Second Amendment Supporters need to Fight Smarter and Harder

Second Amendment Supporters need to Fight Smarter and Harder
Second Amendment Supporters need to Fight Smarter and Harder

United States – -( If there is one thing we all understand as Second Amendment supporters, it’s the need to fight – even when we disagree on the methods. But we can’t just fight harder when confronted with threats, we have to fight smarter than we have over the years. This applies across the entire Second Amendment community.

Here’s the nature of the threats: Earlier this month, an advice columnist with a readership of 22 million encouraged a father to prioritize his hatred of guns over his love for his daughter. In two airings (one this past Sunday), a “60 Minutes” hit piece on the AR-15 drew a combined total of almost 17 million viewers (9.85 million in November, just under 7 million this past Sunday).

Or, to put it bluntly, in just this month alone, two ads (that’s what the column and re-airing were) reaching almost 30 million people were run advocating the views of anti-Second Amendment extremists. Those were, essentially, two major in-kind contributions to Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety. That one in November, run the Sunday before Election Day, may have swung the votes of some of the 9.85 million who saw it.

So, we need to adapt to this political terrain and culture – and an honest assessment of where we are, now shows it’s a relatively hostile environment in the national sense, although in a number of places it is arguably more favorable. But nationally, between Silicon Valley censorship, social stigmatization of the Second Amendment, and corporate gun control, there are powerful tides trying to take down not just our freedoms, but those who defend them. How powerful? According to, of 21 Democratic presidential contenders, only five even grant the possibility of self-defense as a valid reason to own firearms.

Before we go any further, let’s talk numbers. When it comes to elected officials, the ideal would be that all 435 Representatives, all 100 Senators, all 50 governors, the President, Vice President, the nine justices of the Supreme Court, and the hundreds upon hundreds of state legislators are staunch defenders of the Second Amendment. That is not the reality, though.

The situation is much better in the Senate – not only are there about 55 votes (Joe Manchin and Jon Tester vote pro-Second Amendment often than not, but they are not the most reliable on ancillary issues)

As of today, Second Amendment supporters can really only count on 190 votes in the House (based on the vote for HR 8). The situation is much better in the Senate – not only are there about 55 votes (Joe Manchin and Jon Tester vote pro-Second Amendment often than not, but they are not the most reliable on ancillary issues), but the leadership is pro-Second Amendment and will kill anti-Second Amendment bills.

One part of the problem with improving these numbers is that running for office is expensive and time-consuming. Those loyal Ammoland readers who volunteer to defend our rights – whether with a pro-Second Amendment group or on their own – already have a taste of the costs involved in time and money for those running a political campaign. The sacrifices can go beyond time and money these days. Just remember Amy Dickinson’s advice to a father whose daughter bought a pistol. So, we see the pool of willing candidates for those many positions get much, much smaller.

Then there is the question as to whether those folks who support the Second Amendment have the skills to run a successful election campaign in their given district or state-wide, depending on the office they seek. This is to be expected – pro-Second Amendment cases are easier to make in West Virginia than the suburbs of Los Angeles. The major issues touching on the Second Amendment in Baltimore are very different than those in Wyoming.

They also will need the proper support from volunteers, good campaign staff, and enough financial support to run a successful campaign for elected office. Now, all things being equal, the person with the better campaign and a decent pro-Second Amendment position tend to beat the person with a “pure” pro-Second Amendment position but who lacks the campaign skills to win elections. And even the best campaigners can say stupid stuff – and said stupid stuff need not even be about Second Amendment issues – that will kill their chances.

All of a sudden, that pool of Second Amendment candidates shrinks more and more. So, if there are no surprises, after a federal election, Second Amendment supporters are hoping for at least 218 pro-Second Amendment people in the House of Representatives and 60 in the Senate to go with a pro-Second Amendment president.

