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“Defend Yourself: A Comprehensive Plan for the Armed Homeowner”

Rob Pincus Releases Sixth Book “Defend Yourself”

Rob Pincus, owner of I.C.E. Training Company and the developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting Program has released his sixth book, “Defend Yourself: A Comprehensive Plan for the Armed Homeowner” published by Gun Digest Books.

Lessons from UNarmed America

Lessons from UNarmed America

Continuing in the groundbreaking format of Lessons from Armed America, co-written with Mark Walters and Kathy Jackson, Lessons from UNarmed America brings everyday self-defense stories to life…

SP ED kids and guns

SOTG Special Edition: Kids and Guns

While tens of thousands of us were enjoying the company of patriots at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas, those who would disarm us were hard at work creating dissension and propaganda…

Home Alone

Stop The Threat All New Episode: Home Alone

In this week’s crime re-enactment, a burglar chooses the wrong house when an underaged girl, who has been trained how to use a handgun, follows her mother’s advice…