Why Don’t People and Vogue Celebrate the Second Amendment?

Why Don’t People and Vogue Celebrate the Second Amendment? iStock-1145895496

United States/United Kingdom – -(AmmoLand.com)- When we talk about the need for the NRA to get involved in cultural engagement in order to establish a pro-Second Amendment culture, some might question the need. After all, Hollywood’s bias is well known, it’s arguably baked into the planning many Second Amendment supporters have. But this will matter – a lot – even if – correction, especially if the Supreme Court case on New York City gun regulations ends up with a favorable ruling.

Why? Think of it this way: In America, while the Constitution protects our God-given rights, the people still rule. The First Amendment not only protects the right of Second Amendment supporters to defend our freedoms, it also protects the right of anti-Second Amendment extremists to encourage the American people to throw out pro-Second Amendment elected officials and replace them with anti-Second Amendment extremists. And we need not kid ourselves: Anti-Second Amendment extremists have been running an incredibly effective long game against our right to keep and bear arms, one that is a full-spectrum fight that includes wielding pop culture against us.

One way is through those magazines you often see in the supermarket, either in the checkout aisle, or where others are stored. Two that blatantly snubbed women who support the Second Amendment in issues celebrating women who made a difference are People and the British edition of Vogue, the latter guest-edited by Meghan Markle.

But in those two magazines, we saw three anti-Second Amendment presidential candidates, a prime minister who inflicted an injustice on thousands of people in her country (when people are wrongly punished via having their legally-owned property confiscated over a shooting they did not carry out, an injustice has taken place), and a major media mogul who supported the extreme anti-Second Amendment group March 4 Our Lives. Excluded? Women who support our right to keep and bear arms.

No talk of Dana Loesch, who has defended the Second Amendment despite becoming a target for vicious slurs – and worse. What about Suzanna Gratia Hupp, who turned into an activist for our rights after her parents died in a mass shooting? There are countless other women who gave stood for the Second Amendment and have a great deal of accomplishment to their names, including former NRA President Marion Hammer, former NRA-ILA Executive Director Tanya Metaksa, and even NRA board members like Susan Howard or Sandra Froman (another former NRA President). People and Vogue don’t even mention them.

You may wonder why we should care about a magazine from the supermarket checkout aisle, or a publication devoted to fashion. Well, when they are leveraged to attack our rights, we need to care. Worse, these magazines have wide circulation. Between its English and Spanish versions, People reaches almost four million people a week. The American edition of Vogue reaches about 1.2 million. American Rifleman comes in at 1.85 million, or less than half that of People. Vogue has a larger circulation than either American Hunter (929,000) or America’s First Freedom (roughly 630,000).

People, incidentally, will also get mentioned in other news outlets and it sits in the waiting rooms of doctor’s offices – so the four million figure is probably low. Vogue also will crop up in those waiting rooms. American Rifleman? Not so much these days.

Finally, who reads those magazines? Well, much of that readership comes from the suburbs. One admitted success that anti-Second Amendment extremists like Michael Bloomberg have achieved is that they are doing well among suburban women – the proverbial “soccer moms” – precisely because they have them so scared of their kids’ school being the location of the next mass shooting that they don’t consider the facts.

Plus, look at who often turns up as the subjects of those magazines – Hollywood’s A-list. Say what you will, but the writers are good storytellers, and while the actors and actresses are often against our rights, we should not dismiss their ability to help along a narrative that makes Second Amendment supporters resisting the injustices like those that Beto O’Rourke wishes to inflict on us as the villains.

People and Vogue will be two of the venues used to spread that narrative. The NRA and other pro-Second Amendment groups are going to need to adjust to this new type of threat, and that will require changes. It will be very important for Second Amendment supporters to be mindful of how their approach in defense of our freedoms comes across, and to use the right techniques to convince our fellow Americans that the narrative that anti-Second Amendment extremists are presenting is phonier than a red carpet smile, instead of reinforcing the phony narrative.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

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Harold does a lot of preaching to the choir. He tells us many things we already know.
I would suggest that since he is so skilled in gun rights journalism he needs to turn his talents in the direction of the opposition. Go ahead and write some opinion pieces to try and move opinion of the readers of these liberal publications. We are more or less rock solid about what we want and think regarding our Second Amendment Rights. He needs to see if he can change opinions on the other side.


“[T]hey have them so scared of their kids’ school being the location of the next mass shooting that they don’t consider the facts.” They have them so scared that they don’t CARE about the facts, much less consider them. They are focused on one thing, and one thing only – the statistically remote chance that THEIR kids will face a deranged, armed classmate. And they are blinded by that. Blinded. There ain’t no gettin’ through to them. Which makes them enemies, de facto. Sorry. Enemies of our liberty. No puttin’ lipstick on THAT pig. “Those who give up essential liberty… Read more »


I don’t quite understand why my local Safeway, in a majority gun-owning area, stopped carrying gun magazines. PC has run amuck! Of course, there’s no other store to go to as close. Damn PCers!