Why is that number for the Senate 60? Because when all is said and done, a majority is not enough, thanks to the filibuster. Any effort to roll back the current laws will face a filibuster from Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, and a number of other anti-Second Amendment extremists. We could nuke the legislative filibuster, but after seeing how Harry Reid’s decision to nuke the judicial nominations filibuster went – and how the legislative filibuster enabled us to kill a new federal semiauto ban after Sandy Hook – perhaps we should keep that and work to create a cultural and political landscape that gets us 60 pro-Second Amendment Senators.

Also, note the “no surprises” point. As Duane Liptak pointed out, we are at the mercy of events. Well, we’ve had a bunch in the last year and a half. Mass shootings in Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, and Parkland generated momentum for anti-Second Amendment extremists. A mass shooting can generate a large amount of media-driven momentum. Look at what 60 Minutes did the Sunday before the 2018 elections, and how many people it reached – almost 10 million people (versus NRA’s roughly six million).

That made the legislative fight one of damage control. Sometimes, the only win is to limit what the other side gets. That was the case in 1968, that was the case to an extent in 1993 (with the Brady Act), and that is the case with the bump stock ban and “red flag” laws in the current climate today. I wish that wasn’t the case, but that is the reality of the situation, and denial of that reality is going to do us no good.

I have been fighting for the Second Amendment in one form or another since I was arguing gun control in debates during my high school government class. In the quarter-century since those classroom debates, my experience from multiple vantage points indicates that Liptak’s characterization of the people working at NRA at every level is accurate. No honest Second Amendment supporter should ever doubt the commitment of anyone who has worked full-time for NRA to defending our freedoms.

In addition, any honest person reading my articles over the months will note that I have been more than willing to call out the NRA when I feel it needs to make changes – whether it’s hiring translators to spread pro-Second Amendment messages in an era of multi-lingual ballots, increasing and improving outreach in urban areas, improving cultural engagement, making leadership changes over the failure to foresee and prepare for new threats, and on the need to address the full-spectrum fight over our Second Amendment rights.

But at the same time, I won’t hesitate to point out the need for strategic and tactical competence and a realistic look at the current political and cultural climate, which may warrant making incremental improvements instead of an “all or nothing” approach. I will point out the need to work to reshape the landscape, and to have plans for the times there are anti-Second Amendment elected officials. I also will say when I think some Second Amendment supporters are only helping Bloomberg, albeit unintentionally, rather than effectively defending our freedoms.

Look, the stakes in 2020 are very high. All Second Amendment supporters need to pull together, stop sniping at each other, and start going after those who would take our rights away. Fighting harder against each other is not the smart fight. Unless, of course, you think Andrew Cuomo’s abuses will stop once he’s debanked and killed the NRA.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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Mr. Hutchison, Having reread the second amendment its wording, does seem, using current American English, to be internally inconsistent. A role for a well regulated militia seems to make sense. In current usage we would likely call that a national guard. And the right of people to bear arms likewise would seem to make sense, although unrelated to a militia. As the lawyers teach, laws reflect the tenor of the times. So there would seem to be some rationale to amend the Second Amendment so it’s language is more in keeping with our current meaning of it’s terms, a law… Read more »

R L Diehl

Trying to fight the anti-gunners with facts and logic will not work because their basic premise is loony, IE, that the proper response to a threat of violence is to dis-arm! How can you argue with a lunatic? We need to concentrate on the ones who are sort of on the fence. They maybe own guns or think certain kinds of guns are OK but don’t get why Ars should not be banned [hint: they are precisely the type of “arms” the 2nd Amendment protects! It aint the right to keep and bear sporting equipment!]


Harold Hutchinson makes one point that is pre-eminent !! We have to stick together. We may disagree with ideas or ways of doing things. BUT, We stand together .
The anti-gunners want us to fight amongst ourselves !! I am sure they have paid commenters just to rile us up. Read the comments very carefully. Readers may laugh, but Soros and Bloomberg pay people to do this. They did this in the Wall St. protests. And remember the Berkeley riots over conservative speakers last year.
Don’t Give Up !!!

