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General 'Vinegar' Joe Stillwel

The ‘May-Not Military’

In short, we’ve grown weary of waiting for someone up to food-chain to actually care about us. Unnamed active duty personnel…

Arms Trade Treaty

Arms Trade Treaty Update From Geneva

Tuesday September 9th Mexico City global arms control & disarmament diplomats and civil society groups finished up first-round talks on creating a road map to the United Nations Arms Trade…

Mission Accomplished

More on Our Un-Armed ‘Forces’

Contractors were bristling with brand-new SIGs, Glocks, M4s, and slick optics, all with plenty of magazines. Obviously, the only way to be prepared is to leave our ‘armed’ forces and go private…

Governor Chris Christie's war on guns marches on.

Gun Grabber Chris Christie — Exposed!

Governor Christie announced he’s again teaming up with the radical anti-gunners in Trenton to force even more gun-grabbing restrictions on New Jersey residents…

I am the Gun Lobby T-Shirt

Gun Control Bill Gets Pulled in U.S. Senate

The Nutty Lefties now fear you guys more than any group in America. Give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work. It has been noticed by many on Capitol Hill and even by the anti-gun media…

Connecticut Anti Constitution State

Connecticut Drafts Gun Law In Secret

Connecticut law strengthens government arsenals with the deadliest weapons, denying decent firearms to the public and banning the right to keep and bear arms through legal trickery…

SB281 Passes – A Sad Day for the 2A in Maryland

Thanks & appreciation to the thousands of you who took time away from work & your families to fight but at the end of the day, many of your elected representatives chose to ignore your voice…

School Guns

PTA Goes Anti-Gun – Time to Tear up my Membership Card

Betsy Landers is a powerful voice in the debate about what is going to be done about our children’s safety What she is pushing for is going to get more children killed. What she is pushing for will not keep kids safe….