Have you told Safeway that you have switched grocery stores because of this decision? After all you went there for your groceries for the side benefit of getting magazines on the same trip – and you have been spending approximately $$$$ a month… Important to attach dollars to your reaction to their decision – quantify if possible. They are a business and their only language is money. OTOH decision could have been handed down by corporate – in which case you need to represent a lot more money to change their minds than if it was a store manager’s choice.


Harold, I realize you take a lot of flack on your articles, but I agree with you. What most gun owners don’t understand is that the 2A is NOT guaranteed forever. Over time, as public opinion changes (and sadly it is changing), a time will come when the 2nd Amendment could be repealed – and legally as provided for in the Constitution! AND YOU’RE CORRECT IN THE LEFT’S LONG-TERM STRATEGY! While we jump up and down claiming our “God Given Rights” and shouting vulgarities, the Left is working the long-game using emotion and false facts to win hearts and minds.… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Jeffy, The struggle between tyrant and freemen has gone on since there were men. Sometimes the tyrant wins. Sometimes freemen realize, in time to save themselves, that to remain free, they were going to need weapons. And that is the basis for the Right to keep and carry arms.


Wild Bill: I understand the concept, and I agree with it in theory. However, if a significant majority of the population feels that the 2nd Amendment should be repealed and follows the process as prescribed by the Constitution (2/3 of the House and the Senate, with 3/4 of the states voting for it), then any action gun owners would take would actually be in violation of the Constitution. In other words, we would no longer be “patriots” but “anarchists.” My point is that, if we’re smart, we’ll appeal to the non-gun owning voters that we’re not the monsters portrayed by… Read more »

Wild Bill

, It is not a concept or theory. The S. Ct has ruled many times that the RTKBA is not dependent upon the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment merely enshrines our pre political Right to keep and carry arms. If the Second Amendment were repealed, we would still have the Right to Keep and carry arms. Didn’t you know?
There is no such thing as gun violence. Just violence.


@WB – You and Jeff are both right. Self defense is a basic right which cannot be taken away – as any (sane) organism will fight if necessary to protect itself. The “right” to arms may be legally enshrined, but laws (even the constitution) can and do change over time. “Gun control advocates” are being successful at making the majority of the population see guns and gun rights advocates as dangerous and evil. They naturally see us a threat to their children – so are willing to go to great lengths to protect themselves from us – to point of… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

I will give Harold his due on this particular commentary. He is correct that we need to educate those willing to learn in a manner they will be able to understand it in. However, you are 100% wrong about legislating our rights away. Creating an unconstitutional law does not make it right. If that were so, we would still be abiding by the Dred Scott decision and all the Jim Crow laws. Read the letters and speeches of the Founding Fathers regarding our rights – our inalienable rights – and why the RKBA is so vitally important. Also, Jefferson explained… Read more »


So society takes its cues from People and Vogue magazine? I know that Americans have been dumbed down to believe that if it’s in print it must be true but have we really gotten that stupid?
Democrats will use any and every media form available to push their ideology. My home town newspaper had developed a left spin when it was bought out by the moguls, but now it’s definitely a full blown propaganda tabloid.
Newspapers are no longer objective, I find myself subscribing, just to get the comics, ads and coupons.


USA I agree! When anything is called news media I am already conditioned to reject it’s accuracy or intent. Sad state affairs when the news is so biased you can’t get past the headlines.

Wild Bill

J, I just presume that the opposite of what ever the MSM says is true.


Man, I have not heard that trick talked about in just over 25 years. Great Grandfather chewed Red Man. Nobody else in the family chewed though, so it has not been personally tested in my family since he passed away when I was very young.


Nice. Heritage is something to be proud of. Always nice to know where and how you got where you are today.


They do “celebrate” it when it fits their left (and worse) narrative. They “celebrate” it if some moron uses guns to kill innocents–they define “celebration” differently from the Constitution of the United States. Sort of like when some Catholics think their religion’s rules should be changed to allow abortion and/or birth control to justify their behavior (and, I am not a Catholic).


Harold, instead of fussing at us about this, do like I do – Take Action !
When I go to a doctor, I like to leave special edition copies of The New American in the magazine stands.


@ConsiderThis – thanks for the suggestion… I’ve done this with dive magazines, now I’m going to have to subscribe to hunting or shooting rags in order to abandon them in offices! Of course I already live in “gun nut central” – so maybe no point for me. 🙂


People and Vogue should come on cardboard tubed to be used a SHIT PAPER, the ONLY thing either are useful for ! F**K HOLLYWOOD………………….

Henry Bowman

Only an idiot like you Harold expects the enemies of freedom to be honest, fair, just or care about the concepts they want to exterminate.

Alan in NH

We all need to show the same kind of contempt for those “elites” as they hold for us. don’t watch their movies, don’t buy from the advertisers, and be very vocal about your reasons why

Autsin Miller III

, I am right there with you. I refuse to participate. Don’t go to movies, Don’t watch anything but science, history or news on television, stay away from any anti 2A companies like Walmart, Dick’s and Levi. Enjoy my time here (most of it) and speak up.