Demand for ‘Commonsense Gun Laws’ is the Road to Citizen Disarmament

NRA Ban Them All
This is what they ultimately mean by “commonsense.” (IMG NRA-ILA)

U.S.A. – -( “Polls show that a majority of Americans want Congress to pass commonsense gun laws,” Dave Saldana asserts for Reader’s Digest in an opinionated hit piece on the right to keep and bear arms posted (under “news,” naturally) on MSN. “These laws would not ban gun ownership or repeal the Second Amendment.”

Reader’s Digest…how disappointing. I guess with all the other woke “capitalist rope-sellers,” seeing them turn was to be expected.

Who Saldana is and what qualifies him as an authority is unclear. What is clear is he‘s a lefty propagandist who cherry-picks what we’re to assume are “facts” from sources with demonstrable anti-gun agendas. And his arguments fall on their faces right out of the starting gate.

What the “majority of Americans want” depends not only on where the polls lead them with calculated questions but also on what they actually know about the “laws” they are being queried on, which in this case, is mostly what the media tells them. That, and rights aren’t contingent on majority rule—otherwise, two of us could do whatever we wanted to one of you.

Funny how when you test them on it, protecting minorities isn’t really what the left wants to do at all. Unless by “minority,” you mean the global elites…

As for the assurance that 2A and guns are safe if you give the grabbers what they want, the rest of Saldana’s regurgitation of tired talking points and goals they’ve let slip for decades show that to be a lie. And since the right it recognizes was not created by the government, something that has been recognized in the Cruikshank and Heller cases by the Supreme Court, repealing the Second Amendment would not eliminate what it was worded to protect, the ravings of retired dotard “justices” notwithstanding.

In any case, saying they won’t take all guns when they have no legitimate authority to take any is more than a bit like saying “We don’t want to rape you, just molest you a bit.”

The only rational response to that is “No. Your move.” Besides, they really do want to rape you.

Let’s look at what this Saldana character is telling anyone ignorant enough to support their own disarmament by a violence monopoly equates with “commonsense”:

  • Tell citizens old enough to marry, vote, form contracts, and serve in the military and statutory militia they can’t have guns.
  • Ban standard capacity magazines.
  • Make gun trafficking even more illegal.
  • Outlaw home builds.
  • Criminalize not locking up your safety.
  • Ban semiautomatics.
  • End private sales by imposing registration-precursor “background checks.”
  • Impose ammo limits.
  • Deny due process through guilty-until-proven-innocent “red flag laws.”
  • Abridge the First Amendment — for the children.
  • Impose prior restraint “training” and require poll tax-like “insurance” before being allowed to exercise your right.

I decided against fleshing all those bullet points out because we at AmmoLand have been over all of them ad nauseam. There’s probably nothing I could add that regular readers here couldn’t knowledgeably expand on.

By way of authority, Saldana cites lefty think tanks and gun-grabber groups, throwing in a Fudd and a rich disarmament fanatic for good measure. No, of course, he doesn’t include anyone on the firearms freedom side because that’s not his goal. They’re all smeared as the obstacles standing in the way of his “commonsense” Nirvana.

And as for his “saving thousands of lives year” claim, checking just one of his sources gives us a pretty good feel for how the others “justify” their GIGO BS: They infer, they simulate, and they guess. And they still have to qualify their claims with the equivocal word “may,” which also means “may not.” For all of their correlation/causation assurances, their paltry percentage difference claims over categories of storage, carry, and use ignore the fact that the criminals who cause the problems laugh at and ignore every one of the restrictions the ivory tower eggheads (beholden to their paymasters) are trying to impose on the rest of us.

And note they never talk about the thousands — if not millions — of defensive gun uses that are illegal in “sensitive area/gun-free zones.” You know, the ones the CDC tried to remove from the stats at the behest of the citizen disarmament lobby…

The other thing Saldana misses – either deliberately or because he is just a parroting dilettante trapped in a “progressive” talking point bubble, is that say you give the grabbers everything they’re demanding here, who thinks that will be “enough”? (You’ll note Newtown Action Alliance’s Po Murray didn’t deign to reply when I asked her).

