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Trust Obama: You’re Crazy

After his administration’s gun-running scandal, the IRS’ targeting of pro-limited government groups & the Justice Department’s wiretapping of reporters, I’m sure you think it’s insane for me to even ask you that question…

Richard Arvine Overton

Saluting Special Veterans

I salute all of America’s veterans, pray for those active in service and humbly bow in thanks for our fallen military heroes, who gave their lives so that we might live ours…

Dustin Reininger

Garden State Gun Control Tyranny Imposed on Citizens Beyond their Borders

Chris Christie’s goose stepping goons have done it again, You may remember the oppression imposed on Brian Aikien, well Dustin Reininger, a Citizen from the Great Republic of Texas is serving time in a New Jersey prison cell for the offense of traveling through New Jersey with his legally owned firearms.

Tyranny Alert

Connecticut Carry Lawsuit Filed Against Illegal Background Check Fees

In Connecticut Carry’s ongoing efforts to educate and to protect the rights of the citizens in Connecticut to bear arms, our legal counsel Attorney Rachel Baird has filed a lawsuit against the Connecticut DESPP and the town of Torrington for illegal collections of fees regarding pistol permits and the right to carry firearms.

Friends of NRA Awards 2012 Volunteers of the Year

Presented by Mill Pond Press, recipients were recognized for their outstanding impact on Friends of NRA, the grassroots fundraising program for The NRA Foundation, America’s leading charitable organization in support of the shooting sports…