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Hung By The Gun

George Zimmerman Get His Guns Back…Again

You have to keep up to understand what is happening with George Zimmerman. Almost the entire media & the left wants him in jail or dead, because he would not to allow himself to be killed by a black teenager…


What Divides Us – What Unites Us?

Perhaps if the citizenry was aware of the true motives of those whom we entrust with our governance, the issues that divide us might actually serve to bring us together…

The New Face of Racism

Caruba: Too Much Trayvon and George

I don’t want to write about how weary I am of the media orgy that continues to feed off the way a minor incident in Sanford, Florida, metastasized into a trial and a national display of the new racism…

Don Kates on Stand Your Ground

Sheer legal ignorance underlies the hysterical attacks now being mounted against what is falsely described as “Florida’s Stand Your Ground” Law….

Freedom Socialist Party

Caruba: More Bad News for Trayvon

Instead of blaming racism for profiling a black kid…how about placing the blame at the feet of black youth, like Trayvon, whose behavior causes suspicion of truly innocent black teenage youth…

Your Safety On Acquittal Day

I predict that George Zimmerman will be acquitted for shooting Martin based on self-defense. Given all the violence after the police officer acquittals in the King beating trial, what do you think will happen in the streets of this country???