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Free Speech and the Right of Self-Defense

Some Rights are More Equal than Others

We talk about respecting human rights, but do we really walk the talk? This is what would happen if we abused the right of free speech the way we abused the right of self-defense…

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Do Gun Owners Deserve to Keep Their Guns?

Gun owners were carried along by a conservative wave in this last election.. and gun groups claimed credit they didn’t deserve for electing conservative candidates…

Slow Facts

Stop Rape Culture.. With a Gun

Women’s self-defense does not promote rape. Only a fantasy ideology could think armed women promote rape culture. The fantasy fails the tests of reality.

Self-Defense and Tale of Two Cities

Self-Defense and Tale of Two Cities

More than forty states recognize our right to defend ourselves. Unfortunately, a few states deny the right of armed self defense. In those states the list of victims continues to mount…

Slow Facts

A Judge Distorts Gun-Facts

District Court Judge Catherine Blake said military style rifles are unusual and dangerous. That is why you can’t have the same firearms that the police say they need for self-defense…

Slow Facts

A Special Kind of Stupid in DC

The District Court judge in the Palmer decision ruled that DC is really part of America. The DC city council disagrees…


An Un-Teachable Moment of Murder in Santa Barbara

This is an un-teachable moment. A young man stabbed three people and shot three people next to the University of Santa Barbara campus Friday evening. This should teach us what makes us safe and


Criminals Commit Suicide by Citizen

It used to be called suicide by cop. That is when some insane guy points a toy gun at a police officer fully expecting that the officer will kill him…

2013 Maryland Gun Rights Rally

We Will Not Comply with Ridiculous Gun Laws

The government made it insanely difficult to follow the laws so gun owners stopped trying. They couldn’t.. so they didn’t. Nowhere is this more evident than along the northeastern seaboard…

American Gun Owners

The Power of Gun-Envy in California

Remember that 10 million Californians live in shall-issue counties. Combined together, the shall-issue counties of California have the same population as the state of Georgia or the state of Ohio…

Gays with Guns

Turning the Tide with the Gun Culture

Put NOT your faith in judges or in liberal politicians. Simply take a friend shooting and be a good ambassador of the new gun culture. Molon Labe…