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Weinstein Streep NRA

Anti-NRA Hollywood Flick Will Be Propaganda 101 Lesson

We couldn’t make this up in our most creative moment – Miramax magnate Harvey Weinstein and Meryl Streep are going to make a movie that will make National Rifle Association members “wish they weren’t alive.”..

Hillary Clinton

The Relentless Hillary Clinton

Over the years, Hillary has made it clear that the redistribution of wealth—communism—is central to her beliefs and that her regard for capitalism and the free market economy of America is nil…

Delaware: 2014 Legislative Session Convened

January 13th 2014, the Delaware General Assembly convened its 2014 regular session. The NRA will continue this year to fight any attack against your Second Amendment rights…

Georgia: 2014 Legislative Session Underway

Your NRA is working hard this year to build on the strong foundation set in the 2013 session, culminating with the progression of Senate Bill 101 through the state legislature…