The Revelator

@Hoppy At the end of the day the guy who wants to cut my head off with a machete, and his brother who only wants to cut off my left arm but let me live have one thing in common. They are both my enemies. I will not stand together with anyone who works to violate my rights whether fully or partially. If we are fighting amongst ourselves then it is for no other reason than a group of spineless cowards like Harold Hutchison have worked for years to violate our God Given Rights time and time again, telling us… Read more »

Joe Lovell

Something I put together around ’04 or ’05. Printed out 1500 of them, with the names of the elected representatives and contact information. Took them to some of the local gun shops. Two found room for some. Months later most were still there. I suspect that the ones that had been taken were used as scratch paper. GET OFF YOUR COMPLACENCY AND DO YOUR PART! In California there are at least 6,000,000 firearms owners, yet we have some of the most draconian and Byzantine firearms laws in the country. Why? Because too many of us are content to sit and… Read more »

Dennis Coates

Get up off your LAZY ASS’S and fight. Do not let these terrorist pigs win. FACT I WILL give them lead first if they takeaway these rights. Make no mistake there will be a bloody and deadly civil war

Stephen D Hastings

Like I give a shit about gun control! You know why there are more firearms in this country than people! Government VS The People we the people would win the fucking anti-gunners traitors would be hanged! This is the beginning of the end of this war.


Mr. Hasting’s comment is illustrative of why we are where we are. 2nd Amendment supporters sit on the sidelines politically because they harbor the attitude that we’ll eventually be able to just shoot our rights back at some point. But you won’t, and can’t. We need to grow the gun culture in “new Americans”. That means welcoming and introducing firearms to people who did not grow up with firearms in the house and have no concept of the security and utility they can bring. Gun clubs and ranges and gun shops need to be welcoming to immigrants, gays, liberals and… Read more »

henry bowman

“Gun clubs and ranges and gun shops need to be welcoming to immigrants”

How about we keep out people who will vote against our rights and freedoms?

The Revelator

@Be good Bowman Grif Hunter is already known to us. He spouts talking points such as race baiting(notice he points out white Christians as a red herring), and other liberal talking points as though the second amendment being exclusionary to gays and immigrants? Pretty much, they are all red herrings at the least, outright lies elsewhere. For example, legal immigrants can legally own firearms if they are lawful permanent residents or have become citizens. Why does he throw that in? Oh, cause he is arguing for illegal criminals who have violated our laws. Grifhunter’s comment is illustrative of exactly why… Read more »

The Revelator

And Harold, after having tried so hard to reach out to us GOA members here at Ammoland, returns to his past habits as predicted to defecate on us once again. “The major issues touching on the Second Amendment in Baltimore are very different than those in Wyoming.” Harold, we know this is hard for you because you’re an idiot. It’s the same issue in all fifty states, its called the Constitution. You know, the thing with the Second amendment in it. “I have been fighting for the Second Amendment in one form or another since I was arguing gun control… Read more »


Wow you tried to really make that sound really innocent but we know you want to confiscate all the guns out of everybody’s hands but the military in the police department we have a god-given right to own firearms that is guaranteed by the Constitution that’s why I America is not like these third world countries I don’t know if you have ever been to him but I have been to some of them and people get killed in them all the time

och will

Why does the gun lobby need to fight against common sense gun safety laws like safe storage laws?. The US military locks up all weapons when not in use and the gun violence rate on US military bases is about zero. Why does the gun lobby need to fight against a universal background check? It seems to me that if you’re afraid of a background check you shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun.b”guns everywhere for everyone” is causing America’s high gun violence rate . Other developed nations simply do not have these kinds of gun violence rates. And if… Read more »


Wow, you did not miss any of the old debunked anti-gun talking points at all.
Nice try but most people are not that stupid.

Whad Yver

Oh hush.

The Revelator


Yes, the retard returns continuously time and time again to rehash the same old lies.

Not one thing he suggests has anything to do with safety, nor will it save any lives. If he gets his way, we will see rising murder numbers just as Venezuela did after they enacted their “Gun Safety” programs to control the citizenry.

Responsible Gun owners will not embrace his dictatorial control ideas and will pull triggers in self defense if Och Will tries to force them on us.

