will be quickly removed. The commandment is not, Thou shalt not kill. The commandment is Thais shalt do no murder. Murder is initiated. Self defense is a response to a threat. How did that guy ever get ordained. He must… Read more »


He appeals to a certain segment of the population that is susceptible to “shuck and jive.”


He probably got it on line or one of those home study courses that you do through the mail.

Elisa Delaurenti

They’ve all got their enemies lists, and we’re on them. But we’ve been on their enemies list for decades now, via the UN’s IDDRS. Second Amendment Advocates are at the TOP of their enemies list, because we’re the only ones standing in their way today. The bottom line is that they’ve got their agenda, and we and our guns are in their way. We’re the ONLY thing in their way, and we’re going to need to be exterminated soon.


The Jews were on Hitler’s list for quite some time before he actually acted on it.




That would cause the civil war and they don’t want that. They want to change the laws and have the New World Order government that they want so bad do their dirty work for them. That way it would be all nice and legal and the could claim the, just doin my job mam.


The time to talk and debate IS OVER!


Warnock thinks he is the next Rev. Al Sharpton. The good Rev. took in over $1.8 Million in salary in 2018 as the CEO of his NAN aka shakedown network.


Obviously, Warnock believes in guilt by association! What a load of Bovine Scatology!!! If that is the case, does Warnock operate a motor vehicle on public roads? If that is the case then Warnock is guilty by association for the 40,000 plus vehicle deaths that occur in the United States every year! He obviously is a Marxist/Communist! If so, does he accept guilt by association for all of the murders committed by the CCP under the Communist regime there??? I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT!!! ALL OF THIS ANTI-GUN RHETORIC BY THE COMMUNIST DEMOCRAP PARTY, OF WHICH WARNOCK IS SO INTEGRAL A… Read more »