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Support Starbucks Saturday: Fight Brady Campaign Ignorance

The Brady Campaign to Prevent “Gun Violence” is bullying again! They created a “Skip Starbucks Saturday” so to combat the ignorance, Student of the Gun participated in “Support Starbucks Saturday.” Curious as to why? Watch the video above!

Firearms Freedom Act

Ninth Circuit Rules in Firearms Freedom Act Case

This was about as good of a ruling as we could have expected from the Ninth Circuit. We must get to the U.S. Supreme Court to accomplish our goal of overturning 70 years of flawed Supreme Court rulings…

Stop Eating The Marshmallows

We Need To Stop Eating The Marshmallows

A disappointing future is rapidly approaching for our nation. The U.S. government, and many state governments, have made long-term promises without setting aside the resources to meet those promises…

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

I am Tired of Being Called a White Racist

I don’t know when it occurred to me that I had gone from having shaken hands with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to being called a white racist, but apparently I was not paying attention…

George Meade

Battle Of Gettysburg: A Three-Part Series

It is a small town in southwestern Pennsylvania known as Gettysburg. It was there 150 years ago that the most momentous battle in United States history was fought…

Jury Rights Day

A Jury’s Secret Power – Nullification

We, as gun owners, are constantly under siege by a plethora of legal attacks. Whether it be self-defense, stand-your-ground, how many bullets can you carry, all cases where individuals need to say NO…

Glock Now Self Defense

Domestic Violence, Due Process and Gun-Rights

Sometimes the real victim is abused twice; once by their abuser and once by the law. We need the full due process of the legal system to protect the innocent victim of domestic abuse…

Mad Max

Open Carry in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Eventually every toaster, light bulb and television set goes dark and powerless, leaving the world without Twitter, Facebook and cable TV. What a dark and nasty world that would be…

Ga. school shooting


Let me start off by just saying that I am very sorry for raising my voice like that. I usually don’t yell when putting together a headline for an article, but I’m really mad this morning…

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Joe Biden’s Advice on Home Defense Backfires!

A Vancouver man decided to take that advice. Professor Paul gives his 2-cents on the incident. Shooting a firearm using the advice of Vice President Joe Biden or even that of President Barack Obama may not be the best idea….