Early Happy 4th to you Link.

Steve Hawke

Ugh! Explaining why our God given rights are worth fighting for to someone who doesn’t understand why we fight is impossible. You use so many leftist talking points void of facts it’s impossible to address them all. Did you serve? I’m guessing not although I’ve met a few lefties that served and believe as you do. The NRA isn’t the enemy, Everytown and Bloomberg are and People like you are the greatest threat to our freedom. Not really, we have them you want them come and take them!

The Revelator

@Steve Hawke

No, he did not serve. He claims to have been a captain in the Corps, but is too stupid and lacking in integrity to have been a Marine.

More than likely a case of “Stolen Valor”. Och Will is a habitual liar though anyway, so that would be nothing new.

Jonathan Lemaire

Amen, too many go full stupid when any changes to gun laws appear! I’m not skeered that them liberals are coming for my guns, but I thank all you mental midgets for believing they are, and buy my guns for stupid prices whenever a Democrat is in office! Democrats are just as owned by the NRA as Republicans, and both sides work together to sell guns through fear.


Wow you tried to really make that sound really innocent but we know you want to confiscate all the guns out of everybody’s hands but the military in the police department we have a god-given right to own firearms that is guaranteed by the Constitution that’s why I America is not like these third world countries I don’t know if you have ever been to him but I have been to some of them and people get killed in them all the time

Stagger Lee

First of all 40,000 gun deaths a year is an extremely inflated number that includes suicides, which make up the majority of that statistic, which is done purposely to create a bias. Second of all an atf data base of legal gun owners is not going to help solve many crimes considering the fact most gun violence is committed by criminals with illegally obtained firearms thus making that database ineffective and a violation of privacy and more importantly unconstitutional. And last but far from least you mention the kkk and nra which I can’t comment on as I have never… Read more »

The Revelator

All information that was pointed out to him repeatedly since March.

All the Numbers and evidence have been provided to him, he has rejected the truth.

He is not here for common sense or safety. He is here specifically to spread Anti American propaganda.

He is a habitual liar and a coward.

And Finally, he is evil. OCH WILL IS AS EVIL AS HITLER, STALIN, POL POT, and MAO.


Gun registry? LMAO! Look up the 1986 FOPA and return to reality.

Mark Hopkins

A very loooong winded crock of pure totalitarian communist BULLSHIT. Nothing you said would improve safety for unarmed people one damn bit. It would however, make it extremely easy for the “government” to completely control you and kill you if they so desired… And they damn sure would. It would also make it laughably easy for criminals to take whatever they want from you and kill you if they so desired… And they damn sure would.. You’re a brain dead commie moron och will. There are so many flaws and outright lies in your post it’s obscene. Just for the… Read more »

Terrence Przybylski

Your facts dont add up you are misguided and confused. In England you have very restrictive gun laws, and owning a firearm is next to impossible.England does not have in their government laws the second amendment like we have that guarantees us to own a firearm for protection. England just surpassed us in knife killings violence.Japan is another country where firearms are non existent yet they surpassed us in 2017 in america there where 6ooo teen suicides. 250,000 americans die every year from Medical malpractice from doctors.the AMA is doing a great job arent they yet they are on… Read more »


Go away and spend some of your bloomberg/soros money on a life! MOLON LABE

Denny Crane

NGO’s are pretty much the same thing as proxies just less violent. Both used for political purposes to not leave a fingerprint of those behind the curtain.

Jim Burgess

If Harold Hutchison is right, we effectively will have our natural right to keep and bear arms fully infringed (as in no private firearm ownership, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in) within 50 years..

We have got to dispense with this idea that continuous fallbacks and the whittling away at our rights without regaining any ground, ever, that has been going on since 1934 is “fighting smarter”. It is a strategy to lose.


Always has been that strategy. Is why we’re here today and is why corporate tyranny is our enemy disguised as a friend.
Out here in the Badlands we know Skunk when we smell it and con men too.

