Bloomberg’s Coronavirus Ad Fails to Note His Part in Clearing the Way for It

“The world is not enough.” Maybe if billionaire Bloomberg worried more about the health of his countrymen and less about cheap labor, we’d be better able to intercept foreign health and other threats coming into this country. (Mike Bloomberg/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( Continuing with his M.O. of hiring slick ad agency illusion casters to make him look good, billionaire Democrat presidential election buyer Mike Bloomberg has “starred” himself in another expensive commercial, airing Sunday on CBS and NBC. This one has been professionally designed to make him look like he could be speaking from the real Oval Office he’s trying to procure. The subject of his latest propaganda piece, self-servingly titled “Leadership in Crisis,” is how he is the one equipped to save us from the dreaded coronavirus now making its way across the globe.

“I was first elected just weeks after the attack on 9/11 — a massive rebuilding, security and health challenge,” Bloomberg asserts. “In my 12 years in office, I dealt with a hurricane, a blackout, attempted terror attacks, the West Nile virus, and swine flu.”

Of these examples, Bloomberg touts preparation to react to disasters after the fact as his forte. Tellingly, he says nothing about how his leadership could stop them from occurring in the first place, and arguably, all but the hurricane were preventable to some degree.

9/11 happened because the government let foreign nationals into this country with no proven effective means to ascertain which could pose threats. Bloomberg’s most notable response was to tank his local approval ratings by supporting the construction of a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero. As for prevention, the recent Pensacola Naval Air Station murders by a Saudi military “student” show us even with so-called “background checks,” lethal foreign threats from radical Islamist killers can turn active at any time. So Bloomberg supports making sure killers have all the advantage in “gun-free zones.”

It’s curious that he mentioned the blackout because his trademark arrogance was illustrated in “Bloomberg’s Blackouts.”

“Mayor Bloomberg called Wednesday’s short East Side and Bronx blackout a ‘minor inconvenience,’ just after he declared that the subways aren’t crowded, despite the fact that the chief of the state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority is pleading ‘there’s no room at the inn,’” the New York Post reported in 2007. Not only was he out of touch with the way real people were deeply affected, but there was also no apparent plan in place to fix things – just like there was a “leadership in crisis” or something.

It should be noted that West Nile Virus, which first appeared in this country in Queens, was first detected in Uganda, and swine flu was first identified in Mexico and a few months later in the United States.

This is all relevant because, citing economic reasons (translated: “cheap labor”). Bloomberg is a big believer in bringing in more foreign nationals and in “amnesty” for those here illegally. That’s even though continued problems of vetting for national security purposes, transmitting new diseases like coronavirus (and reintroducing diseases), the increased strain millions put on energy consumption and other infrastructure concerns remain unresolved. Looming and devastating threats that could erupt at any time.

The takeaway here: Everyone who claims to be alarmed by the coronavirus, yet supports relaxation of admission standards to this country, is a hypocrite whose selfish actions, whether motivated by votes for Democrats or cheap labor for Chamber of Commerce Republicans, is making the threat worse.

That “immigration” policy, incidentally, is why I opposed Grover Norquist during his NRA Board of Directors recall controversy. As Breitbart reported in 2014, Americans for Tax Reform continued to support “Michael Bloomberg’s amnesty lobby, the ‘Partnership for a New American Economy.’”

And that, despite being deliberately ignored or denied by every major “gun lobby” group except for Gun Owners of America, which is alone in recognizing that strategically manipulated demographics pose the greatest threat to gun owner rights. Bloomberg, and indeed all Democrats know, and not just from all credible polls but from the real-world experiences of states like California, and recently, Virginia, that opening a “pathway to citizenship” for millions from populations that are consistently 70% Democrat and anti-gun will result in super-majorities in legislatures that will then pass all kinds of anti-gun edicts, and in judges who will uphold those edicts.

He must be lying, his lips are moving.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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vintovka 7.62

I agree with you up to the last sentence. Trump will make hash out of Gaffe-O-Matic Biden who is so senile he thinks he’s running again for Congress. Most days he doesn’t know what city he’s in. Warren is a threat but has really faded in the last few months. Trump’s “Pocahontas” gibe has stuck – she’ll never live down her crass misrepresentation of herself as a Cherokee. People have come to realize she is a phony through and through.


I find it insulting to even mention Native Americans, while discussing this quagmire of shit-holes.


We now know how much the Corona Virus is just a “hiccup” of a problem. More people die each year of the flu. In China, the cases of the Corona Virus are declining and the overall death rate, world-wide is less than 1% of those infected. Much ado about little or nothing had the liberal press and Democrats not tried to use it to intimidate the public for their own purposes.


Don’t forget that the stock market has bounced back following a soft spot much like it does several times a year or so. I don’t think we should lose sight of the fact that the Corona virus is a detrimental virus and, as other viruses have done, can mutate away from vaccines. But sadly there isn’t much concern about the yearly influenza that kill over 35,000 each year. Selective outrage, attached to emotions, fed by misinformation and soundbites (with no factual basis) are the main ingredients in the shit-pie coming from the Democrat bakery. The amazing thing is that a… Read more »

moe mensale

“We have plenty of history of virus’s being released at election time…”

Please. Enlighten us with some legitimate source links. Or just stop blowing smoke up everyone’s ass with your stupid comments.