We’ve seen the same list before and we know that citizen disarmament has always been and remains the goal. Remember Thomas Dodd, author of the Gun Control Act of 1968, who publicly wished for “abolishing all guns” and to “destroy them all,” and Brady Campaign predecessor Handgun Control  Inc.’s Nelson “Pete” Shields 1976 plot to “take one step at a time [to] make possession of all handguns  … totally illegal”?

Give in on any one point and that’s one less obstacle they need to overcome on their way to more. Of course, they’re talking about taking our guns, and anyone snottily dismissing that as paranoia is ignorant, a liar, or both.

The one hopeful thing about this is the readers aren’t buying it. At this writing, Saldana is getting his a… uh… hindquarters handed to him over in “Comments.” It’s a chance to get an otherwise suppressed message heard outside the “echo chamber,” so why not join in?

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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The 2nd prohibits the government from passing any gun laws, common sense or otherwise, as every law is a restriction aka infringement. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

The government grants no rights, nor does the Constitution… another thing most seem confused about.


Agreed, EVERY gun law on the books in this country is unconstitutional.


For more than 40 years, I have been asking a simple question to which I have never received a coherent response: Exactly where, in the wording of The Second Amendment, is there a provision that permits restrictions, exceptions, or limitations? Answer: there is none. Thus, a very strong argument can be made that ANY gun control laws are flat out unconstitutional. And a quick read of The Federalist Papers will verify that The Founders intended that it be that way.


Yes, da gummit ARE strictly and totally prohibited infringing ur right to arms.SO IS EVERYONE ELSE. Note well, the language is clear: shall not be infringed. Does not specify by whom, which means the inderstood “by” factor does not exist. NO ONE and NOTHONG can infringe upon that right. Nope, not even s business iwner whose sphincter contracts at the mere thought or suspicion that someone else has a GUNNN!!!!! within an hundred yards of him.


Polls. Haha. I had a pollster call and ask me how I felt about the Government shutdown the Democrats pulled on Trump. I told him “Good we need to shut the government down; we don’t need half of it.”
He hung up.


polls show that a majority of Americans want political elites and people like saldana to stay the hell out of their business and stop telling them what to do.


Don’t forget it would be an added bonus if those people actually started telling the truth. It’s a pipe dream I know…

Joe R.

evil satanic-communist POS(D) don’t need a poll, they need a pike, and they need to be on top of it.

We have The Communist Control Act of 1954, as still good-law on-the-books. Violators of this legislation need to have the death penalty enforced upon them. And that sh_7 is coming.


Not to mention every act of treason the current idiot in the Whitehouse has committed. Biden needs to be tried and convicted of treason, and given the death sentence, and promptly executed publicly for his treason. An impeachment would be a waste of tax payer dollars.


Of course, that would be like burning Charlie McCarthy and letting Edgar Bergen off scot free.


In reviewing a recent video of Antifa terrorizing and rioting, (Er, peacefully protesting) in downtown Atlanta, they were marching with a large white banner stating, “THEY CAN’T KILL US ALL!” and I started dreaming about the odds of that statement. Wondering WHICH Pro 2nd Amendment group they might have stolen that from?

Then it dawned on me, a simple solution: We identify ourselves as criminals, Antifa, Black Live Matter, Cartel members and MS-13 gang members and remain fully armed and UN-noticed, invisible and untouchable by the laws, the police and the courts. Easy peazy!

Another great article, David, as always.

Last edited 1 month ago by USMC0351Grunt

Why is there a big push on gun laws?
In 2021 (latest stats available):
47,00 deaths in the U.S. due to firearms
100,000 deaths in the U.S. due to fentanyl.