David harris

As of Monday, July 1st, we in Kalifornia now will need to go through a back ground check, if you are buying ammo for a gun you do not own , rejection and flag. They are cross referencing to see what you own. The NRA let Kalifornia go, now the rest of the nation states are impowered to follow.
We The People are screwed.


Confirmation of a “list” for confiscation because once they rig the election for their candidate in 2020 it will be on and that is why Trump will cancel the election due to proven election fraud which will send America into many years of soft martial law and mass round ups catapulting Trump to be President for many many more years far beyond any President in history. People thought Barry was going to go the martial law bit but his plans were foiled from within and he was contained due to his FEMA camp guillotine agenda. Mere possession of a concealed… Read more »

Wild Bill

Where do you get all of these extraordinary pronouncements, and bizarre prognostications?


It comes from other sources beyond the mainstream of info Wild Bill and though things I state may sound extraordinary to some it does not to others who are tuned into the same channels as myself but I do agree with you whole heartedly that indeed these things are extraordinary but it’s not up to me to produce info that is acceptable based upon its likability. If we are to believe that They will not rig the election results against Trump then we are once again unprepared for reality therefore Trump is going to have to take “extraordinary” steps to… Read more »


Here’s another Wild Bill. Go look up how they torture and murder children then extract their Endrinochrome for consumption and how they steal children and take them to private reserves and hunt them like animals then remove parts for trophies of which they consume and mount in the wall. Let your fingers do the walking. It’s open source data.

Wild Bill

@Usa, I would not know where to start looking, based on the vagaries that you have provided. Why don’t you just tell us what these “other sources beyond the mainstream” are? What is the big secret?


@Wild Bill You could look up Andrenochrome and EOs signed by Trump where he activated The Patriot Act it’s open source info. Can look up EIs signed by Barry and see he had declared war against US citizens but the EO failed due to unknown reasons but I suspect military would go forward with his EO. FEMA camps are common knowledge go look it up, you tube is a good place to find it. There’s lots of info about these things I am stating none of which is warm and fuzzy nor is it on Ammoland. They want to disarm… Read more »

Wild Bill

@USA, Post the links at your convenience.


And I thought you were on your way to surround LA and cull the herd from the perimeter. Are those plans on hold?

Wild Bill

What follows is a hypothetical, for academic discussion and entertainment purposes only: Cull? What makes you think that culling would be sufficient? Kill small and one is a criminal. Governments kill bigger than their competition. The previous has been a a hypothetical for academic discussion and entertainment purposes only.


I do think im in the twilight zone or have been morphed back to the sixties and seventies
cow pastures looking for peyote buttons in cow dung or other mind altering drugs. Wow


Really too bad you haven’t spent your time wiser but then that is why they are and have legalized those magic mushrooms isn’t it.


The NRA didn’t “let Kalifornia go”, Kalifornians did – besides, lets also keep in mind, the NRA is a NATIONAL organization, it’s ILA primarily focuses in national legislation. (“Primarily” being the key word.) Kalifornia, like most states, has at least one state-level org. If you need someone to blame, look first to Kalifornia gun owners, the vast majority belong to no pro-gun rights groups, state level or national, but bash the NRA so they feel better about not being members.

Jonathan Lemaire

Lol damn man you ammosexuals are funny, oh no we have to do background checks, that’s just as bad as losing my guns!?! If you’re not a criminal what’s the worry? If you actually read the second amendment it doesn’t allow us any and every gun, or even many guns, but at least a small arms if you’re part of a well regulated militia. Too many believe that small arms will be enough to fight against the gubbermint.. I’m a former soldier and after seeing the lack of effect of small arms against tanks, planes, drones ECT that any enemy… Read more »


Colorado gunners locking horns with the state over unconstitutional gun confiscation. Attempting the peaceful resolution process first since Red Flag threw entire Bill of Rights in the trash we will see if the Bill of Rights still exists and we know that it does and is why the state is squirming. The Nazis are caught red handed circle jerking each other at the expense of our country. All eyes on Colorado folks this is going to be a big slap down to socialists.

