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Shocking Admissions from Gun Control Advocates

Every once in a while, the Gun Control Zealots masks slip, and they inadvertently reveal their real feelings and opinions, to their own detriment and do enormous damage to the credibility of their organizations…

Governor Christie Commutes Aitken Prison Sentence

Governor Christie Commutes Aitken Prison Sentence Please call or email Governor Christie to thank him! Trenton, NJ –( Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) has commuted the prison sentence of 27-year-old CEO Brian Aitken from 7 years to time served for the “crime” of properly transporting two legally-owned, unloaded, cased handguns in his car trunk while moving […]

NAGR Brian Aitkens Petitions

Brian Aitken Now Free With Your Help

I am proud to say that all the NAGR petitions, more than 25,000 of them, for Brian Aitken were successfully delivered to Governor Christie’s office…