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Letters to the AmmoLand Editor

Liberal Legislative Insurance Needed

I propose that all elected officials who have the ability to write, sponsor, support, direct or advise any type of proposed legislation must be required to carry a $10 million liability insurance…

Letters to the AmmoLand Editor

Open Carry Texas vs. NRA

There is NO difference, between Rights & responsibilities. They run hand-in-hand. The more of your Rights that you exercise, the more responsibility you must take assuring your Right does not interfere with the Rights of others…

Gun Owners, Let Your Voice Be Heard, Silence is Compromise

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News Letters to the Editor: It’s a chance to express your views on Gun Control. North Pole, AK –-( is a request for you to get involved in the current political debate that is happening across our country and in Washington, DC in particular. The cornerstone of our democratic republic is that every […]