Jonathan Lemaire

Lol chicken little, the sky is not falling…I actually live in Colorado, and that law would be great to prevent gun related violence by removing guns from crazy people. I bet you believe in talking snakes and magic fruit, hopefully religion will be considered mental illness next…then I’ll feel safer! I only collect guns because so many nutjobs do!


Illegal gun confiscation is not great just ask my County Sheriff. Violating people rights to steal property is illegal. Criminal theft in fact as defined by law. But yeah lefty’s love it so I know where you’re coming from. They also think shutting off the energy is good and teach little Johnny to be a fag is good. Communists love taking guns as history proves and Hitler did exactly the same thing as you’re mentioning so your plan is not original but rather well documented. Hitler then rounded up those he took guns from and they were never seen by… Read more »


You stupid game-players will always lose when the only move you ever make to keep your rights depends on begging your rulers to keep your hobby and convince people that care not for your culture to vote the way you want. Salvation does not lie in pieces of paper in boxes. YOU CANNOT VOTE YOUR WAY TO MORE LIBERTY. You have to simply take it. Just DO it. Direct action and flagrant noncompliance is the way, that which doesn’t depend on convincing anyone. Change the reality. The words and edicts of these tyrants only have power if you let them.… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Austin Jones, Yes, direct action, take it, just do it … I agree completely. Is the first formation at your house? How do we get there? What is the plan? Got logistics? Comms? POL? G-2?

Austin Jones

Hi Bill. I don’t know that some specially-outfitted insurgency is a good idea, and if fact, my religious conviction prevents me from it personally. I just mean to simply stand your ground when attacked rather than spending your life begging not to be attacked. But my company, Atlas Arms, exists to create new weapons technology that renders regulation impotent and allows individuals to arm themselves more easily in spite of attempted government control. That is my contribution to direct action. You come over to to see some of what we do. Help us with your labor or your money… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Your previous comments sounded like a lot more than standing one’s ground when attacked. The things that I mentioned are not specialty, just standard stuff. Oh well, if your religious conviction prevents you from an participating in an insurgency, then it is back to voting until we can find a leader.
I don’t think that guns (3D or otherwise) are the answer because we can not kill big enough to get back to the Constitution.
As to what assurance do you give that it is not just bait for a government trap?


insurgency upon whom, where?

Austin Jones

I can give you my personal word that’s not government bait because I’m the chief of the operation. But man, there’s so much friction to real projects in firearms freedom in the form of conservative naysaying and conservatives’ inherently suspicious personality as in your last sentence. There’s another thing. You won’t win until you trust your countrymen-in-arms. Anyway, the government knows how to fight insurgency, what it doesn’t know is how to handle a different world than what it was built for. The only effective strategy is to change the way the world works. Even in that, small arms win… Read more »


@Austin Jones, know the illusion of “deflection” and please go look up Saul Alinskis “Rules For Radicals” and begin knowing who you’re playing ball with, okay.


I meant “projection” not “deflection”.
Welcome to the circus.


Afghans with AK’s produce Heroin for America so yeah they’re hard to kill due to product supply and demand and that is actually the plan. America gotta keep that Smack rolling.

Austin Jones

I can buy that argument, but then what about the Vietnamese?


@Austin Jones I hear cats and dogs are not safe around Vietnamese. Oil? Weapons testing? Friend in the Corp. told me about a mission he was on in the jungle protecting a cargo container. Said he was outside when the door opened and a guy came out and had him go inside for a sit down to get out of heat. Guys in the box were operation control panels taking control of military aircraft while in flight and crashing them into the ground for fun while they laughed. So yeah, oil, weapons testing and some good ground game. If a… Read more »

Jonathan Lemaire

Great, you’re one of the jerks that’ll force the hand of government to actually regulate guns by illuminating more loopholes.. congratulations you will do more to create gun control than any liberal!


in a world where they regulate the height of your lawn you think this legal business could become an issue. Bah ahaha. You’re an idiot. Did you escape your containment board on 8 Chan because they just called and they’re looking for a missing asshole.


