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Rusty Tanks

Department Of Defense’s Death Spiral

President Obama’s administration seems to be at war with its military leadership. In the past five years, Obama has sacked more senior officers than all other presidents combined…

Freedom Prohibited

Lucky Us – We Have Big Brother

I don’t appreciate the tireless, annoying assault of so many busybodies imposing themselves into my world explaining why the name of God or the sight of a crucifix is offensive & firearms should be banned..

B-29 bombardier Scott Downing

World War II POW: ‘I Just Did My Duty’

It was just after midnight on March 25, 1945 when B-29 bombardier Scott Downing and his crew dropped their incendiary ordnance on Tokyo and banked northeast to head back to the U.S. base…

Generals Eisenhower and Patton

Patton, Ike, and My Teenage Boys

I recently took my two teenage sons to a talk by Frank Kravetz, a 90-year-old World War II veteran who survived Hitler’s Nuremberg prisons…

What the Heck Were Republicans Thinking?

It appears that the national GOP, by sitting on its collective hands, views the enemy to be conservatives and Tea Party activists. They would rather have a Clinton fundraiser like Terry McAuliffe be governor of Virginia…