Radical Push on Card Companies to ID Gun Store Purchases Goes Mainstream

This New York politician says he can’t understand why anyone would be against bank card companies reporting gun store purchases to law enforcement. (NYS Senator Zellnor Y. Myrie )

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Dozens of NY lawmakers want Mastercard, American Express to flag suspicious gun store purchases,” Gothamist reported Sunday. “There are unique [merchant category] codes for tent and awning shops, wig and toupee stores — even separate categories for antique shops, secondhand stores and pawn shops. But there are no codes just for gun retailers.”

“People buying guns legally with no intent to harm people … would have ‘absolutely nothing to worry about,’” State Senator Zellnor Myrie assures anyone dumb enough to believe him. “And frankly, I’m not sure why anyone would be opposed to this, outside of trying to avoid controversy or the politics.”

Well, no one is trying to ban or confiscate tents, awnings, and toupees, are they? And while we’re told the reporting is based on “patterns” and doesn’t go down to the SKU level, just wait for this to be established. The grabbers always take what they can get under the “common sense” ploy and then come back for more. Does anyone really think the next demand won’t be for a “weapon of war” code?

And since we’re being frank, how about we take a look at Myrie’s record of trying to do just that, as well as his being “honored” as “lawmaker of the year” by the Bloomberg gun-grab groups for trying to destroy manufacturers and dealers through lawsuits?

I’ll give Myrie credit for not being stupid, senator, which leaves only one alternative explanation for his claim that he’s “not sure why anyone would be opposed to this.” I’ll explain for those this is new to by referring to “Proposed Banking Merchant Category Codes Latest Backdoor Ploy to ID Gun Owners,” my August 1 article for Firearms News.

“Banks can use the data to help mass shootings [!] and purchases in advance without infringing on Second Amendment rights. There’s no infringement here,” CNBC apparatchik Andrew Ross Sorkin gushes following his interview with Priscilla Sims Brown, president & CEO of Amalgamated Bank (see the embedded video, below).

Really? So banks spying on purchase patterns and reporting them to law enforcement is no cause for concern? To paraphrase Bill Clinton, it depends upon what the meaning of the word “infringing” is. Perhaps Sorkin is unaware of recent warrantless fishing expeditions by ATF trying to intimidate gun owners to show them their guns? Or of going after forced reset trigger owners?

He probably is and doesn’t care. A transcript of the full interview shows they were there to establish that Visa and Mastercard “have been against creating a merchant category code for gun stores.”

“Well, they’ve given several reasons,” Brown replied.  “We think every one of those reasons would be something that could be managed.”

Putting public pressure on major “mainstream” banks to get on board with Amalgamated Bank’s agenda is one way it’s being “managed.”

Its “agenda”?

Per The New York Times, Amalgamated, majority owned by Workers United, “has aggressively carved out a position as the left’s private banker, leveraging deep connections with the Democratic establishment.”

Workers United, in turn, is a Service Employees International Union (SEIU) affiliate, which, per The Washington Free Beacon, “rakes in millions from Dem campaigns, liberal orgs.”

And the SEIU, in turn, has organized rallies and marched in solidarity with communists. Just in case anyone’s wondering who the “mainstream” Democrat leadership is in financial bed with.

Now, using “time tested” techniques of assigning “social credits” to those who promote the Party line combined with the threat of public “struggle sessions” for those to be humiliated and purged, the mainstream card companies have been put on notice: Start snitching on gun owners or be “canceled.”

Think of it as a “public/private partnership.” Actually, think of it as economic fascism.

Just as with “social media” being able to impose censorship benefiting the regime without the courts considering it a First Amendment violation, so, too will private financial actors be able to initiate Second Amendment infringements that work in favor of government violence monopolist goals – not to mention amass quite the database there.

It’s interesting who Vote Smart shows to be Zellnor Myrie’s “top contributor.”

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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The usual ‘public safety’ and ‘if you have done nothing wrong you don’t have to worry’ arguments that have been proved lies many times.


Cash and face to face if they move on this. And cancel all credit cards.

Say no to CBDC (central bank digital currency) which will track every purchase, and prevent purchases of items based on social credit score or “verboten” items like icky guns. Or bad for the earth meat products.


Once again the anti gunners are proposing something that will only result in honest people being jammed up. Virtually all credit cards offer the option of getting a cash advance. Any POS gearing up to do a mass shooting would just max out their cards with cash advances.


Funny how the gubmit allows and even promotes some companies to ideologically discriminate against their customers, based solely upon a Constitutionally protected right. And the same gubmit shuts down bakeries for refusing service to gay couples when the job would run afoul of their, again Constitutionally protected, religious beliefs, in the name of “discrimination”. Double standards, anyone?

Wild Bill

The Federal government is famous for picking winners and losers.


Its a or looks like a commie takeover

uncle dudley

As long as you pay the credit card company for your purchases it’s none of anyone’s damn business what you buy.


Card companies better rethink the millions they will lose on fees on this facist plan
Money talks and the politition is the walking bullshit, A card is only a convience I dont need to use them, I can and do pay cash

Rob J

“absolutely nothing to worry about,” is a commonly used gaslighting statement. It sounds reasonable on the oil sheen surface. Why should a law abiding citizen fear anything when they are doing nothing wrong? But incremental abuse and destruction of rights is as damaging and unconstitutional as wholesale abuse and destruction.

This attempt at creating a firearm registry is as blatant and transparent as they come, as is the absue they would foster upon the law abiding citizen with such information. But, of course, you should have “absolutely nothing to worry about”… smfh


I sure hope Discover Card stays away from this bullshit. That’s the only credit card I use for firearm related purchases. I sure would hate to have to cancel that card.

Wild Bill

I cut up my Citi card and sent it to the CEO of Citi some years ago.


If you’re using Discover, sorry to tell you you’re dealing with the enemy.

More from Codrea:


NY wanted to confiscate “assault weapons” in 2013, they passed the NY SAFE Act. They couldn’t confiscate because they didn’t have a registry. (And they got a 4% compliance on their “REGISTRATION” mandate for AR’s) IF YOU LIKE YOUR AR15, YOU CAN KEEP YOUR AR15, AS LONG AS YOU REGISTER IT TO THE STATE CONFISCATION LIST! Now their new law, the CCIA mandates a new system for the requirement of STATE bacground checks in addition to a NICS CHECK. It will be mandatory for all firearm AND AMMUNITION purchases. (watch out buying 5.56 after Sept 1) Moving forward, they will… Read more »

Last edited 27 days ago by KK
Wild Bill

The power of keeping our purchases secret from the state. Another benefit that makes cash the superhero of the financial world. Who would have thunk it.


These idiots REALLY think criminals go through legal means to acquire guns and ammo. What’s unnerving is, these idiots are also politicians, so there’s a self-interest (usually, electoral) not to be amenable to reasoning argument destroying their fallacies.


I’m all for cash. Although the monetary value (gold & silver) has been SH!T on in the past century. It still serves a a very useful tool for Freedom. Cards are supposed to be a convenience. But are they ? Crypto just another form of Stock market (money market). And neither of these are useful in a grid down situation. Nothing like paying fees to use your own money. lol


Can anyone see the value in CASH now ?


I’m fine with that as long as we’re also collecting PornHub payments and massage parlor payments and “no-tell motel” payments and magazine subscriptions and every purchase of alcohol and pharmaceuticals!!