Rally for our Rights has some cool decals and for a few bucks you can get them. Please support gun clubs that flat out REFUSE TO COMPLY because compliance is our consent and we do not consent to unconstitutional laws intended to violate our GOD given rights. Join the REFUSE TO COMPLY movement, perhaps every consider forming a branch in your state. Here in Colorado we are the front lines of noncompliance aka Freedom. Don’t be fooled into thinking freedom is granted by authoritarians because it isn’t true. Freedom is seized by The People, embraced and protected. Fought for when… Read more »

Harry Hohenstein

One thing people don’t consider. The militia of the second amendment was made up of shopkeepers, farmers and the general public. These folks owned, hunted and kept there firearms at home for ready use. Hence a second amendments for a militia and the right to firearms by the people. Don’t make a fool to figure this out.

Wild Bill

@HH, That has not changed. So what is your point?

Witold Pilecki

I was all done “fighting” in the conventional since 1994. At the moment I am maintaining my position in The Armed Civil Disobedience here in Kommiecticut. As long as the tyrants maintain their status quo of being scared shitless into inaction, I will stay peaceable as I am now. May God have mercy on their souls if they ever decide to get froggy enough to give it a go, or the libtard “resistance” decides they have enough beta males in their ranks to go up against the III%.


Seriously? We are in the final phase prior to outright violent armed conflict and that’s the TAX REVOLT phase. We don’t ask the govt for permission like beggars or children, we tell them how it’s going to be, not the other way around. Petitioning the very entity hellbent on increasing restrictions to our individual liberties based on the ignorant clamor of “the woke” libtards DOES NOT DESERVE our loyalty, our money & financial support, but especially important no govt deserves our fealty. It’s tax revolt time and if that doesn’t get the message across, then lock&load, the Tree of Liberty… Read more »

Austin Jones

Yeah, dude. You got it.


But the printing press for currency will not stop rolling and is just one more reason why they moved away from the Gold standard. They’ll simply keep printing and charge The People for it and this sounds like total control/tyranny remember the object of civil unrest among other things is to chip everybody with Jew chip from Kushner. Once you got the chip your fucked although they will tell you that you won the war and write history as a second 1776 but actually you lose and that’s the power of psyop Kool-Aid.

Eric O

Would there be a legal law making POTUS the adjudicator of disputes between the states, or making SCOTUS the commander in chief? Starting in states like Missouri, Alaska, Texas, and other non-compromising States, a reminder that “… In order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of it’s power, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses be added” means there is no such thing as a legal federal gun control law. Illegal laws cannot be violated, and these States should pass their own laws arresting any federal agent attempting to enforce them. It should also be made clear to minority communities across the… Read more »

Ktown Bill

If we are to fight harder and smarter, what exactly do we do?

Wild Bill

@Ktown, We use the most powerful weapon ever known to man … fun! Invent a new gun game. Teach kids to wing shoot using BB guns and have a barbecue for their soccer moms and dads at the same time. Give your niece or nephew a cap gun … BB gun … 410 over under, and spend time with them. Take a youth rabbit hunting or pheasant hunting.
Pick a “not corrupted yet” primary candidate that supports the Second Amendment, and support his primary victory by throwing a party or barbecue for voters and contributors.

Austin Jones

I think that’s very important also. Spread the culture! Much more effective than state politics.


Harold, l get where you’re coming from but where are you going to? I like a lot of what you’re saying but it still sounds like a plea to prop up the NRA. You tell us we need to do this or that but it’s all in reaction to some crisis. What or how should we be proactive on a level that you seem to suggest? How can we put out a pro-gun, pro-2A message that is going to reach the millions that need to hear the truth? Yeah, l’m saying 60 Minutes spread lies about AR-15s and we already… Read more »


Reading the title immediately alerted me that this is a Harold article.


And, those flashlight attachments like in the pic I’m not found of due to shining a light around tends to give up ones position. I’ll see them just fine in the flash in many cases and a second hand held light can be ready available when actually required. Looks scary though like in Hollywood movies. Maybe put a grenade launcher on it that would be much better.