Yet regarding securing the border to prevent smuggling of fentanyl made with chines supplied components we hear …..CRICKETS!

W H Y ?????

Last edited 1 month ago by Bill

The Marxocrats think that America is set for a communist reset.
However, in the interest of tyrant preservation, an armed citizenry
is viewed as potential threat to that transition.


Potential threat? No, no my friend, we ARE the threat to a communist reset. We are the only thing that stands in the way of that sort of takeover.


If we agree, why do you seem to be correcting
my contribution?


An armed citizenry makes it harder for “them” to get the citizens loaded up into the box cars to ship them off to the gas chambers.


Absolutely, as my comment implied.


I’m confident that Reader’s Digest readers won’t be seeing an “I Am Dave’s Brain” article anytime soon.


How in the world do the NFA and the GCA stand up to even the slightest scrutiny next to the 2A. They both infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.


What is tolerated will continue.
As for me, I’m just waiting for the call up.


Am I just missing David Codrea appearing on important national TV shows like Tucker for instance? John Lott can’t be everywhere.

Thank you for your voice. And thanks to Ammoland for making it heard. We are being overrun but thankfully we have truth on our side.


“….pass commonsense gun laws….” Sadly, commonsense is very uncommon, and non existent among Lefturd Useful Idiots.

Question for TTAG. Why does your frequently erase the typed comment when one uses the spell checker word selection????


I might be convinced to support “common sense gun laws” if the left does away with the 20,000 plus gun control laws already on the books, and start over with these three only. 1) If you commit a violent felony against another person / persons while armed with a firearm, if you are found guilty you will be sentenced to an additional 20 years, no plea deal allowed. 2) If you commit a violent felony against another person / persons while armed with a firearm, and someone dies as a result, if you are found guilty you will be sentenced… Read more »


Truss – I’ll add my favorite ‘qualifier’ to your list – please have them explain which of those 20K plus existing ‘gun control’ laws is not predicated on ‘common sense’ (which isn’t). That generally gets blank looks.


First get them to prove WHICH of the 20,000 plus gun laws EVER saved a life, then have them reimburse the taxpayers for the waste of money squandered on their BS, “common sense”.


This list just has way too much common sense to fly.


No no no no!!!!! Leave the “firearm” aspect of it out completely. MURDER is already a capital offense, what does it matter whether by ice pick, fentanyl, machete, car strike, tied to railroad tracks with train due in five minutes, or Guido’s bare hands and heavily calloused feet? Dead is dead, how matters naught. Same penalty no matter how the deed was done. And no matter the “tools’ used to off someone, the BIBLICAL punishment is death. A major part of why we have all this “violence” gojng in is we ignore God’s Word. That said I do strongly uphold… Read more »


LOL. People down voting me. He resisted arrest, now he is dead. End of story, no problem. Down vote me all you want communist sympathizers, if he would not have complied, he would not have died, end of story. LMAO watching the little fagot pussy call out for his mommy while law enforcement is trying to arrest Tyre Nicols. If he wouldn’t have ran then there would not be the problem there is. Granted the officer that kicked him while he was down on the ground being arrested is in the wrong, the rest of the officers were just, DOING… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by musicman44mag

THIS may be what she was talking about, “if he would not have complied, he would not have died, end of story.” I think you meant, IF HE WOULD HAVE COMPLIED..


Yep, I went back to edit it again and remove the gay part and fix the complied part but it would not let me back in. Oh well, I guess I am like the president, far from perfect.


You were hacked. I am sure of this.


Now that I have seen more footage of the incident, I am changing my prior statement. I can’t believe they beat him like they did. It looked like he was cuffed when they stood him up and beat on him. All the cops involved with the beating after they had him cuffed should be charged. I have a funny feeling his mouth is what caused the action. If the cops treated everyone like that, we would have more incidents to talk about before this one. He thought he could treat Mephis cops like he did Sacramento cops where he was… Read more »