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Making the Pro Gun Grade

THe NRA increases the problem by failing to hold politicians like Begich accountable for Supreme Court and other confirmation votes that are grave threats to gun owners, suddenly it’s not Bloomberg.

Rick Casillo

The Iditarod On 12,000 Calories A Day

Far more people have reached the summit of Mt. Everest than have finished the annual Iditarod race: some 4,000 to Everest’s peak versus around 900 individual dogsledders…

Volcanic Christmas In Alaska

Volcanic Christmas In Alaska

When you are military and far from home during the holidays, having your “military family” for Christmas dinner is a wonderful experience…

Master Guide Terry Overly

Alaska Update Spring 2013 from The Man in Black

It is July, and there is still 4-6′ (Feet) of ice still on the Chisana River. At one mile wide, five miles long and six feet deep; that is one huge chunk of ice that shouldn’t be there…

Two Knife Rights Bills Moving in Alaska

Knife Rights Director of Legislative Affairs Todd Rathner earlier this week in support of Senate Bill SB11 which would repeal the antiquated ban on switchblade knives in Alaska…

Wildlife Forever Sells Bridge to Somewhere

Wildlife Forever Sells Bridge to Somewhere

Through a collaborative project with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Afognak Native Corporation (ANC) of Kodiak Alaska, Wildlife Forever sold for $1, a portable aluminum bridge to help fish and wildlife…