Rock River Arms Goes on the Record with Armed American Radio

Armed American Radio
Armed American Radio

Armed American RadioU.S.A.-( Last night’s Armed American Radio monster-cast was YUGE! Rock River Arms spokesperson Sarah Larson joined me to discuss the fallout of recent charges leveled against Rock River by a website accusing them of colluding with anti-gun Democrats in Illinois to support anti-gun legislation while carving out an exemption for themselves.

I offered the company an unchallenged format to air their side of the story, and that’s exactly what she did. I believe that Rock River Arms and Springfield should both have the unopposed opportunity to talk and I greatly appreciate Sarah and Rock River going on the record this week. My goal is to provide a large forum where they can speak freely and let the gun rights community hear them. Hopefully Springfield will join them. Thanks again to Sarah Larson for her time on Mother’s Day!!

After Sarah, David Codrea gave us his thoughts on the passing of Bob Owens, pro-rights blogger and editor of Bearing Arms. The hour rounded out with Alexander Roubian of New Jersey 2AS, who was recently involved in a traffic stop in South Carolina. His actions during that stop prompted instructor Rob Pincus to chime in on social media. I asked them both to the program to discuss the situation and they both agreed. I can promise you’ll learn something from the half hour with Alexander and Rob, regardless of which one you agree with.

Hour two: AWR Hawkins brought his award-winning 2A journalism to life in Hour 2 as he always does. We discussed everything from Owens to the ruling in the recent Indiana State Supreme Court case regarding the 4th and 2nd amendments that favors gun owners. Hour 3 saw Andrew Branca, author of The Law of Self Defense, in the AAR “Legalese” segment for the full hour. He never disappoints. Make sure to tune in and find out why it’s a fan favorite.

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

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Wild Bill

What exactly is this “… colluding with anti-gun Democrats in Illinois to support anti-gun legislation while carving out an exemption for themselves.” supposed to have been, specifically? I remember that Ruger was accused of some vague thing like this also, many years ago.


RRA and SA are sellouts. They turned their backs on the 2A community. They’re full of it. Lying sacks of crap. I’ll stay unified with companies that stand with me. RRA and SA did not and got caught. Never buying anything they make again.


RRA doubles down on stupid.


Sounds like she is reading scripted statements. Why can’t SA & RRA post a video response on you tube ? I find there lack of response unbelievable, disappointing and unacceptable.


Not buying it! RA & SA got caught!


Way to little to late traitors


You know nothing Fin.