@JPM – It was more than a hiccup. First goal should have been to contain it so that it was not disseminated throughout the populous. It is too late for that now. We now have a new/additional potentially fatal virus which will circulate around the world with regular mutations. On the plus side, people generally develop immunity once they survive the initial bout – immune system generalizes well enough to respond better to reinfection with mutated forms of the virus, so repeat circulations will presumably have mortality closer to that of “ordinary” flu. After second round with this disease breaking… Read more »


Bloomberg will have to rely on his advertising to garner votes from the weak minded, low info voters to be successful. More astute voters know his record and want nothing to do with him.


This guys ads are all bold faced lies, every single one.

Will Flatt

Lefty commiecrats want wide-open borders, unlimited immigration, and yet they want to blame Trump for the coronavirus even though it was Trump that ordered an early & aggressive response to the health threat.

Will Flatt

[Checking health care device]
Yep, I’m ready!!

Will Flatt

Ready to administer injections.


Many, many things are wrong with the Democrats. I’ll agree with that whole-heartedly. On the other side of the coin we have an orange hair pie-hole. Trump backers claim grabbing a women’s genitals is not sexual assault. Trump said; It’s like a magnet, I just start kissing them, I don’t even wait, when your a star (now president) they let you do it, she’s now got big phony tits and everything, you can do anything, grab them by the pussy. Thanks to Trump, mothers everywhere, know what a golden-shower is also. You need to bring this guy home and introduce… Read more »


I can’t decide which demonrat to root for in the primary. They’re all equally worthless. Bernie and Warren would completely destroy our economy and our healthcare, while opening our borders and attempting to disarm us at the same time. They’d be the worst for us. Bloomberg is a narcissistic little fool, with a Napoleon complex, who thinks that only the wealthy deserve to be protected with guns and, we’re not smart enough to decide how big of a soda we should drink. He also doesn’t have a problem suspending our Fourth Amendment rights. Then, there’s “quid pro quo Joe” (aka… Read more »


If I were a worthless democrat, I would vote for Biden. Why? Because as soon he gets an idea about something regarding gun control, he’s just as apt to forget about it. My hope is that Ol’ Joe faces off with Trump in November because he’s going to be roadkill for the Republican machine that is Donald J. Trump.

moe mensale

I don’t see Hillary mentioned anywhere in this article. Where do you see Hillary mentioned? Do you know what the hell you’re even posting about?

And by the way, she’s not getting prosecuted. She’s being deposed by Judicial Watch under a FOIA lawsuit regarding the 2012 Benghazi attack and her involvement. It has nothing to do with any potential DOJ charges for her misfeasance while Sec of State. Wake up!


Mini-Mike is the Left’s Ross Perot, and enough of them realize it.

Dave in Fairfax

Larry, You do remember that Perot got his people out of harm’s way when President Carter wouldn’t do the same.


If this thing were to hit like the 1918–which it in theory could, anyone with a family is going home to be with them. Just the way it is. Check out for a decent series of average citizen preparation ideas.


It will die back with the coming of warm weather (we still have three months) –reason is summer air is more moist than cool/cold winter air–viruses travel much further in dry air and are happier on surfaces which is why we have the flu in the winter and less so in the summer. The 1818 “flu” killed most people in the winter of 1919. Prepare now–it aint over!


Agree. Check out for some good preparation ideas.


“This is the end”
“No. It’s the begining”
-The last words in “Atlas Shrugged”-
It is high time that Atlas shrugged… IMO,OFC.


@jh45gun – By your logic Dallas will be safe come April, but it will come back come June (summer). Are you speaking of absolute or relative humidity? Our relative humidity is high in spring and comes down to comfortable range again come summer. For me at least, comfort is dictated more by relative humidity than absolute temperature. Of course extremes are different – stepping from A/C in car out to 120+ in AZ is a little bit of a shock… Dry 100-105 is fine, but takes me time to adapt to higher temps.


Okey dokey — i agree but let’s not get him not on that left wing rag Time. But in the real world it will come back in the winter or some other will–always do.


@jh45gun – Mortality is quite a bit lower than 1918 flu. Importantly the 1918 flu disproportionately hit the strong-productive aged. COVID-19 appears to leave small children unscathed, has <<1% mortality in 20 to ~50 year olds, but like normal flu decimates the elderly (~15-25% in those 80+). Mortality numbers appear to be decreasing as more cases are recognized. My guess is that majority of the ill in China ignored symptoms, hid them or otherwise went uncounted. Best case all 10M residents of Wuhan have been sick with 80k recognized infected and ~3k(?) fatalities – so overall mortality may be as… Read more »


The way these dip-shits, are going about it, might just be their undoing. Don’t underestimate Mini-Mike, if this narcissist, dumps the amount of money, I think he will, it just might make the difference. If Mini-Mike offered me a gift, for say $25,000, I would see how kind and considerate he is and his heart is so full of it, that I would, sell, I mean, offer, I mean give him my vote. What’s it worth anyway, when an Electoral College can shove, my vote, up my ass, in the blink of an eye. I can’t tell, who will be… Read more »


Being a 2A ambassador, the thought makes me cringe. The Dems are bad and he’s no better. That orange streak runs right up his back. He will turn his back on us as he has done to his own cabinet. His concerns are like Mini-Mike’s, only for himself. My only beliefs are with the American people and that seems to be faltering as of late.

moe mensale

So you’re postulating that “the left” is in control of this coronavirus and by default that they’re immune to its effects? In that case the world is doomed. Except, of course, for the leftists because they’re immune. “And the immune shall inherit the earth.” How do you come up with this shit you post? Too much weed, I think.