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Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo with the Adak Trailers team.

Archer’s Choice Media Announces Partnership with Adak Trailers

“The crew at Adak Trailers understands us, they hunt, enjoy the outdoors and like to go off the beaten path” said Ralph Cianciarulo of Archer’s Choice Media. “Their trailer is tough enough to handle the backcountry, yet are comfortable to camp in after a long day in the field.”

Streamlight Clipmate USB

Streamlight Debuts Clipmate USB

Streamlight, a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices, introduced a rechargeable version of its versatile ClipMate, the ClipMate USB…

Guns in Your RV and Camper

Traveling Cross Country With A Gun In Your RV

If you’re a fan of target shooting & hunting like I am, then you will most likely have at least one firearm with you at all times. But do you know the rules & regs on traveling with a firearm in your RV???

Zippo Campfire Carrier

Zippo Introduces Their New Campfire Carrier

ZIPPO, Engineered and built with durability, performance and reliability in mind, the Campfire Carrier gives the hunter and outdoorsman the capacity to bring firewood to camp more efficiently…

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles Review

ThermaCELL, the makers of the tested and true mosquito repellent systems have introduced Heated Insoles that are rechargeable, wireless, and best of all, really work…

Camp Chef 72-Hour Emergency Kit

Camp Chef 72-Hour Emergency Kit Review

The 72-Hour Emergency Kit is exactly the type of kit that is well packaged, durable and takes the guess work out of the food prep side of the survival equation…


Montezuma’s Had His Last Revenge

If you have ever had your vacation, or your long anticipated camping trip, turn suddenly inelegant due to overachieving bowels, you may appreciate knowing about SteriPEN…

The Total Outdoorsman Manual

The Total Outdoorsman Manual

Being a competent camper, hunter or angler used to mean having a higher tolerance for pain and rain than whatever you were after…